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I 1 5^WPr The County Observer Forty-ninth Year of Publication. -0- Scale for Advertisements. PER INSERTION. Official Announcements. Single Column. Parliamentary Addresses.. ( I»egal Notices j 6d. per line. Prospectuses of Companies ) Mlection Addresses ") Property and Stock Sales I Auction Sales Municipal and other bodies ) Ordinary Notices. 3s. per inch in depth. Balance Sheets Statements of Accounts. Souses Wanted Houses to Let J Entertainments ") Agricultural Shows | Subscription Lists Is. 6d. per inch. Wedding Presents j j ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ u_ SMALL PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. l Servants Wanted. J2 words 18 words 24 words Situations Vacant. Apartments Wanted Apartments to Let 6d. 9d. Is. Money to Lend Articles Lost Articles Found Articles for Sale J Three weeks for double above charges. Must be paid for when the order is given, or double the above scale charges will be made. Remittances received in Postage Stamps. .g.. JPrinting of every Description Aumommiml Particulars, Posters, & Catalogues. gOtfiCTOBS' Prospectuses Lithographic Maps, & Plan. TRADESMEN'S Cards, BiF ~r.2ads,& Note Headings. All communications to J. H. CLARK, CJOCTNTY OBSERVER Office, USK, Monmouthshire. WANTED to rent, unfurnished, in or near Usk, HOUSE, with ar, least 2 Sitting- "OOIDS and 4 Bedrooms. A.B." Observer Office, Uak. WANTED, an APPRENTICE to the IRON- MONGERY.— RUNNING, Usk. WANTED, an APPRENTICE to the PRINT. WV ING TRADE.—Apply, County Observer Office, Usk. WANTED, clean, honest GENERAL.— Apply, Mias APPLEBY, Betfcws Newydd, Uak. A RESPECTABLE MAN WANTED, to act iu the LETTING of PROPERTIES in the neighbourhood of Uak.—Applicants must state lull particulars by letter in first instance, to RRLUiRLE, County Observer, Usk. BOOKBINDING, in all Styles, cheaply and ■quickly done.—E. K. JONES, Usk. Cf IG HARNESS. Fall size, £ 4 2s. 6d.; Cob j Maes, £ 3 I5e> Pony size, i'3 6s. Cab or JJuciuess -cart harness, X-4 10s. strong van har- ness, £ 4, Farmers' strong cart harness, £ 3 10s. All the above are hand made in our own factories. Black waterproof cart cover, 6-ft 6-in by ti-ft 6-iu, 4s 6d. Men's brown leather British Governcneut navy belts, 6d. All goods sent on approval. Illustrated catalogue post free on ap- plication to Jardine, contractor to H.M. Govern- ment, Nottingham. FOR SALE.—PORTABLE ENGINE and THRASHING PART, in good condition; cheap.-Apply. M. WATKINS, Twyn-Sherriff, Raglan. _d aUANTITY of APPLES and PEARS FOR SALE—market fruit.—GUSTAKD, Portby- carne, Utk. COMPLETE OUTFIT of. BABY'S LONG CLOTHES, exceptional value, carriage paid, 21s.; better quality, 31s. 6d-MoRGAN & FRANCIS, Poutlottyn Shop, Abertillery. A CONVENIENT WORKSHOP, YARD, and STABLING, TO LET, near KENSINGTON CTOFFTAGE, Usk.—ATKINS, Newport. cr7 —■ — rj^O LET, COTTAGE & GARDEN, at BLACK J. BKAK, Bettws Newydd.—Apply. RICHARD H. MAUPOLL, Liancayo, Usk. F| 0 LET, 2 workmen's COTTAGES, JTJJIILEE- JL TEUKACE.