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COTTAGE FURNITURE. The advantage of purchasing INEXPENSIVE FURNITURE suitable for persons of Iiiiiitc-d meiina from a firm of over 70 years reputation is the assurance buyers possess of securing practical and soundly constructed articles as distinguished from the common, showy, unreliable voofis so largely advertised, especially by firms selling on what. iA termed the DIRP, SYSTEM. P. E. GANE'S productions are in very reaped GUARANTEED, are fold at reasonable prices for CASH ONLY, and delivered free to any address. An immense stock is shown in the COTTAGE FURNITURE DEPARTMENTS, at 161 and 162, Commercial Street, Newport, and an Illustrated Catalogue is Forwarded Gratis and Post Free to all applicants. An interesting illustrated Booklet, entitled "HOW I FURNISHED WOODBINE COTTAGE for;638 19s. lid. will aho be found of service by those debiting an inexpensive, attractive home. P. E. GANE for COTTAGE FURNITURE. MIDDLE-CLASS FURNITURE. The firm of P. E. Gane has ever betn regarded as expressing ARTISTIC Principles, combined with Economy of cost in the highest degree. Nearly 40 years ago a leading authority said, "With this firm alone has been identified the sreat advance in taste in Furniture," and passing years have only added to this repute. A large and fully equipped Factcry has just been completed in order to facilitate the execution of orders, and the recently entaiged Showrooms at 161 and 16V, Commercial Street, display a selection sufficient to meet the demands of the most exacting taste. Seldom less than 60 different designs in Bedroom Suits alone are on show in this Department, ranging in price from G to 60 guineas, while the stonk of Drawing and Dining Room Furniture is equally ltrge and well selected. For this Department also an Illustrated Catalogue is prepared, a new and enlarged edition of which is now in preparation. Our Season's Booklet, entiilpd THE ARTISTIC COVERING OF THE FLOOR," which gives full particulars of Carpets and Floor Coverings in many varieties, with prices, is now ready. P. E. GANE for MIDDLE CLASS FURNITURE. HIGH-CLASS FURNITURE. The great scope and comprehensive character of the stock held by P. E. GANE -it ihe NEWPORT BRANCH is seen in the fact that not only do they contain a magnificent display of COTTAGE and • MIDDLE-CLASS FURNITURE but that a special area is reserved for productions of the highest class. These includo magnifiJJent examples of Bedroom Suites in Walnut, Oak, Mahogany, etc., both Plain and Inlaid, and in the prevailing fashions. Drawing Room Cabinets, Cliaii s, Settee. and Dinina Room Furniture, betraying the very best t characteristics of design and workmanship. In High Class Floor Coverings, too, the selection is most comprehensive, embracing new and unique colour effects in the productions of both English and Foreign Manufacturers. Intending purchasers are invited to walk through the showrooms, they will not be pressed ¡ r to purchase, and all goods being marked in plain figures comparison is easy, and will make apparent the advantages of purchasing locally from houses of long-standing and repute. P. E. GANE, HIGH-CLASS FURNISHER. P. E. GANE, The Furniture Colosseum, NEWPORT. t FREE INSURANCE AGAINST ACCIDENTS. COUPON TICKET SPECIALLY GUARANTEED BY THE OCEAN ACCIDENT AND GUARANTEE CORPORATION, LTD., 40, 42 & 44, MOORGATE STREET, LONDON, E.C. (to whom Notice of Claims, under the following conditions, must be sent within seven days to the above address). -P 0 0 will be paid by the above