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CURRENT SPORT. ASSOCIATION FOOTBALL CUP. I FINAL TIE.—VICTORY OE MANCHESTER I CITY. 1 The final tie of the Association Cup between Manchester City and Bolton Wanderers at the Crystal Palace on Saturday ended in a win for Manchester City by one goal to none. The game was remarkable for the fact that two Lancashire clubs were meeting in the final tie for the first time. The general expectation was that Manchester City would win., for they have played most consistently during the season, and both individually and as a side perhaps they were thought to be the stronger; but it was felt that the greater experience of Bolton Wan- derers in such matches might make a great difference. They had also shown themselves to be a fine fighting side in the earlier rounds of the competition, when they defeated in turn Reading, Southampton, Sheffield United, and Derby County. Manchester City, however, had, if anything, shown better performances in beat- ing Sunderland, Woolwich Arsenal, Middles- brough, and Sheffield Wednesday. It has often been said that the final tie does not as a rule show the two teams at their best, for the ten- sion and excitement are too great, and this was in some degree true of the game on Saturday. But although neither side gave a really great exhibition of football, the form shown was as a whole perhaps rather above the average. Man- chester City played the more scientific football, but as the game went there was not much to choose between the two sides, and the match was always interesting to watch from the fact that the result was in doubt up to the last minute. Bolton Wanderers deserve every credit for the fine fight which they made. They were not such a finished side as their opponents, but after Meredith had scored the goal for Manchester City about 20 minutes from tne start they played up most pluckily, and in the early part of the second half, when they re- sorted largely to "kick-and-rush" tactics, they had much the better of the game, and once or twice came near equalising. Both goalkeepers had a good deal to do, and both played finely. Davies in the second half made one particularly good save, and he had practically no chance of stopping Meredith's shot which scored the goal. At back, Burgess for Manchester City played a fine game, and he and his partner both tackled well all through, and were perhaps a stronger pair than Brown and Struthers. If none of the half-backs showed particularly brilliant form it was mainly because their chances were not many, and they all worked untiringly from start to finish. The Manchester City forwards were certainly better than those of their opponents. Meredith, on the outside right, did some wonderful pieces of work, while in the first half the left wing, Booth and Turnbull, made some fine runs, and the line as a whole often showed good combination. The passing of the Bolton Wanderers' forwards was not so accurate as that of their opponents, but at the beginning of the second half they got going, and Manchester City's defence was at the time hard pressed. The conditions on the whole were favourable for football, for the ground had not suffered materially from the rain, and there was very little wind. Manchester City, who won the toss, had what little wind there was in their favour in the first half. They soon settled down and began to have the better of matters. Occa- sionally Bolton Wanderers broke away, but the Manchester City defence was very sound, and Hillman made a rare good save from a shot by Taylor. Manchester City continued to do most of the attacking, however, and after about 20 minutes' play Meredith, taking a pass from Livingstone, got round the Bolton Wanderers' backs, and, getting close up, scored for Man- chester City. Bolton Wanderers played up well, but until the interval Manchester City were obviously the stronger side. Afterwards Bolton Wanderers pulled themselves together and made a fine effort to equalise. Their forwards never played a really scientific game, but their long passes across the field and their scrambling tactics for a time upset their opponents, who were for the most part placed on the defensive. Manchester City improved again towards the close of the match, but certainly their opponents had more of the play in the second half. The referee's whistle brought the game to a close ■with the ball in the hands of Hillman, and m the last few minutes no one would have been surprised had the game ended in a draw of one g°Mr.alA. J. Barker, Hanley, ahd Mr. W. J. Wilson (Surrey) and Mr. H. C. PI a ft /London) were the linesmen. The sides were:—Manchester City.—Hillman, coal- McMahon and Burgess, backs; Frost, Hvnds> and S. B. Ashworth, half-backs Mere- dith, Livingstone, Gillespie, Turnbull, and Booth, forwards. Bolton Wanderers.