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FREE INSURANCE AGAINST ACCIDENTS. COUPON TICKET SPECIALLY GUARANTEED BY THE OCEAN ACCIDENT AND GUARANTEE CORPORATION, LTD., 40, 42 & 44, MOORGATE STREET, LONDON, E.C. (to whom Notice of Claims, under the following conditions, must be sent within seven days to the above address). -f will be paid by the above Corporation to the next-of-kin of anyone who is killed by an accident to the UA.EXJWA.-K TE-1I.V, rJBRrejB'8 Fits, TJMJT CA E, CART, OStXtBVS. CA.KXtIA.GM, Or WAGGOJT (within the United Kingdom or Channel Islands), in which the deceased was travelling, or who shall have been fatally injured thereby (should death result within three calendar months after such accident). Should such accident not prove fatal, but produce, within the -same period of three months, permanent total disable- ment, i.e., the loss of two limbs (both arms or both legs, or one of each, by actual separation above the wrist or ankle), the person injured shall be entitled to receive £50 or Hoc the loss of one limb, under the aforesaid conditions, will be paid, Er. 25 PBOVIDED that the person so killed or injured had upon his or her person, OR HAD LEFT AT HOME THIS PAPER, IN ITS ENTIRETY, WITH HIS, OR HER, USUAL SIGNATURE, writ- ten, prior to the accident, on the space provided below, which is the essence of this contract. This Insurance holds good for the current week's issue only is limited to one Coupon for each holder, and carries the benefits of, and is subject to the conditions of, the "OOEAN ACCIDENT AND GUARANTEE COMPANY, Limited, Act, 1890," Risks Nos. 2, 3, 5, and 6. The Corporation admit that the purchase of this Paper is the payment of a premium under Section 34 oftheact. Railway Servants on duty excepted. Signature .» -y- A.I.A. JOHN H. RENNIE, bt&&. AGRICULTURAL and GENERAL AUCTIONEER, & VALUER, AND LAND AGENT, &c., Office and 3aterooms 6 & 12, SKINNER-STREET, NEWPORT. Newport Cattle Market Every Wednesday, and Usk Cattle Market 1st and 3rd Monday iu Each Mouth. Auction Fixtures- 1903. Apr. 4—Valuable and Extensive Stock-in-Trade of Builders' Hardware and General liolimongery, Office Furniture, etc., at 19, High Street, Newport, in. structions from Messrs A. G. Arnold & Co. (See Advt.) 6-Fat and Store Stock, at Usk Cattle Market. 8—Fat and Store Stock, at Newport Cattle Market. 14-Fat and Store Stock, at Chepstow Cattle Market. 15 Fat and Store Stock, at Newport Cattle Market. 16-Live and Dead Pa, min- Stock, at The Coach and Horses, Caerwent, in- structions from Mr T. Rowlands, who is relinquishing contracting and reducing his Farming Stock. 20-Fat ind Store Stock, at Usk Cattle Market. Leasehold Properties at Cwmbran about the middle of April. Valuable Freehold and Leasehold Villa Residences in Maiudee and Newport, early date. 22—Cart and Nas Horses, Carts, Harness, etc., Newport Cattle Market. 24—Superior Household Appointments, at • Salerooms, '2, Skinner Street, New- port. Catalogues and Particulars obtainable from the Auctioneer, as above. Nat. Telephone, 0625. 0> Sales by auction. 19, High Street, Newport. COMMENCING SATURDAY NEXT, APRIL 4th, 1903, at 11.30, and on TUESDAY follewing at 11.30, alao WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON at 2 (if necessary). TO BUILDERS, CONTRACTORS, IRONMON- GERS, and the PUBLIC GENERALLY. MR JOHN H. RENNIE has been favoured with instructions from Messrs A. G. ARNOLD and Co. (who are. giving up their High Street Premises), to >^ELL BY AUCTION, on the Premises, without reserve, ou the dates and times as mentioned above, the whole of their remaining valuable Stoefe-iti-Trade of Guilders' Hard. ware, General ironmongery, FIXTURES, FITTINGS, OFFICE FURNITURE and EFE ECTS, < consisting of, briefly Numerous hotel and shop hanging gas lamps, 2 L \RGE (Sugg's Patent) OUTSIDE