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CURRENT SPORT. MB. WARNER'S M.C.C. TEAM V. 15 OF NEW- CASTLE. This match against odds ended on Saturday in a draw. Mr. R. E. Foster made 105 and Hayward 87 in the first innings of the English cricketers, and Leonard Braund 42 not -ut in the first and 64 not out in the second, in which effort Tyldesley scored 127 and George Hirst 51. England put on 306 and 381 for eight; while the Newcastle and District 15 only made 203 in their single appearance at the wicket. ASSOCIATION LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP. Owing to the fog, three out of the nine matches, set for decision on Saturday, in the League Championship had to be abandoned. Manchester City, by drawing with Sunderland away from home, now ties for second place with Sheffield Wednesday, each being two poims behind Sheffield United. The results of the games were —Manchester City and Sunderland drew, at Sunderland, one goal all; Sheffield United and Notts Forest drew, at Nottingham, one goal all; Aston Villa and Bury drew, at Bury, two goals all; Wolverhampton Wanderers and Everton drew, at Wolverhampton, two goals all; Blackburn Rovers beat Newcastle United, at Blackburn, by four goals to none Small Heath beat Stoke, at Small Heath, by one goal to none. The abandoned matches were: --Sheffield Wednesday v. Notts Co.mty. at Sheffield; West Bromwich Albion v. Derby County, at West Bromwich; and Liverpool v. Middlesbrough, at Liverpool. THE SOUTHERN LEAGUE. The results of the matches played in the Southern League were —Queen's Park Rangers beat Bristol Rovers, at Kensal-rise, by two goals to one; Plymouth Argyll beat Wellingborough, at Plymouth, by four goals to one Luton beat Tottenham Hotspur, at Luton, by three goals to two; Swindon beat Reading, at Swindon, by two goals to one; Kettering beat Brentford, at Kettering, by one goal to none New Brompton and West Ham United drew, at New Brompton, neither side having scored. The game between Northampton and Southampton, at Southamp- ton, had to be abandoned in the second half, Southampton at the time leading by two goals to one. No play was possible in the matches between Millwall and Brighton and Hove Albion, at Millwall, and Fulham and Ports- mouth, at Fulham. CLAPTON v. THE OLD WESTMINSTERS. Clapton beat the Old Westminsters, at Upton, on Saturday, by seven goals to one. Fog en- tirely spoilt the game throughout, making ac- curate football impossible. The Old West- minsters started with only eight men, and Clapton, who naturally had much the best of matters, scored four goals before the Subsequently three substitutes were found for the Old Westminsters, but Clapton held the upper hand until the close. CORINTHIANS V. BOLTON WANDERERS. It was unfortunate that the fog prevented any play in this match, at Queen's Club, on Satur- day. The Corinthians had got together a strong side, and the match promised to be most in- teresting. Devon beat Cornwall, at Wadebridge, by one goal to none. RUGBY COUNTY MATCHES. Devonport v. Somerset.—Considerable import- ance attached to the meeting of these counties at Exeter on Saturday, the game being the last of the series in the South-Western Division of the county -championship, and determining the winner of the group. After a good game Devon proved successful by three goals to a try, and having won all their matchps they have now to play the win- ners of the South-Eastern Division, in which the competition is not yet completed. Somerset were at a disadvantage, H. T. Gamlin, the famous full back, standing down. Pippin went back, and Thomas, of Penarth, came into the three- quarter line. The game was played under un- favourable conditions, a rapid thaw after frost making the ground very heavy. Although having the sun in their faces, Somerset, who relied very largely on their forwards, had the better of the opening play, and quite early Stevens gained a try for them. Afterwards the play was fairly even, and Somerset held their lead until a minute or so before the interval. Somerset were penal- ised, and Vivyan kicked a goal, making the scores level. In the second half the Devon backs at- tempted some passing, but found the greasy ball difficult to handle with any degree of accuracy. However, Peters managed to cross the Somerset line, and Vivyan placed a goal. Afterwards Somerset came very near scoring, and towards the close the home county pressed. Williams gained a try, and, with Vivyan kicking a third goal, Devon won by 13 points to three. Cheshire v. Durham.—Considerable interest was shown in the meeting of these counties, for the champions of last season, having suffered a defeat already, were naturally anxious to improve their position. Durham won the match by a goal and a try to a try. The match was played m a, fog, which during the second half of the game became very dense. In the first half a pretty piece of passing between Kendall and Ashcroft enabled the latter to cross the Dur- ham line and score a try, which Alexander failed to convert. Cheshire thus led at the interval by one try to nothing. Soon afterwards Durham at- tacked strongly, and a combined movement among the backs ended in Cox getting a try. Subsequently there was some good punting, and Clarkson by following up a kick got possession and scored. Elliott placed a goal. Nothing further was done, and Durham won by eight points to three. Lancashire v. Cumberland.