—D. Davies, goal; Brown and Struthers, backs; Clifford, Greenhalgh, and Freebairn, half-backs; Stokes, Marsh, Yenson, White, and Taylor, forwards. After the match the cup and medals were pre- sented to the winning team by the Right Hon. Alfred Lyttelton, the Colonial Secretary. He said that he was sure that Manchester City would not object to the first word's being said to Bolton Wanderers, who, in playing a losing game so well, had given one of the finest tests of pluck, energy, and endurance. As one who had taken part in the game of Association foot- ball, he congratulated Manchester City on their splendid victory. < The Prime Minister then proposed ft vote of thanks to Mr. Lyttelton. He said that Mr. Lyttelton spoke to them as an expert, but he only spoke as an admiring ignoramus. He was delighted that the final was fought out by two Lancashire clubs, and he was sure that the company would excuse his rejoicing at the suc- cess of Manchester City. Tho match was wit- nessed by 61,374 spectators. THim L-ZAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP.. The results of the matches in the First Divi- sion of the League last Saturday field Wednesday beat Aston illa at Sheffield by four goals to two; Small Heath beat Notts County, at Small Heath, by two goals to none, Liverpool beat Blackburn Rovers, at Blackburn, by three goals to two; West BromwiCh Albion and Sheffield United drew, at West Bromwich, two goals all; Stoke and Derby County drew, at Stoke, one goal all: Notts Forest and Middles- brough drew, at Nottingham, one goal all; Bury and Wolverhampton Wanderers drew, at Bury, neither side having scored. SECOND DIVISION GAMES. Preston North End v. Lincoln City. Thetfc elubspfyyed a drawn game at Lincoln, nothing bein& aeored. Manchester United v. Burton Unitfecl.—Played at Manchester, the United win- ning by two goals to none- Stockport County v. Biii-nley.-In the presence of 5,000 people, at Stockport, these clubs played a drawn game, each side scoring two goals. Bristol City v. ■Rnrslem Port Vale.—At Bristol, the home club beat Burslem Port Vale by two goals to one. Barnsley v. Grimsby Town.-At Barnsley the winnrng by three ford Citv v. Blackpool.—At Bradford, Blackpool won a rather scrambling game by ^vojoals to none. Glossop v. Gainsborough Tr «y-^ Glossop, Gainsborough Trinity won by two g to none. THE SOUTHERN LBAGUE. The results of the matches in the Southern League On Saturday wère :-Millwall betofc Brent- ford, at Millwall, by two goals to none Bristol Rovers beat Wellingborough, aiy Wellingborough, by three goals to one; Luton beat Kettering, at Kettering, by two goals to one; Reading beat Brighton and Hove Albion, at Reading, by three coals to none; Plymouth Argyle beat Ports- mouth at Plymouth, by two goals to, none; United drew, at Fulham, one goal all. T western League, Southampton beat ToSertL Hotp»r. at* Southampton by one coal to none. The match between Queen's-park Rangers and Everton, at Kensal-rise, ended in a victory for Everton, who won the- game by four goals to one. RACQUETS. » At Queen's Club on Saturday, the final tie of the Amateur Singles Championship between Mr. H. K. Foster and Mr. E. H. Miles ended m a win for the former by three games to love. Mr. Miles won the toss, but was at once put out by a hard low return. Mr. Foster, then scored a sequence of five chiefly by brilliant service. Mr. Miles only replied with a single, and his opponent, who made some beautiful "drop" shots, added six to his score. Some good rallies followed, and Mr. Miles increased his score to eight before Mr. Foster won the game. The second game was easily won by Mr. Foster, whose service was at times unplayable. In the third game, Mr. Foster reached 11 to his op- ponent's two, but Mr. Miles played up pluckily and brought his score to 11 before Mr. Foster won the game and the match. The winner played in fine form, his service and hard return being remarkably good. His judgment in plac- ing, too, was a considerable factor in his victory. The loser played pluckily, but his style suffered in comparison with the winner's. LJAGKOSSE Sussex and Middlesex having played a drawn game at the Essex Cricket Ground, Leyton, on March 19, replayed their tie at Woodford on Saturday. Another eve-i struggle was seen, but the good play of the brothers Douglas and Gil- bert Tosetti on attack gave Essex the advantage and they won by nine goals to four. For Middlesex, Scott was not as trustworthy as usual i-ti goal, but the loser's defence was otherwise very sound. MONDAY'S "SOCCER." The championship of the Association First League was decided on Monday, for Manchester City5 were defeated by Everton in their last match, at Everton, by one goal to nil; and thu3 Sheffield Wednesday finish in the first position for the second year in succession. Two matches were played on Monday in the Second Division of the League with the follow- ing results:—Woolwich Arsenal and Burslem Port Vale drew at Plumstead, neither side having scored; Bolton Wanderers and Man- chester United drew, at Bolton, neither side having scored. Woolwich Arsenal thus finished the season with 49 points, securing promotion to the First Division next year. In the Southern League, Tottenham Hotspur beat Northampton, at Northampton, by one goal to none. In the London League, Brentford beat West Ham United, at Canning Town, by three goals to two, and Fulham and Queen's Park Rangers drew, at Fulham, neither side having scored. Southampton beat Aston Villa, at Birming- ham, by three goals to two.


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