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Parliamentary. In the House of Commons, on Wednesday,. the Prime Minister intimated that the Budget would be introduced on the Thursday following the re-assembling of the Houssr and that the- second reading of the Irish Land Bill would be taken at the beginning of the succeeding, el week. On the motion in Committee for the allotment to Ireland of an annual sum of £185.000 as the equivalent of the increase in the grant for education in England, Mr Wyndham explained that it was proposed to use the money for three purposes. It would be a guarantee against least on the flotation of stock for land purchase it would form a fund from which the educational. demands of Ireland might be met; and it could.. be used for the promotion of economic develop- ment and transit facilities. Mr Wyndham announced that Lord Iveagh and Mr Pirrie were prepared to take up the- question of transport in Ireland, and, them- selves finding all the capital, see what could be done in this direction for the agricultural communities. The motion was agreed to. The House afterwards resumed the debate on, Mr Balfour's motiou for the reappointment of the Committee on Municipal Trading, and this", was carried. Mr (Jhamberlain announced in the House of Commons on Thursday that the new South. African Customs Convention provided pre- ferential tariffs for goods from the Mothec Country.

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