LAMPS, brass and bronzed gas chande- liers, brackets and fittings, iron sinks, sanitary ware, builders' and general BRASS FOUNDRY, sash weights, 3 HANDPUMPS complete, ENGINE PACKING and gasketting rope, garden and tools of every description, lucks, hinges, nuts, bolts, screws, nails, RE 4ISTER GRATES TORTOISE, GAS, and other STOVfiS KITCHEN RANGES, wire netting, WATER BALLAST GARDEN ROLLERS. LARGE IRON SAKE, meat safes and covers, brass scales and weights, pikos and rakes. scythes, fenders in brass and iron, and steel, tin, and brass ware, hurdles and feneinir, river, forces, lamp chi .iney*, &-c., &c.; about 3 TONS OF SPRING, BLISTER, DOUBLE SHEAR, ROUND CAST, TOOL. OUT AGO, TO') L, WEDGE and SHOE- ING STEEL, guns and rifles, eleetro-plato, and the w.U-made shelving, counters, glized show cases, office furniture, &e. On View Mornings of Sale, Auctioneer's Offices, 6 and 12, Siinasr Street, Newport, and at Usk. by MESSRS. MARFELL & POOLE. Green Meadow Farm, Llandaddoc, Three mile", Lorn Pontyp ol aud Usk. MESSRS. MARFELL & POOLE are favoured with instruction* from MK. J. DAVI;SS, who is leaving, to SELL BY AUCTION, on the premises as above, ON THURSDAY, APRIL 9TH, 1903, his Live and Dead Fanning: Stock, COMMU -ING — 7HE\D OF WELL-BRED HEREFORD CATTLE, viz.: 4 fresh 2-y ears-old bullocks; 1 yearling steer, I cow in calf, 1 fresh barren; 40 RADNOR EWES in and wi,h lamb £ ? HORSES AND COLTS, including nag mare, t) 8 years old 2 years nag filly, yearling ditto, yearling half-bred filly, 2-years-old cart filly 30 Head of Poultry Handsome Young Collie Dog. IMPLEMENTS include mowing machine gambo, market trap, swing plough, pair iron harrows, horse hoe, covered sheep rack, wood cattle crib, horse rake (nearly new), winnower, n.w. waggon, mower and reaper (combined), chaff cutter, casks, benches, sundry tools, &c. Also a few lots of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and DAIRY UTENSILS. Sale at 1,30 prompt. Auctioneers' Offices-The Willows, Usk. TO GRAZIERS, FARMERS, & OTHERS. Llanusk Farm, Llanbaddoc, One mile from Usk. FIRST ANNUAL LETTING OF RICH GRAZING LAND. MESSRS MARFELL & POOLE are favoured with inftrucMons from E. WILLIAMS, Esq., to LET BY AUCTION, at the farm as above, on THURSDAY, APRIL 16TH, 1903, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, The Grazing of 110 Acres of Excellent Meadow Land, well watered and plenty of shade, in suitable Lots, fully described in Catalogues, to be obtained 10 N days prior to Sale from the AUCTIONEERS, The Willows, Ubk. Luncheon at I o'clock. Parishes of Llangwm Ucba and Llanbadoc, near Usk, MONMOUTHSHIRE. VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTIES FOR SALE. MESSRS MARFELL & POOLE have been j.1 instructed to offer for SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, On MONDAY, APRIL 20 Mi, 1903, At 3 p m., at the THREE SALMON'S HOTEL, USK (subject to the Monmouthshire Incorporaterl Law Society's Conditions of Sale and such Special Conditions as shall be incorporated therewith and read at the time of Sale), the following Variable Properties LOT I.-All that DWELLING-HOUSE, BUILDINGS, a- d LAND. containing 12 Acres, 3 Roods, and 27 Perches, or thereabouts, situate ill the Parish of LLANGWM UCHA, and now in the occupation of Mr FREDERICK JONES as tenant thereof. LOT 2.—All that MESSUAGE and BUILDINGS, with the Several Pieces or Parcels of Meadow, Pasture, Arable, and Wood Land held therewith, and known as GLANYNANT, in the Parish of LLAN- BADOC, in the County of Monmouth, containing in the whole, according to the Ordnance Survey of the said Parish, 15 Acres and 19 Perches, or there- abouts, and numbered thereon 704, 712, 714, 715, 716, 717, 718. 