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Important Discovery at Caerwent.

Monmouthshire Quarter Sessions.

Pontypool Rural District Council./


Pontypool Rural District Council. The monthly meeting of the above Council was held at the Sessions House, Usk, on Friday evening in last week, when there were preseat:—Messrs S. T. Griffin, J.P. (chairman), W. Marfell (vice- chairman). Rev W. W. Jones, Messre R. W. Spencer, J. T. Turnar, R. Williams, J. Williams, Jas. Jtmos, W. Newman, H. ü. Knipe, W. H. Charles, Jas. Bevan, T. Watkins (clerk), and R. Derrett (surveyor). REPORTS. I The Surveyor reported that he had carried out the work directed to be done on the Llancayo- road, the Pontpeilth-road, and the Nantybanuo- road. Through excessive traffic on the Coedcwnn wr-road he was requested by Councillor R. W. Spencer to get at least 60 tons of stone placed thereon. This he had done, as the road had become really dangerous, but to be really satisfactory the work should be done in the summer time. He asked for fifteen 12-inch sanitary pipes to put across the road just beyond Llangibby Schools as the old culvert was inadeqaate to carry off the surface water. There was also a spring in the road and he would require about twenty-live 3mch pipes to remedy that evil. In his sanitary report, Mr Derrett stated that there had been an outbreak of measles in the parish of Llangibby, imported from the parish of Tredunnock. The cases had been visited by the M.O H. and himself, and the necessary precautions given. They hoped to disinfect the school on the following day (Saturday), and the assistance of a char-woman was asked for. The question of liability for the repair of the Llr.ngeviaw roads over which there had been ex- traordinary traffic was adjourned for a report from the Clerk. It was decided to get the pipes asked for by the Surveyor. LLANGIBBY TO THE FORE. I Mr W. H Kennett, schoolmaster at L!angibby, wrote under date March 27th, enclosing a copy of the School registrar for the previous four weeks, and pointing out that the cause of the deplorable state of aff tirs existing was an outbreak of measles which broke out at the extreme end of the parish. A second outbreak seemed to be following. He asked what was the meaning of an enclosed ex- tract from a memorandum of the L.G. B., of December, 1901. This memo. dealt with the clos- ing of schools. The Cierk said he had sent a copy of the letter to the Medical Officer, and Dr Jenkins had replied. In tho course of that reply the M.O.H. said he was much surprised at the contents of the letter from Mr Kennett. Although he did not ask straight out for the closing of the schools he (the doctor) took it that that was what he wanted judging by the quotation from the memo. Oo the last occasion Mr Kennett had a conversation with him about the measles epidemic Mr Kennett seemed perfectly satisfied with the way he was acting for the benefit of the School register under Art. 101 of the Code. He (Mr Kennett) also informed him that the Rector was quite agreeable to the School being kept open. However, as the closing of the school during that (the current) week would not have in his (the Medictl Officer's) opinion, checked tho measles, he did not consider it accessary to recommend it, and he did not think it necessary now as th,) children first taken ill should be able to attend school again. He did not know what Mr Kennett meant by a second outbreak. Commenting on the registrar, Dr Jenkins pointed out that children were absent from school from causes other than measles, so that measles were not altogether to blame for the very small attendance shown. Further he was als,' guided in his action in the matter by the remarks of a Government Inspector recently that, the Schools in this district were closed much too frequently, and he thought 6B of the Memo. favoured the course he took. The epidemic was now abtting. In the course of conversation which ensued it was suggested that Mr Iisnnett had probtbly quoted a portion of the Memo, to suit his case, and the Clerk advised the Council that they could onlv act upon the recommendations of their Medical Officer in the matter. The subject, consequently, dropped. In a subsequent communication Dr Jenkins stated, inter alia, that he had pointed out to Mr Kennett that his experience of closing the schools in such circumstances was that it did little if any real good in checking an outbreak. A PRIVATE MATTER. Mr John Moxon, solicitor, Newport', wrote on behalf of Dr Rutlierfoord Harris, whose name, he sairi, had been mentioned in connection with the dispute pending between Dr Boulton and the Rev H. A. Williams, arising out of the recent outbreak of diphtheria at Llangibby. Dr Harris knew nothing whatever about the dispute, and had never spoken to the Rev Williams about it nor expressed any opinion to him or anyone else upon it. If the Council wished it, he (Mr Moxou) would attend and read to them the only letter received and the copy of the reply sent to Mr Williams. Perhaps the Council would let him know if such a report as had been referred to had been circulated about his client. The Clerk said he had replied stating that it seemed to him to be a privaie dispu'e with which the Council had nothing to do. After s-,ine conver-ati ti it was decided that a reply should be sent pointing out that the Council were a ueutral body in the matter. I STEA.M ROLLING: The Rev W. W. Jones brought forward a recommendation from the Llantrissent Parish Meetiug that the Council should use steam rollers on the roads. The Chairman said the same subject was favourably discussed at the Llangibby meeting. It was decided to consider the matter again when the time came for metalling the roads. FONTNEYT^DD R )A.D. The Clerk dealt with the subject of the boundary line on the road the Council propose to widen, with reference to which the Llantarnam U.D.C had been written to. It appeared that for a great many years the Council and their predecessors had been repairing a portion of the road for which they were not liable. The question was deferred for a reply from the Llantarnam authority. PONTHIB WATER SUPPLY. I The Clerk reported the receipt of the plans, &c.. in connection with the scheme for the supply of water to Ponthir and the Wain, and he was reques- ted to send them to the Local Government Board for approval. IAu inquiry will probably be held by a L.G.B. inspector. I FOOTPATH DIVERSION. I Acting on the request of Mr L H. Hornby, solici- tor to the G.W.R. Company, the Council passed a resolution to proceed with the diversion of a foot- path at Pontnewydd, wheruby a dangerous level crossing would be obviated. The Railway Company will bear the cost.

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