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VEILED PROPHET. NEW MAHDI CAPTURED IN THE SOUDAN AND HANGED. Router's Agency has received additional details of the expedition lately undertaken by Colonel Mahon, Deputy-Governor-General of the Soudan, against a new Mahdi who had arisen in El Obeid. Colonel Mahon had but just returned to Khar- toum from El Obeid on his way to England when news came that Mahomed El Amin had pro- claimed himself as Mahdi among the Tagalla mountains in Southern Kordofan. Realising the dangerous possibility of such a movement, a force of 200 cavalry was drawn from Khartoum and despatched by steamer up the White Nile, orders at the same time being sent to El Obeid for 200 infantry, with two Maxims, to meet Colonel Mahon and the cavalry near Tagalla. After proceeding for 200 miles up the White Nile the Khartoum force disembarked at Faehe Showe, and marched in a south-westerly direction towards Tagalla. The force accomplished a rapid and trying march of 200 miles over desert country, which was rendered more difficult owing to the heavy rains. Five days after leaving the river, Col. Mahon heard that the Mahdi was in a certain village, and after a forced night march the troops surrounded the fanatics' position at daybreak. There was some desultory firing, but the Mahdi speedily realised that he was surrounded and gave in. Col. Mahon, accompanied by the local Sheikhs, then went up to the village, whereupon the Mahdi came out and surrendered. He proved himself to be a man of great intelli- gence, who had twice made the pilgrimage to Mecca, from which city he had just returned. He was 40 years of age, and a native of Tunis. He had been most energetic in his propaganda, and it is estimated that he had been left alone for another month he would have had all the people of that part of the country with him. Letters were found from most of the leading Sheikhs in the Soudan, making enquiries about the movement. He was working on the same lines as the original Mahdi, and in a very short time would have been in a strong position. He was taken prisoner, sent to El Obeid under escort, and subsequently tried and hanged. He was not dressed like the Soudanese Arabs, but he and all his people were partially veiled. He wore rich silk garments like those of the Mecca people. His principal adherents were also taken prisoners and sent to El Obeid. After his investigations in the Tagalla Hills, Col. Mahon's force marched back to the White Nile by easy stages. Many of the horses succumbed to grass poisoning, four of the infantry were lost owing to sunstroke, and 75 per cent. of the whole force went down with fever.



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