Corporation to the accident to the next-of-kin of anyone who is killed by an accident to the Mi Lir.wAY vxtA.iN, f t TKA Jfl CA.lt, CAMT, OJUXSJUS, <A Hilt A CE, Qr WAGGOV (within the United Kingdom or Channel Islands), in which the deceased was travelling, or who shall have been fatally injured, thereby (should death result within three calendar months after such accident). Should such accident not prove fatal, but produce, within the same period of three months, permanent total disable- ment, i.e., the loss of two limbs (both arms or both legs, or one of eaish, by actual separation above the wrist or ankle), the person injured shall be entitled to receive or for the loss of one limb, under the aforesaid conditions, will be paid, PROVIDED that the person so killed or injured had upon his or her person, OR HAD LEFT AT HOME THIS PAPER, IN ITS ENTIRETY, WITH HIS, OR HER, USUAL SIGNATURE, writ- ten, prior to the accident, on the space provided below, which is the essence of this contract. This Insurance holds good for the current week's issue only is limited to one Coupon for each holder, and carries the benefits of, and is subject to the conditions of, the OCEAN ACCIDENT AND GUARANTEE COMPANY, Limited, Act, 1890," Risks Nos. 2, 3, 5, and 6. Tke Corporation admit that the purchase of this Paper is the payment of a premium under Section 34 of the Act. p Railway Servants on duty excepted. Signature .n =- A I A. JOHN H. EETOIE, ByiitI. AGRICULTURAL and GENERAL AUCTIONEER, & VALUER, AND LAND AGENT, &c., Office and Salerooms 6 & 12, SKINNER-STREET, NEWPORT. Newport Cattle Market Every Wednesday, and Usk Cattle Market 1st and 3rd Monday in Each J Month. I Auction Fixtures. 1903. Apr. 14-Fat and Store Slock, at Chepstow I Cattle Market. 15 -Fat and Store Stock, at Newport Cattle Market. 16-Live and Dead Farming Stock, at The Coach and Hordes, Caerwent, in- structions fr nn Mr T. Rowlands, who is relinquishing contracting and reducing his Farming Stock. 20-Fat and Store Stock, at Usk Cattle Market. Leasehold Properties at Cwmbran about the middle of April. Valuable Freehold and Leasehold Villa Residences in Maindee and Newport, early date. 22—Cart and Nag Horses, Carts, Harness, etc., Newport Cattle Market. 24—Superior Household Appointments, at Salerooms, 12, Skinner Street, New- port. Catalogues and Particulars obtainable from the Auctioneer, as above. Nat. Telephone, 0625. Sales by Auction. By MESSRS. MARFELL & POOLE. u-I TO GRAZIERS, FARMERS, & OTHERS. Llanusk Farm, Llanbaddoc, One mile from Uek. FIRST ANNUAL LETTING OF RICH GRAZING LAND. MESSES MARFELL & POOLE are favoured wi' ii in-true ions frooi E. WILLIAMS, Esq., to LET BY AUCTION, at the farm as above, ou THURSDAY, APRIL 16TH, 1903, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, The Grazing of 110 Acres of Excelit-iit Meadow Land, well watered and plenty of shade, in suitable Lots, fully described in Catalogues, to be obtained 10 days prior to Sale from the AUCTIONEERS, The Willows, Usk Luncheon at I o'clock. For Printing Try the Obsei-ver Office. J Parishes of Llangwm IT cha and Llanbadoc, near Usk, MONMOUTHSHIRE. VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTIES FOR SALE. MESSRS MARFELL & POOLE have been instructed to offer for SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, On MONDAY, APRIL 20th, 1903, At 3 p.m., at the THREE SALMON'S HOTEL, USK (subject to the Monmouthshire Incorporated Law Society's Conditions of Sale and such Special Conditions as shall be incorporated therewith and read at the time of Sale), the.following Valuable Properties:— LOT I.