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I BOARD OF GUARDIANS. I, At the fortnightly meeting of the above Board, held at the Union Workhouse, on Thursday, Major D. E. Williams, J.P., presided. There were also present:—Mrs Mulligau, Mrs Harding. Revs P. A. Deeen. and R. A. Howells. Messrs. W. P. James, W. L. Pratt, W. Newman, T. M. Wintle, E. Probyn, Z. Lloyd, S. T Griffin, W. Marfell, T. Parker, J. James, J. Williams, John Williams, and the officers. Balance in hand last year, £ 2,789 2s 8d last meeting, £1,338 3s 9d; present meeting, 92,080 9s 2d. Mr Maliphant reported that he had collected J630 16s 2d during the month Mr Spencer that he had collected E29 15s 6d; and Mr Davies that he had collected £ 13 Is. The Clerk reported that there were several parishes in arrear, and he was instructed to proceed against the overseer. A letter was read from the Haslingdon Union, stating that the Board had found its accommoda- tion strained to the utmost owing to the number of children that were brought into the House bv the intemperance of their parents. A memorial had. therefore, been sent by the Haslingdon Union to the Prime Minister and various Members of Parliament, recommending a reduction in the number of public house licences. This memorial they asked the Pontypool Guardians to support.—On the motion of Mr Wintle, it was resolved that this should be done —The Chairman said that the magistrates already had the matter in hand. The House Committee recommended that when the hospital subscriptions were next considered the claim of the Pontypool Hospital should be taken into consideration, and a subscription granted thereto. The House Committee reported that the present system of giving tramps stones to break as a task, was not satiqfactory, as the Board found a difficulty in disposing of the stone. They therefore recommended that the cutting of wood be substituted as there was a good market for this. The Master had ascertained that the best bundler in the House could do 20 bundles in an hour. He was, however, an old maii.-The recommendation was approved of. the number of bundles to be cut up and bound by the tramps being left to the discretion of the Master. The Clerk said that the County Council's call was due, but owing to the failure of some of the overseers to pay in their calls, there was not sufficient money in the Bank to pay the amount demanded. He suggested that he be instructed not to send the cheque until there was a sufficient amount of money in the Bank to meet it.—The Chairman said that the County Council also owed the Guardians a large sum of money. What the Guardians ought to do. was to deduct what the County Council owed them, from what they owed the County Council, and send a cheque for the remainder. The County Council, however, refused to allow this.—It was decided that the Clerk's suggestion be adopted. The Master reported that the number of inmates in the House was 144 as compared with 148, on the corresponding period of last year; number of vagrants relieved during the week, 66 as compared with 52 on the corresponding period of last year.

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