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— nuny "bf¡¡[¡fU OF SATURDAY, JANUARY 2, 1904, Will be aceompauied by an Illustrated Book Almanac FOR 1904, Which will be GIVEN A WAY with each Copy purchased. The Contents will comprise:— Calendar for 1904-Local Information- Postal Regulations—Information relative to Registration, Stamps, Taxes, Excise Duties, &c.- _& The Royal Family-The -TVII-nistry-.Frime Ministers since 18l2- Interesting Paragraphs—Wit and Wisdom in Poetry and Prose. THE I&LZJ&TIZATIOIVS, With accompanying Letterpress, include The Right Hon. Joseph Chamberlain and Mrs. Cham berlain- The Countess of Dudiey-Forth Bridge- The Coronation Durbar at Delhi- Sidmouth—Herne Bay- Westgate, Grantham- Enthronement of the Archbishop of Canterbury—Glasgow University—Ross Castle, Killarney—The King's Court at Holyrood- The Assassination of the King and Queen of Servia— Meeting of the King and M. Loubet at n Victoria Station—The Thames at Great Marlow. At the same time will be published, Id. Price Id.. CLARK'S ALMANAC FOR 1904 Which will this year appropriately take AN IMPERIAL FORM, Containing, in 32 pp., exclusive of local information, A Concise Historical and Political Account OF The Dominion of Canada, The West Indies, Australia, New Zealand, Empire of India, South, East, and West Africa, British Possessions in the Mediterranean, Straits Settlement 9" Hong Kong, Fiji and the Pacific Islands, Aden and the Red Sea, St. Helena, Ascension, British Guiana, &c. The Calendar is printed within borders giving Illustrations of the principal place-, i in onr World-wide Empire, and Re-produced Photographs are also given of Rt. Hon. Sir Wilfrid Laurier, G.C.M.G., Premier of Canada. Lord Strathcona, G.C.M.G., High Com- missioner for Canada. Earl of Dundonald, Commanding the Canadian Militia. Sir Augustus Hemming, G. C. M. G., Governor of Jamaica. Lord Northcote, G.C.I.E., Governor- General of Australia. Rt. Hon. Sir Edmund Barton, G.C.M.G., Prime Minister, Australian Common- wealth. Rt. Hon. Richard Seddon, LL.D. Premier, of New Zealand. Sir Frank Swettenham. K. C. M. G. Governor of the Straits Settlements. Lord Curzon, Viceroy of India. Lord Kitchener, G.C.B., Commander-in- Chief in India. Lord Milner, G C B., High Commissioner of South Africa. Sir Harry Johnston, G.C.M.G., Founder of the British Central Africa Protectorate. Field-Marshal Sir G. White. V. C,, G.C.M.G., r 11 Governor or u-ibraltar. JUST THE BOOK «iinfflUHijlMW1 to put in the hands of W YOUNG BRITONS. Trade Advertisements. SPA.CE yet remains for a few advfcs., which should be i-eiu in at once, and will appear in both Almanacs, at the following RATES;— s. d. Full page .10 0 Half page. 5 0 Quarter page. 2 6 As the Almanacs are kept for reference in hundreds of homos there is no better advertising medium. Don't!! Make a hasty purchase of Furniture you may have to live with it for many years. and a hasty and ill-considered choice will be a silent reflection on your taste as long as it is with you-to say nothing of the discomfort nnd expense attending the upkeep of common, ill-designed furniture. D 0I I o I I Avail yourself before finally deciding, of the facilities offered by every firm of repute to critically and carefully inspect before buying Such firms court comparison by marking all goods in plain figures and treating with the utmost courtesy and consideration every visitor to their show- rooms. It Costs Nothing n' To do this, and will probably save you not only a good sum of money, but afford you the gratification always attending a wise and carefully considered choice, and make i your home a pleasant retreat because equipped with artistic and fitting furniture. These are some of the reasons why every attention is paid to all such visitors by P. E. GANE, THE FURNITURE COLOSSEUM, 161 and 162, Commercial Street, NEWPORT. JOHN H. RENNIE (Member of the Auctioneers' Institute by Exam- ination). AGE [CULTURAL AND GENERAL AUC- TIONEER, VALUER, SURVEYOR, LAND AGENT. HOTEL AND INSURANCE BROKER. Newport, Usk, 9" Chepstoiv Districts. Sales of Fat and Store Stock in NEWPORT, USK. and CHEPSTOW CATTLE MARKETS on Market Days. Horses in NEWPORT MARKET monthly. Kurniture and Chattel Effects, SALEROOM, periodically. Chief Offices and Saleroom — 6 and 12, :SKINNER STREET, NEWPORT. Nat. Telephone. 0625. Telegrams, "Rennie." Auction Fixtures. 1903 Dec. 21.-Christmas Fat Stock Sale, at Usk Cattle Market. 23.-Fat and Store Stock, at Newport Cattle Market. 29-Fat and Store Stock, Chepstow Cattle Market. 30.—Fat and Store Stock, Newport Cattle Market. Oatalogues and Particulars obtainable from the Auctioneer, Newport and Usk. Timber and Coppice Wood. TO DE SOLD BY TENDER. Dingestow Court Estate, Mon- mouthshire. LOT 1.—The Fallage of the North part of the BOURNE WOOD, containing 10a. Ir. 7p., situate in the PARISH of CWMCAUVAN, with 15 Oak Tiraber Trees numbered with white paint, and 20 Oak aud 5 Birch Stores dotted with white paint, together with 19 Oak Timber Trees and Stores, numbered with white paint, standing on the part of the BOURNE WOUD. recently cut, and on land adjoining. LOT 2.—129 Oak, 18 Beech, 13 Elm, 4 Ash, and 2 Aspen Timber Trees and Stores, numbered with red paint, and 25 small Beech and other Stores, dotted with red paint, standing on the DINGESTOW COURT ESTATE. NOTE.-The above Timber is near a good road and is an easy haul to Dingestow Station. MR. Wil GRIFFITHS, Keeper, Dingestow, near Monmouth, will show the Lots. For further particulars and forms of Tender, which must reach my office on or before the 23RD DAY OF DECEMBER, 1903, apply to FRANCIS HOBBS, Crown Office, Monmouth. Cyclists, Light Up! Saturday, Dec. 19th. 4.50 Sunday, 20th 4.50 Monday, 21st., 4.50 Tuesday, 22nd 4.51 Wednesday, 23rd. 4.51 Thursday; 24th. 4.52 Friday 25th 4.52 Saturday, 26th. 4.53 Being One hour after Sunset.


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