—This match in the county championship should have been decided in Cumberland, but owing to a financial arrange- ment the game was played at Manchester. The result was a win for Lancashire by a goal and two tries to a try. The cono, were very bad, the match being played in a thick mist. Although only represented by a weak team, Cumberland played a strong game, and were able to keep their more skilful opponents from crossing their line in the first half. After the interval, however, Lancashire asserted their superiority, and Single- ton and then Pattison scored, neither try being converted. The best try was scored by Hannay, who ran in splendidly, and from a favourable position Brettargh placed a goal. Subsequently Cumberland played up well, and just before the game ended Collin, from a pass by Davidson, scored a try for them. BRISTOL V. OXFORD UNIVERSITY. Bristol won this Rugby match on Saturday at Bristol by two tries to a goal. The heavy condi- tion of the ground was not favourable to back play, and the feature of the match was the excellent work done by the forwards. The home team, in particular, gave a fine display, and some of their combined dribbles were brilliant. The game proved unusully fast, the pace set at the start being well maintained until the end. Bristol were the first to score as the result of a good run by Vaughan, who took a capital pass from Lamond, beat e ral men, and, jumping the full back, scored after a fine try. The second try was obtained by Meyers after a long dribble. Neither try was converted, and Bristol led at the interval by six points to nothing. One of the best rounds of passing seen in the match marked the opening of the second half, but it was spoiled by a knock-on, a weakness frequently exhibited by both sets of backs. The game was well advanced when Stoop, getting the ball from a, scrummage well in the home quarters, secured a try, from which Cartwright kicked a goal. GLASGOW V. EDINBURGH. The first trial game to assist the Scottish Rugby Union to choose the international team was played at Glasgow on Saturday. The match resulted in a easy win for Edinburgh by two goals and five tries to nothing. During the first half Glasgow to some extent managed to hold their own, but J. C. McDonald and G. E. Crab'bie scored tries for Edinburgh, who thus led at the interval by six points to nothing. After ends had been changed Edinburgh carried everything before them, and it soon merely became a question of the number of points by which they would win. They completely out- played their opponents at all points, and further tries were gained by M. Morrison, McDonald, Gillespie, Crabbie, and Bell, and, as two of the tries were converted, Edinburgh won by 25 points to nothing. WELSH TRIAL MATCH. This Rugby trial match between Probables and Possibles at Tredegar on Saturday ended in a win for the Possibles by one try to nothing. But the game was no real test of the merits of the players, as the ground was much too hard to admit of keen tackling. The Probables' side were without several of their most prominent players. HOCKEY. Fog and frost necessitated the abandonment of several of Saturday's fixtures. Cheshire and Westmoreland met at Sale, where the former quite outplayed their opponents, and won by 19 goals to none. Cornwall beat the United Ser- vices by three goals to one. LACROSSE. Considering the bad light, Middlesex gave an excellent display in their lacrosse match with Surrey, at Lord s Cricket Ground, on Saturday. Clever crosse-work enabled the home side to give and take passes with great accuracy, and, after leading by seven goals to one at half-time, they won by 11 goals to two. F. A. Spiers and H. C. Drummond, who scored between them nine goals, played a particularly good game on attack. The Essex v. Kent match, fixed to take place at Leyton, was abandoned; but, in a I scratch game, the Essex players scored five goals to four. OXFORD V. EDINBURGH. Oxford played their last game, before the Univer- sity "Rugger" match, against Edinburgh Univer- sity, at Oxford, on Monday. Unfortunately Edin- burgh University were not at full strength, Irons, Stuart, and others being absent. Oxford, on the other hand, played what, presumably, is their full side, and thoroughly deserved their victory by one goal one dropped goal and four tries to one goal and one try. MONDAY'S "SOCCER." The replayed match in the Southern League between Southampton and Northampton, at Southampton, on Monday resulted in a victory for the former by five goals to one. Brentford best West Ham United in the Western League, at Canning-town, by three goals to one. In the London League Millwall beat Woolwich Arsenal, at Plumstead, by three goals to one. A replayed tie in the fifth round of the qualify- ing competition for the Association Cup between Burton United and Leicester Fosse, at Derby, was won by Burton United by two goals to none. Aston Villa beat Wolverhampton Wanderers in the final round of the Birmingham Cup by three goals to none. Tottenham Hotspur beat Burnley, at Tottenham, by four goals to none. I







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