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I NEWPORT. I Agents — Mexsrs &reenl-%ti I xxi 0).. N .mi trznu. THE MEMBER, FOR BlUTH MONMOUTHSHIRE.— Colonel the Hon. F. C. Morgan, M.P., Ruperra Castle, has been appointed a member of the committeo of the UnLed Cmnties Huntere Society. DEATH OF ALDERMAN H. J. DAVIS. On Sunday afternoon the death occurred of Alderman H. J. Davis, who for a period covering 65 years had taken an active part in the public, commercial, municipal, and social life of Newport. Although in his 90th year he was apparently in his usual good health until the day of his death. On that day—Palm Sunday—he drove from his residence at Stow Hill to Baasaleg tojattend the morning service at the Parish Church. When walking through the churchyard after service to his carriage he took his son's arm, aud, remarking that he was a little puffed," held on for support. Directly afterwards, however, he swooned and fell, and had to be hslped to his brougham by a number of bystanders. He was at once driven home. It was seen that he was in a helpless and unconscious cou lition, and four medical gentlemen were called in. Mr Davis did not speak again, and died about four o'clock iu the afternoon, apparently from heart failure. On the Saturday he had attended the weekly sitting of the magistrates of the Newport division of the county of Monm iuth, of which he had been clerk for over half a century. The sad tidings of his sudden death were announced to the public at; Newport by the hoisting at half-mast of the flag at the Town Hall, and at St. Woolos Parisht Church in the evening, where Mr Davis had been churchwarden for a great many years, the Vicar referred to the event, and a funeral hymn was sung and the Dead March in "Saul" played. He held a great number of public offices and was thrice elected Mayor, the last occasion being in Coronation year. He came to Newport in 18:38 and was a partner with Mr James Birch, solicitor to the Tredegar family, and became agent for the Glamorgan estates of the late Sir Charles Morgan, of Tredegar Park, in 1845. About 27 years ago he was also appointed agent to the Tredegar Wharf Estate at Newport-a landed partnership concern, the remaining interests in which Lord Tredegar has since bought out, and it is now all in his lordship's hands. He was a member of the Harbour Commission for 50 years. He was a subscriber to the hospital for something like 60 years, and chairman of its board of directors for about twenty yeara. He was also registrar of the Newport County Court for about 25 years, and had held the office of Clerk to the Justices since 1813. He was probably the oldest solicitor on the rolls, having been admitted in 1835, and always took out his certificate, although latterly he had retired from the firm of Davis, Lloyds, and Wilson and devoted himself entirely to the agency business. He had twice been a widower, and of his family only two children survive him, viz., a son and a daughter, Mr John Davis, who lived at home with his father, and Mrs Henry Justice. The funeral takes place at Bassaleg, on Saturday.