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PONTYPOOL. /Lgtnti—Mi'. J. Hardinj. Hirket Bookstall, Mr Fteldhouse The Market, and Messrs, Jones and Edwards. ACCIDENT.-Late on Monday night a man was knocked down by a horse and trap in Osborne- road, Pontypool. He was a cripple, named John Thomas. His injuries were attended to by Dr Essex, and he was later conveyed to the infirmary. WILL OF THE REV. HOWELL HOWBLL.-The Rev Howell Howell, of the Rectory, Goitre, and formerly of Blaina, died on December 25th, and his will has been proved by Mrs Harriett Griffiths, wife of the Rev Edward Meredith Griffiths, of Clocaenog, Ruthin, the sister and one of the next of kin, by whom the value of the estate is sworn at £ 2,782 16s 8d gross aud £2,377 lis Id net. The sureties are the Rev Hiram Smyth Rees, of the Vicarage, Abertillery, and Edward Meredith Griffiths, of Abercarn Fach, physician. LOCAL WILLS.—Mr Arnold Bevan, of Park Terrace, Pontypool, formerly in business as a woolstapler, who died on January 23rd, leaving an estate of the value of £ 35,501 10s gross and X-,35,320 14s 3d net, appointed Mrs Anne Bevan, the widow; Frederick Montrevor Bevan, of 2, Waltham Villas, Severn Road, Weston-super-Mare, bank manager, the son; and William Collins, of Heatherside, Midhurst, and late of Pontypool, to be the executors of his will, made on November 8th, 1900. The testator bequeathed £100 each to his executors, and left the residue of his property in trust to pay the income thereof to his wife for life, and on her decease as to one-half thereof in trust for his son Frederick Montrevor for life, and then as he shall appoint to his children, and the other half on like trusts for his daughter Paulina Southwood Jones.—The estate is valued at £1,606 of Mr William Thomas, of Dorset House, New linn, near Pontypool, who died on February 25th last, Mr John Tubb Thomas, of Trowbridge, Wilts., physician, the son, is the sole executor. EVGINE DRIVER KILLED.—A fatal accident occurred at the Great Western Railway locomotive yard, Dock-street, Newport, late on Saturday might. William Edwards, aged 53, of 5, Park View Houses, Pontypool, an engine driver, was bringing his engine and train to the Mill-street yard, and at a quarter to eleven spoke on the telephone to Charles Brown, who was in his signal box. Edwards said he was CDmiug down and would see Brown when he arrived. About five minutes afterwards the train pulled up outside the signal box, and the fireman stated that the driver had been run over. Brown went to the spot and recognised the injured man as Edwards. The supposition is that Edwards alighted from his engine before it had stopped, stumbled, and fell iin front of it Inspector James Hart found that life was extinct. Edwards had been badly crushed, and the left leg had baen cut off.-P.C. Huggins was called to the scene, and assisted to take the Ibody to the Pill mortuary.—The inquest on William Francis Edwards was opened by the Borough Coroner (Mr W. Lyndon Moore) on "Tuesday morning. Evidence of identification only was given by his son, John Francis Edwards, an Underground haulier, residing at Coomb Farm, machine house, Pontypool, and the inquiry was 4hen adjourned until Friday, April 17th.



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