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A GRAND BAZAAR Arranged by the LADY LLANGATTOCK and a Committee of Ladies, WILL TAKE PLACE AT THE ROLLS HALL, MONMOUTH, IN AID OF THE MONMOUTH HOSPITAL, ON NONDAY & TUESDAY, SEPT. 14TH & 15TH, 1903. The Bazaar will be opened each day at 2 p.m. In connection with the Bazaar, A GRAND CONCERT Will be held during the proceedings, in which the following Artistes will take part- MADAME ALBANI, MADAME BEATRICE LANGLEY MISS KATIE JONES MISS EVELYN TYSER MISS LUCY BINGHAM MR. ARTHUR NEWSTEAD MR. HUGH PATON MR. JOHN THOMAS, (PENCERDD GWALIA), HARPIST TO THE KING. ADMISStJN: First day, 5s; after 5 p.m., s. Od. Second day, s. Od.; after 5 p.m., it s. Cheap Tickets will be issued by the Great Western Railway Company by ordinary trains on the above dates in connection with the Bazaar. The 8.5 p.m. train from Troy will run on Tuesday, the 15th, as on Mondays and Thursdays iu each Week. For further particulars see the Company's bills. v A.I.A. JOHN H. RENNIE, BY EXAM. AGRICULTURAL and GENERAL AUCTIONEER, & VALUER, AND LAND AGENT, &c., Office and Saleroorns 6 & 12, SKINNER-STREET, NEWPORT. Fat and Store Stock Sales held in Newport, Usk, and Chepstow Markets, on Market Days. Auction Fixtures. 1903. Sept. 2-Fat and Store Stock, at Newport Cattle Market. Early date.—Household Furniture, Pianofortes, and Effects, at Salerooms, 12, Skinner- street, Newport. 7-Fat and Store Cattle, Sheep, and Pigs, at Usk Cattle Market. 8—Fat and Store Cattle, Sheep, and Pigs, at Chepstow Cattle Market. 9 -Fat and Store Stock, at Newport Cattle Market. Early date.—Prime Clover and Hay. at Coach and Horses, Caerweut. (Further entries respectfully solicited). Catalogues and Particulars obtainable from the Auctioneer, as above. Nat. Telephone, 0625. Sales by Auction. By Messrs NELMES, POOLE, & ATKINS. The Vicarage, Raglan. IMPORTANT SALE OF Household Furniture, CARRIAGES AND OUT-DOOR EFFECTS (by order of the Rev. C. M. PERKINS, who is leaving), on WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2ND, 19 3, at 1 o'clock. 8" Full particulars in Posters. oS NELME3, POOLE, AND ATKINS, Monmouth, and at Newnham and Stroud. Educational. Usk Technical Instruction Classes. SESSION begins MONDAY, 7th SEPTEMBER. Evening Classes will be held in Workshop & Commercial Arithmetic, Shorthand, Elementary Drawing (for beginners), Art Drawing and Manual Training. Early application to join classes is invited. Fee, each subject, 2s 6d.—For further particulars see handbills, or apply ARTHUR F. LUCAS, Usk, 20th August, 1903. Secretary. THE WELSH INTERMEDIATE EDUCATION ACT. Usk Higher Grade School. rpHE above SCHOOL will be RE-OPENED on JL TUESDAY, the 8th Sept., for a Term of 15 Weeks. All Candidates seeking admission must pass an Examination, and will be required to attend at the School, at 3 o'clock in the Afternoon of MONDAY, the 7th Sept., for that purpose. All Fees must be paid to the Undersigned, who will attend to receive the same in the Afternoon of THURSDAY, the 10th Sept. A. H. WATKINS, 14th August, 1903. Clerk. ow.¡; "I THE WELSH INTERMEDIATE EDUCATION aCT. Usk Higher Grade School. THE SCHOLARSHIP MANAGERS announce JL that they are able to offer Bursaries to Children attending, or who wish to attend, the Usk Higher Grade School. These Bursaries will be money payments, granted at the discretion of the Scholarship Managers, and it is hoped will enable Parents, otherwise unable, to keep their Children at School for a longer period. They will be awarded on application to the Scholarship Managers, such application to be made on a form supplied by S. A. Hiley, Esq., on or before the 5th day of September. A. H. W ATKINS, Clerk to the Scholarship Managers. Ty Newydd, Usk, 4th August, 1903. Llanbaddoc School Board. \T7ANTED, immediately, for the Glascoed Ml School (Mixed), an ASSISTANT MIS- TRESS (Article 68). Salary, L25 per aunum.- Apply, with copies of testimonials, to E. WADDINGTON, Usk, Clerk to the Board. o Usk Flower Show. THE PRIZES in connection with the above Show will be paid at THE MISSION ROOM, on MONDAY NEXT, the 31st inst, at 8.30 p.m. I All those who have not sent in their claims are requested to do so at once, THOS. JONES, Secretary, To Let FROM: February 2nd, 1904, PENTWYN r FARM, Gwehelog, containing about 100 acres of Pasture and Arable.