-All that DWELLING-HOUSE, BUILDINGS, a: d LAND, c mtaimng 12 Acres, 3 Roods, and 27 Perches, or thereabouts, situate in the Parish of LLANGWM UCHA, and now in the occupation of Mr FREDERICK JONES as tenant thereof. LOT2.-All that MESSUAGE and BUILDINGS, with the Several Pieces or Parcels of Meadow, Pasture, Arable, and Wood Laud held therewith, and known as GLANYNANT, in the Parish of LLAN- BADOC, in the County of Monmouth, containing in the whole, according to the Ordnance Survey of the said Parish, 15 Acres and 19 Perches, or there. abouts, and numbered thereon 704, 712, 714, 715, 716, 717, 718, 768, 769, 771, and 772, and now (except the Woodland, which is in hand) in the occupation of Mr CHARLES JONES as yearly teuaut, at the low rental of £19 per annum. There is l'is lid Land Tax payable in respect of this Lof". To view, apply to the respective Tenants, and for further particulars to the AUCTIONEERS, The Willows, Usk; or as to Lot 1 to Messrs GUSTARD & WADDINGTON, Solicitors, Usk; or as to Lot 2 to Messrs WATKINS & CO., Solicitors, Pontypool or Usk. Usk Fair and Market, Monday, April 20th, 1903. MESSRS MARFELL & POOLE, in addition to their usual Consignments of Fat and Store Stock, will OFFER BY AUCTION, in the CATTLE MARKET, at 11 o'clock, the undermentioned Pedigree Hereford Yearling" Bulls m Bred bv and the property of Mr R. H. MABFELL, Llancayo, near Usk :— ASH PLANT, calved Miy 24th, 1902. Sire, Lucifer, 20,171; dam, Roseleaf III sire, Batchelor, 15,835. LLANCAYO PRINCE oalved June 1st, 1902. Sire, Lucifer, 20,171; dam Stisau VI; sire, Admiral, 15814. KING, calv,d April 29th, 1902. Sire, Eaton Defender XIII., 20,603. They will also offer immediately after the Sale of Cattle a few Lots of New and Second-hand TRAP aud CART HARNESS. Auctioneers' Offices-The Willows, Usk. I Professional. A COMMUNITY of ROMAN CATHOLIC SISTERS have just arrived from Brittany, and are settled at 28. ST MARY STREET, MONMOUTH. They will visit the Poor and Sick, aud are auxioua to find Pupils for French, Music, Painting, Draw- ing, and Embroidering among the Non-Catholic inhabitants of the Neighbourhood. Their terms will be very moderate, and they are accustomed to tuition. Jfliscellaneous. Beni i) ii stratit) iii fa Household tookery WILL be given by Miss SYLVIA RICHARDS (County Lecturer) at the TOWN HALL, USK, on WEDNESDAY, loth APRIL, and Five follow- ing Wednesdays, at 3 p.m. Admission Id. ARTHUR F. LUCAS. Sec. Usk Technical Instruction Committee. .J Llangibby Club Room. A Grand Evening: Concert, Arranged by Mr. A. E. THOMAS, will be held in the above Room, In Aid of the Funds of the Club, ON THURSDAY, At MIL 16th, 1903. "ARTISTES;—Soprano, Mrs Spickett fenor, Mr Benallacb; piano, Miss Thomson; 'cell), Mr. Langmaid; contralto, Mrs J. E. Edwards; b ,8", Mr Morgan and Mr Gray; violins, Miss A. W. Brooke and Mr A. E. Thomaa; trumpet, Mr J. B. Edwards. Reserved Seat, 2/6; Unreserved, 1/6; Bach, 1/- Doora open at 7.30 p.m.; to commence at 8 p.m. I THE WELSH INTERMEDIATE EDUCATION ACT. Usk Higher Grade School. THE above SCHOOL will be RE-OPENED on JL TUESDAY, the 21st April, for a Term of 15 Weeks. All Candidates seeking admission must pass an Examination, and will be requir6d to attend at the School, at 3 o'clock in the Afternoon of MONDAY, the 20th April, for that purpose. All Fees must be paid to the Undersigned, who will attend to receive the same in the Afternoon of THURSDAY, the 23rd April. A. H. WATKINS, 8th April, 1902. Clerk. Easter Iffeek Festivities