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« The County Observer Forty-ninth Year of Publication. Scale for Advertisements. PER INSEBTIOW. Official Announcements. "J Single Column. Parliamentary Addresses.. I Legal Notices | 6d. per hne. Prospectuses of Companies ) Election Addresses.) Property and Stock Sales I Auction Sales I Municipal and other bodies | Ordinary Notices )■ 3s. per inch m depth. Balance Sheets Statements of Accounts. Bouses Wanted Houses to Let — Entertainments Agricultural Shows Subscription Lists. )» Is. 6cl. per inch. Wedding Presents j SMALL PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. "1 Servants Wanted. 32 words 18 words 24 words Situations Vacant. Apartments Wanted Apartments to Let 6d. 9d. Is. Money to Lend Articles Lost Articles Found Articles for Sale J Three weeks for double above charges. Must be paid for when the order is given, or double the above scale charges will be made. the above scale charges will be made. Remittances received in Postage Stamps. 'Q' Printing of every Description Aumoxxzus, Particulars, Posters, & Catalogues. SOUlCTO&s' Prospectuses Lithographic Maps, & Plan. TRADESMEN'S Cards, Bill Heads,& Note Headings. All communications to J. H. CLARK, Oocrarrr OBSERVER Office, USK, Monmouthshire. WANTED, good GENERAL early in January. Two in family .-Apply, G," Observer Office, Usk. WANTED, -a respectable GIRL, 16 to 18.— MKS. HAYNBS, Usk. TO LET, HOUSE, GARDEN, & ORCHARD, Gwehelog, TJsk.-Apply, Observer OFFICE, Usk. TO LET.—THE LLANGWM MEADOWS. For further particulars apply, PHILLIPS, IXew Lion Hotel, Brecon. HOUSE TO LET.— Apply, T. J. SMITH, Draper, Usk. COMPLETE OUTFIT of BABY'S LONG CLOTHES, exceptional value, carriage paid, 21s.; belter quality, 31s. 6d.—.Morgan & FKANCIS, Pontlottyn Shop, Abertillery. Usk Technical Instruction Committee. A CLASS in SCIENTIFIC CUTTING-OUT and PRACTICAL DRESSMAKING, will commence at the TOWN HALL, USK, on Thursday, 7TH JANUABY NEXT, at 7 p.m.; Teacher, Miss R. A. DAVIBS. Fee for course, 2s 6d.—For further particulars «PPljARTHUR F. LUCAS, Usk, 15th December, 1903. Secretary. County Courts in Circuit 24. COURTS will be held at the several Court-towns on this Circuit, before His Honour JUDGE OWEN, the Judge thereof, on the days and at the time hereunder mentioned:— Time, a.m. Oct. Nov. Dec. Chepstow 10 12 2 7 BarrV 10Sep.29 3 8 Cardiff 10 30 4 9 10 1 5 10 10 2 6 11 „ ..10 S 7 12 Abergavenny 10 5 14 Blaenavon 10 9 Tredegar 9.80 6 .0 1 Pontypool 10 7 11 2 Newport 10.30 8 12 3 lp 10.30 9 13 4 Monmouth.. 10 13 14 15 Boss 9.30 10 5 Crickhowell.. 11 14 16 Usk 11.30 15 17 'IP"q -4 (WASHING AT HOME. MRADFORWS "VOWEL XLS" Waablntf. Wrlnflnf, and Kanfllng Maohlnen OAVE TIMB, SAVE LABOUR, and SAVE THE CLOTHES. Write for Catalogue, jostfree on application. THOMAS BRADFORD & CO., *40, J4i, and 142, HIGH HOI.RORN, LONDON VICTORIA AVENUE, DEANSGATE, MANCHESTER; 130, Bold-street^ LIVERPOOL CRESCENT IRON WORKS, SALPOKD. Printing of all Descriptions the Office of this Paper. ""SIMPSON'S, For SUITS to Measure. For TROUSERS to Measure. For BREECHES to Measure. For RAIN COATS to Measure. D. W. SIMPSON, Mercliant Tailor and Outfitter, Crane-street, PONTYPOOL. THE NEW FISCAL POLICY. OF BEVAN AND COMPANY Means such a Reduction in Prices for Cash as to form a complete REVOL UTION I I I £ s. d. Everlasting Wire Mattresses, from. 0 8 11 Massive Two Inch Pillar Bedsteads, from 1 6 9 Ditto dittto all Brass Bedsteads, from 4 12 6 Capital Bedroom Suites, from 3 7 6 Satin Walnut ditto, from 7 12 6 Italian Walnut ditto, from 18 18 0 Useful Leather Cloth Suites, from 4 12 6 Handsome Saddlebag Suites, from 6 19 6 Splendid Suites in Silk, from 