—Apply, ALFRED GUIITITHS, Usk. nr T' && SUN FIRE-OFFICE. ¡" 0 Funds iu hand— £ 2,535,800 JB'jr all particulars apply to )[1. THOMAS REES, JUNR., ] AGENT AT milt. I PUBLIC NOTICE! The FIFTY-FOUR years' experience, coupled with the great resources of BEVAN AND COMPANY Who, beyond all question, are the LARGEST FURNISHERS -= In South Wales and Monmouthshire, enable them to give their numerous customers the BEST SELECTION Of everything required for Furnishing throughout, and ensures the supply of thoroughly reliable Goods at the LOWEST POSSIBLE COST! And thefever-increasing number of their Army of Customers affords the strongest possible proof of these facts IMF** Have You Seen 'ffipf The ROOM-FULL they offer For <5010 17s. 6d. ? It comprises a strong Saddlebag, or Figured Velvet, Suite (couch, two easy chairs and four small chairs), a very handsome Walnut Centre Table, a splendid Walnut Over- mantel, a heavy brass rod Fender, excellent set of Brasses, a handsome tapestry bordered Carpet ready for laying, a good Hearth Rug to match, a Cornice Pole com- plete with brackets, ends, and rings, and a pair of pretty Lace Curtains, the whole lot For X10 17s. 6d. Cash I BEVAN & COMPANY, LTD., CLARENCE STREET AND T> f nr^VTi f\TT LHANBURY ROAD, UJ\ 1 1JT (J (JJL T0°wPr^L, NEWPORT; CAEDIFF, SWANSEA, AND PONTYPRIDD. The Old-Established Chemist Business. JOHN FROST I (OF LLANDENNY), BEGS to inform the inhabitants of Monmouth and neighbourhood that D he has purchased the Business of the late Mr. William Cossens, which has held a High Reputation for Genuine Medicines. J. F., having had many years' varied experience of Pharmacy, is thoroughly competent in all branches. Prescriptions and Family Recipes compounded with Drugs and Chemicals of Guaranteed Strength and Purity at Reasonable Prices. '7 ::F¥ .12, Church Street, Monmouth. J Pill of Every Description AT THE "Coity Observer" OIDcc. I Band Ale. 9 Gallons 6/3 18 Gallons 12/- 36 Gallons 22/6 Special Terms for 3 Bar- rels at one delivery, £ 8 per Barrel. XI Ale, 4 Gallons 3/9 2 9 Gallons 7/6 18 Gallons 15- Malt 5/6 per bushel. <!< 1 s, per 4 beishet saci; ca-sh price. j Hops, 9d. & 1/6 per lb. Golden Crew Ale, 41 Gallons 4/6 2 9 Gallons 9/- 18 Gallons 18/- Bottled Ales and Stouts, Pints and Half-pints, at. ways in Stock. V. E. JONES, CENTRAL SUPPLY STORES, USK. 1. u m Tie C tf Otero" Newsier andi Pili Company, Lid PUBLISHING OFFICES BRIDGE STREET, USK Cnu.uly has been established 49 years, and from the advantageous position of the Publishing Offices- IN THE CENTRE OF THE COUNTY OF MONMOUTH -and its Circulation in the Rural and Agricultural Districts it stands PRE-EMINENT AS AN ADVERTISING MEDIUM For the Sale by Auction of Farming Stook, Produce, Furniture, and Landed Property; ior Wants of all kinds, & within a radius of many miles. It is read by all classes of the community, being essentially A FAMILY PA PF, it combining Reports of Local Events (many not dealt with at all by other journals or very shortly noticed), Local Courts; County, District and Parish Councils, and other Public Bodies; with Interesting Notes on Local and General Current Topics, Sports, &c.; Historic Sketches; Field, Farm, and Garden Operations Housekeepers' Recipes; Ladies' Fashions; Art and Literature; Markets i. A Serial Story; J And a variety of other interesting reading matter. I 1 Special Reports are, given of the Meetings of the Monmouthsltir "County ] Council, the Monmouthshire Chamber of Agriculture, c'J With which so othtr PapwUot* County atetmpt* to tie. ¡t. i

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