AT BETTWS NEWYDD. Easter Mondtty- A DANCE will be given at BSTTWS SCHOOLS, commencing at 8 p.m. Admission Is. Light Refreshments provided at small charge. Tuesday— MAGIC LANTERN ENTERTAINMENT, Rambles through North Holland," by Mr DUNNING, at BETrws SCHOOLS, 7.30 p.m. Entrance 3d each at door. IWetln esila$#— AT the SCHOOLS, at 8 p.m., CONCERT by Mr NIXON and Friends. Tickets Is and 61. Proceeds of Thres Entertainments will go towards the New Organ fur Bettws Newydd ( hurch. Usk Conservative Association and Club. In connoction with the above, A Smoking Concert Will be held at THE CASTLE HOTEL, USK, ON Thursday Sexf, April lOili, at 7.30. J. T. HUGHES, Esq. (Newport) will deliver a short Address. J. MAITLAND W A TIUNS, Esq., will preside. ADMISSION FREE, ALL INVITED- BAZAAR, Usk Church Restoration Fund, Mfi Y 26th, 1903. Contributions will be gratefully accepted by Mrs H. FREEMAN, Pias Newydd, Usk. '-F U" LL..4NDENNY. SCHOOL CONCERT and Prize Distribution, FRIDAY, APRIL 17th, 1903 Doors open 7 p.m; to commence at 7.30. grfr Front Seats, 1/6; Second Seats, 1/ -,7;; Hunting Appointment. Mr. Curre's Hounds will meet on Wednesday, April 15th, .Grondra House At 11 a.m. Monday, April 20th Piercefield Park At 11 a m. Thursday, April 23rd Itton School 11 a.m. Mr. Clay's Subscription Otter Hounds will meet next week (water permitting):— 0 Wednesday, April 15th Woolaatou Station At 10.30 a.m. Saturday, April 18th Great House Farm, At 10.30 a,m. [Wolvesuewton v v 7" ¿ BRADFORD'S UNIVERSALLY APPROVED LAUNDRY AND DAIRY MACHINERY Over <6 J Gold A Silycr Medals and First Prize Awards. NEW 60¡- WASHING MACHI"" (The T1Ul'j.}; H). "VOWXL" WiSHIXG, WBIXOISO, I "1>IA PHIIAGM" CHCKMS. AND HAXOLIKO MACHINM. I lSl rr.1:It WOUKERS. LACNDRT Requisites. 1 DAIKT AmjANCEg. Liberal Cash Tenn*. Catalogues Post Free* THOMAS BRADFORD AND CO., 140-142, High Holborn, London; 1S0} Bold Street, Liverpool; Victoria Avenue, Manchester; Orescent Iron W ke, Sttlford. 4tli Vol. Batt. South Wales j Borderers. j "G" (USK) COMPANY. 1 Orders for the week ending April 18th, 1903. Sunday, Church Parade, full dress, waist belts and frogs. Baud to attend, 10.30 a.m. sharp. Wednesday, Adjutant's Parade, undress uniform, waist belts, frogs, and one pouch. Lecture by Adjutant in Armoury, 7.30 p.m. sharp. Friday, Recruits' Drill, Usk, 8 p.m. It is hoped that all members will be able to attend the above Company Parades. There will be a Presentation of a Long Service Medal, 011 Church Parade, to Pie. W. Waters. By Order. STANLEY M. WILLIAMS, Commanding G Company Cyclists, Light U 1). Saturday, Apr. 11th. 7.46 Sunday, 12th 7.48 Monday, „ 13th" 7.49 Tuesday, n 14th. 7.51 Wednesday, ISth 7.53 Thursday, 16th. 7.51 Friday, 17th. 7.56 Saturday, 18th. 7.58 Being One hour after Sunset, APPOINTMENTS, &c., FOR WEES Ending April 18th, 1903. Apr. Fri. 10-Good Friday. Sat. ll-Pontypool Petty Sessions. Sun. 12-Easter Sunday. Mon 13-Easter Monday—Bank Holiday. Monmouth Cattle Market. Eister Vestry Meeting. Easter Festivities at Bettws Newydd. (See Advt.) Tues. 14-Abergavenny Cattle Market. Wed. 15 —Newport Cattle, Cheese, & Corn Mkts. Abergavenny Petty Sessions. Cooking Demonstration, Town Hall, Usk, 3 p.m. Thur. 16—Cwmbran Petty Sessions. Annual Letting of Grazing Land, by Messrs Marfell and P>ole, at Llanusk Farm, Llanbaddoc. (See Advt.) Llangibby Concert. (See Advt.) Conservative Smoker at The Castle," Usk. (See Advt.) Fri. 17- Llandenny Concert. (See Advt.) Sat. 18-Pontypool Petty Sessions, 11 a.m.

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