768, 769, 771, and 772, and now (except the Woodland, which is in hand) in the occupation of Mr CHARLES JONES as yearly tenant, at the low rental of £19 per annnm. There is 12s lid Land Tax payable in respect of this Lot. To view, apply to the respective Tenants, and for further particulars to the AUCTIONEERS, The Willows, Usk; or as t) Lot 1 to Messrs GUSTARD and WADDINGTON, Solicitors, Usk; or as to Lot 2 to Messrs WATKINS & CO., Solicitors, Pontypool or Usk. Professional. ISS BERTHA CLAPP (Diplomee Paris) visits 7 & USK on FRIDAYS and MONMOUTH on SATURDAYS, for the purpose of giving Lessons in Sinking and on the Pianoforte. Prepares for Pro- fes.,ional and other Examinations.—Address, 13, Clifton Place, Newport, Mon. Usk Address—1, Bridge Villas. A COMMUNITY of ROMAN CATHOLIC SISTERS have just arrived from Brittany, and are settled at 28. ST MARY STREET, MONMOUTH. They will visit the Poor and Sick, and are anxious to find Pupils for French, Music, Painting, Draw- ing, and Embroidering among the Non-Catholic inhabitants of the Neighbourhood. Their terms will be very moderate, and they are accustomed to tuition. —. m> ti in nr. rr. mfTV-r1 ■! H nUEiM Or T ■HT'i'JViffTtA' CTli Tfr Tenders. Usk Urban District Council. TENDERS are invited for the GRAZING of the JL CATTLW MARKET MEADOW from the 16th inst. to the 2nd February, 1904, subject to certain con- ditions, partioulars of which can be obtained of the Clerk. Closed Tenders to be sent in to me on or before the 15th inst. ARTHUR F. LUCAS, Usk, 2nd April, 1903. Clerk. Miscellaneous. Demonstrations in Household Cookery WILL be given by Miss SYLVIA RICHARDS (County Lecturer) at the TOWN HALL, USK, on WEDNESDAY, 15th APRIL, and Five follow- ing Wednesdays, at 3 p.m. Admission Id. ARTHUR F. LUCAS, Sec. Usk Technical Instruction Committee. Hunting Appointments. Mr. Curre's Hounds will meet on Wednesday, April 8th Crumbland At 11 a.m. Saturday, April lltli St Arvans At 11 a.m. The Monmouthshire Hounds will meet on Monday, April 6th Rockfield At 11 a.m. Thursday, April 9th. Heol Gerrig At 11.30 a.m. To Finish the Season. Mr. Clay's Subscription Otter Hounds will meet next week (water permitting):— Saturday, April 4:h Mardy Farm, near Usk At 10.30 a.m. Thursday, April 9th Awre Station At 10.40 a.m. r>r. -J"=F BRADFORD'S UNIVERSALLY APPROVED LAUNDRY ANi) DAIRY MACHINERY Over 480 Gold & Silver Metfalg and First Awards. New SO/- WASHING MACHINE fjhe "TBIFLE"). "VOWIL" WASHINO, WUIXOINO, | "DIAPHRAGM" CHCKKS. AND MANGLING MACHINES. [ BUTTEK WORKERS. LAUNDRT REQUISITES. DAIRY AFFLIASOEB. Liberal Cash Terms. Cataloguesffost Fre* THOMAS BRADFORD AND CO.. 140-142, High Holbom, London 130, Bold Street, Liverpool; Victoria Avenue, Manchester; Crescent Iron Work*. Balfard. 4th Vol. Bait. South Wales Borderers. "G" (U3K) COMPANY. Orders for the week ending April lltb, 1903. Tuesday, Company Drill in Armoury plain clothes, waist belts and frogs, 8 p.m. Wednesday, Recruits' Drill, Raglan, 7 p.m. By Order. STANLEY-M. WILLIAMS, Commanding G Company Cyclists, Light Up.! — Saturday, Apr. 4th. 7.34 Sunday, 5th 7.36 Monday, 6th,, 7.38 Tuesday, 7th. 7.40 Wednesday, Fth 7.41 Thursday; 9th. 7.43 Friday, lotb 7.44 Saturday, 11th 7.46 Being One hour after Sunset. APPODTIOTS, &c., FOR WEEK Ending April 11th, 1903. ZD Apr. Sat. 4—Pontypool Petty Sessions. 11 a.m. Football—Usk v Castleton, at Castleton. Sun. 5—Palm Sunday. Dividends on Consols, etc., due. Mon 6—U«k Cattle Market. County Licensing Committee Meeting. Usk and Llangibby Hunt Steeplechases and Hurdle Races. Tues. 7-Abergavenny Cattle Market. Wed. 8—Newport Cattle, Cheese, & Corn Mkts. Abergavenny Petty Sessions. Usk Quarter Sessions. Hilary Law Sittings end. Thur. 9-Usk Petty Sessions. Lady Day Fire Insurance ceases. Sale of Live and Dead Farming Stock, &c., at Green Meadow Farm, by Messrs Marfell & Poole. (See Advt.) Fri. 10—Good Friday. Sat. 11-Poiitypool Petty Sessions.

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