—Apply by letter to R. RICKARDS, The Priory, Usk. Cyclists, Light Up! Saturday, Aug 29th. 7.54 Sunday, tt 30th. 7.51 Monday, „ 31st. 7.49 Tuesday, Sept. 1st. 7.47 Wednesday, 2nd. 7.45 Thursday, 3rd. 7.43 Friday, 4th. 7.41 Saturday, 5th 7.39 Being One hour after Sunset. till Vol. Batt. South Wales Borderers. "G" (USK) COMPANY. Orders for the week ending September 5th, 1903. Monday, Company Parade, dress drill order, at 7.30 p.m. Wednesday, Class Firing, 3 p.m. Thursday, Company Parade, dress drill order, at 7.30 p.m. Saturday, Class Firing, 3 p.m. It is notified for information that the Annual Rifle Meeting will be held on the Ranges, at Usk, on Thursday, 24th September, 1903. Rules and Conditions may be seen at the Armoury. There will be a Church Parade on Sunday, 6th September, when medals will be presented to Sergt. Inst. Johnston and Pte. J. Roberts. Rifles etc., will be issued from the Armoury at 2.45 p.m., on days of firing. By Order, STANLEY M. WILLIAMS, Commanding G Company. Hunting Appointments. Mr. Clay's Subscription Otter Hounds will meet next week (water permitting):— Tuesday, September let. Awre Station At 10.40 a.m. Friday, September 4th Caerleon Station At 10.15 a.m. County Courts in Circuit 24. COURTS will be held at the several Court-towns on this Circuit, before His Honour JUDGE OWEN, the Judge thereof, on the days and at the time hereunder mentioned:— Time, a.m. Oct. Nov. Dec. Chepstow 10 12 2 7 Barry 10 Sep.29 3 8 Cardiff 10 30 4 9 10 1 5 10 10 2 6 11 10 S 7 12 Aber-gavenny 10 5 14 Blaenavon 10 9 Tredegar 9.30 6 0 1 Pontypool 10 7 11 2 Newport 10.30 8 12 3 10.30 9 13 4 Monmouth.. 10 13 14 15 Ross 9.30 10 5 Crickhowell.. 11 14 16 Usk 11.30 15 17 APPOINTMENTS, &c., FOR WEEK Ending September 5th, 1903. Aug. Sat. 29-Pontypool Petty Sessions, "11 a.m. Raglan Petty Sessions. Sun. 30-Twelth Sunday after Trinity. Mon. 31- Sept. Tues. 1—Abergavenny Cattle Market. Wed. 2—Newport Cattle, Cheese, & Corn Mkts. Abergavenny Petty Sessions. Monmouthshire County Council Meet- ing at Newport. Thur. 3—Cwmbran Petty Sessions. Abergavenuy Horse and Agricultural Show, at Bailey Park, Abergavenny. (See advt.) Usk Urban District Council. Sale of Household Furniture, Raglan. by Messrs Nelmes, Poole, and Atkins. (See Advt.) Sat. 5-Pontypool Petty Sessions. Cricket-Usk Y. Pouthir, at Usk. Butchers' Attitude regarding Cattle. South Wales butchers have decided "to take steps to secure warranties from vendors of cattle, sheep. and pigs that animals are free from disease when sold. This action has been taken in consequence of the serious loss sustained by batchers who, after killing animals purchased, had found them to be tuberculous or otherwise diseased, and therefore, unfit for food. A Few Miles only stands between you and the LARGEST STOCK of FURNITURE fn this part of the country. But not only is a LARGE SELECTION at your disposal, « the added advantages of plain marking at CASH PRICES Will Save you Many Pounds in money, if you are purchasing to any extent. We shall be pleased to send you our ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE showing the cash price of every article. As to the quality you will need no further assurance when we say that all goods bear the name GrANE, which, for nearly a century, has borne an unblemished reputation for the manufacturer of ARTISTIC RELIABLE FURNITURE. Many firms have done us the honour to copy our trade terms, and, as far as possible, our methods of business. But No local houre, indeed, few in the kingdom, can equal the Sterling value we give, or show you Such a magnificent collection of FURNITURE aa that we hold at 161 & 162, COMMERCIAL ST., NEWPORT. and at CARDIFF and BRISTOL, and a visit of inspection (to which we cordially invite yeu) will prove this assertion. G-ANE, Furniture Colosseum, NEWPORT. FREE INSURANCE AGAINST ACCIDENTS. COUPON TICKET SPECIALLY GUARANTEED BY THE OCEAN ACCIDENT AND GUARANTEE CORPORATION, LTD., 40, 42 & 44, MOORGATE STREET, LONDON, E.C. (to whom Notice of Claims, under the following conditions, must be sent within seven days to the above address). "I OO 1)6 Paid the above Corporation to the next-of-kin of anyone who is killed by an accident to the I BA.IXj~tVA.~y TBAIS, I CAB, 03KNXBTJS, ICABBIJEK'S FA1, CART, CABStlA GJB, CABStlA GJB, Or WAGGOX (within the United Kingdom or Channel Islands), in which the deceased was travelling, or who shall have been fatally injured thereby (should death result within three calendar months after such accident). Should such accident not prove fatal, but produce, within the same period of three months, permanent total disable- ment, i.e., the loss of two limbs (both arms or both legs, or one of each, by actual separation above the wrist or ankle), the person injured shall be entitled to receive £50 or for the loss of one limb, under the aforesaid conditions, will be paid, £ 25 PROVIDED that the person so killed or injured had upon his or her person, OR HAD LEFT AT HOME THIS PAPER, IN ITS ENTIRETY, WITH HIS, OR HER, USUAL SIGNATURE, writ- ten, prior to the accident, on the space provided below, which is the essence of this contract. This Insurance holds good for the current week's issue only is limited to one Coupon for each holder, and carries the benefits of, and is subject to the conditions of, the "OCEAN ACCIDENT AND GUARANTEE COMPANY, Limited, Act, 1890," Risks Nos. 2, 8, 5, and 6. The Corporation admit that the purchase of this Paper is the payment of a premium under Section 34 of the Act, Railway Servants on duty excepted. cp. Signature FOR A Full Report OF THE Quarterly Meeting OF THE a Miiisie County Conncil See Next Week's County Observer."

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