12 12 0 Walnut Glass Back Sideboards, from 4 12 6 American Organs (warranted) 10 10 0 Full Compass Pianofortes, from 15 15 0 REVOLUTION PRICES For Carpets, Linoleum, Floorcloths, Hearth Rugs, Fenders, Fire Irons and Brasses, and every Requisite for Furnishing throughout. A HANDSOME PRESENT given with all Furnishing orders. DO YOU WANT A PIANOFORTE ? If so, do us the favour of calling to see the Pianoforte for this Season:— cc TE MOZART MODEL," Iron frame, full compass, full trichord, check action, splendid touch and tone, very hand- some walnut case, double candelabra, ten years' warranty, and A MAGNIFICENT INSTRUMENT In every particular, price only ¡.- 28 GUINEAS! "VI BEVAN AND COMPANY, LIMITED, Carpet, Bedding, and Music Warehousemen, Clarence Street, and Hanbury Road, PONTYPOOL. PI LLS & RECOMMENDED AND USED BY ALL ■ C ,If NURSES r> til mf SCIATICA, H LUMBAGO, \J| WLjlW INFLUENZA, LIVER COMPLAINTS AND AFFECTIONS Y 91 1^* OF THE THROAT AND CHEST. 1 /OINTMENT.. ESTABLISHED OVER HALF A CENTURY. ALTON COURT BREWERY COMPANT, Lt, BOSS, Brewers of the Celebrated Family Pale Ales. v- GOLDEN HOP .o. 1/2 per gallon. GOLDEN CROWN n. j u INVALID STOUT 1/4" H PORTER *## ••• -L/*w 99 CURRENT PRICE FOR BACON PIGS:- Any weight up to 13 score, 8s 6d. per score; 13 score to 16 score, 8s. per score; over 16 score, 7s. 6d. per score, V. E. JONES, CENTRAL SUPPLY STORES, USK. ————— -_0 » I rn The "County Otar" taper and I PrMi Cam, Ltd. PUBLISHING OFFICES BRIDGE STREET, USK C-lounfu has been established 48 years, and from the advantageous position of the Publishing Offices- IN THE CENTRE OF THE COUNTY OF MONMOUTH —and its Circulation in the Rural and Agricultural Districts it stands PRE-EMINENT AS AN ADVERTISING MEDIUM For the Sale by Auction of Farming Stock, Produce, Furniture, and Landed Property; for Wants of all kinds, & within a radius of many miles. It is read by all classes of the community, being essentially A FAMIkY PA PF, ft combining Reports of Local Events (many not dealt with at all by other journals or very shortly noticed), Local Courts; County, District and Parish Councils, and other Public Bodies; with Interesting Notes on Local and General Current Topics, Sports, &c.; Historic Sketches; Field, Farm, and Garden Operations; Housekeepers' Recipes; Ladies' Fashions; Art and Literature; Markets; A Serial Story; And a variety of other interesting reading matter. "q" Special Reports are given of the Meetings of the Monmouthshire County Council, the Monmouthshire Chamber of Agriculture, c.J With which no other Paper in the County attempts to vie. Pontypool Great Xmas Market, Thursday, December 24th. 1903. F^IRST & SECOND PHIZES, in each of the Classes named hereunder, will be awarded to Farmers and Cottagers by the Urban District of Pontypool at this Market for the following Exhibits of Monmouthshire Produce:—Best Pairs of Turkeys, Geee, Galenas, Ducks, Fowls (weighing over SIb per pair), Fowls (weighing under 81b per pair), Basket of Fresh Butter (not less than 61bs) Hamper of Apples (Cooking)* Hamper of Apples (Table Fruit). Cottagers' Col- lection ot Vegetables and Fruit, General Collection on Huckster's Stall, Caerphilly Make Cheese (open curd), Caerphilly Make Cheese (close curd), Cream Cheese. Intending Competitors must furnish to the CLERK OF THE COUNCIL. l'owv HALL, PONTYPOOL, not later than the SATURD AY before the Market, particulars of their intended Exhibits, and must have them on the Stalls provided at bottom of Market, not later than 10 o'clock on the Market Day. The Exhibits must have been grown or made by the Exhibitors ou their own holdings.

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