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CURRENT SPORT. I THE INTE, R-TARSITY SPORTS. No more decisive victory has ever been recorded in the inter-'Varsity Sports than that scored by the Cantabs at Queen's Club, Kensington, on Saturday. Of the 10 events on the programme the Light Blues actually won eight, the only two con- tests falling to Oxford being the hurdle race and the long jump. Unfortunately the weather was bad, rain falling heavily throughout the greater part of the after- noon, and this, coupled with the one-sided cha- racter of the contest, considerably damped the enthusiasm of the spectators. The Prince and Princess of Wales paid their promised visit, view- ing the proceedings from one of the windows in the club-house. They were accompanied by the young Princes Edward and Albert of York and Prince Charles of Denmark, and showed the greatest interest in the various contests. Notwithstanding the unfavourable conditions, some excellent performances were accomplished, and on a fast track one or two records would prob- ably have been beaten. As it was, G. R. Garnier equalled the previous best time in the hurdle race, and R. W. Barclay ran a very fast quarter-mile after making nearly all his own running. Garnier's hurdle-racing capacity is evidently an inherited gift, for his father and elder brother before him were both equally expert at the game. Barclay also won the hundred yards after a great race with his fellow-Cantab, J. Churchill, and another double event was secured by H. A. Leeke, who took both the weight and hammer- throwing competitions. In the latter event he threw farther than anyone since the famous G. H. Hales, who, however, was in those days allowed an unlimited run. The great disappointment, from an Oxford point of view, was the poor form shown by E. L. Gay-Roberts, who competed in both the mile and three mile races. He was confidently expected to win one if not both of these events, but in the shorter race he failed completely to make any sort of a show against H. W. Gregson, and in the three miles he retired from the track after going a very short distance. The last finish of the day was witnessed in the half-mile. For fully three-fourths of the journey the competitors were all together, and it was not until the final straight was reached that Holding, the hope of the Dark Blues, was able to get away from his rivals, with Wilson, the Cantab, in close attendance. One hundred yards from home Hold- ing must have had a lead of fuliy four yards, but gradually the Light Blue got upon terms, and wearing his opponent down amid a scene of great excitement gained a thoroughly well-deserved victory in the last few strides by a little over a yard. The pluck and determination shown by both run- ners in the desperate struggle was deserving of the highest praise., LACROSSE. Stockport, the northern flag holders, played Woodford, the southern flag holders, in the annual match for the English club championship and Iroquois Cup at Didsbury, on Saturday. Stock- port again won the cup, which they have held since 1897, by beating their opponents, after a keen struggle, by nine goals to five. Midway through the second half, the scores were level at five goals each, but Stockport stayed the better and, adding four points, won as stated. CROSS COUNTRY RUNNING. For the first time in the history of cross-country running an international race took place on Satur- day at Hamilton-park, Glasgow, among teams re- presenting respectively England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. England had a magnificent set out, including most of the men who ran so finely in the recent National Championship, and, as might have been expected, won very easily. As a matter of fact they had six men home in the first seven, Daly, of Ireland, by finishing third, break- ing the sequence. That wonderful runner, A. Shrubb, the holder of so many championships, once more finished at the head of the field, cover- ing the eight miles in 46min. 22 3-5sec. Edwards, of Manchester, his nearest opponent, was 300 yards behind, with Daly another 80 yards farther off. Daly made a race of it for a couple of miles, but the English crack then drew away and was never afterwards approached. IRELAND V. WALES AT "SOCCER." Ireland and Wales had played such geod, Association football against their great opponents in England and Scotland that their own match at Belfast on Saturday aroused far more interest of a general character than is commonly given to the fixture. Ireland were the more keen on winning the match for the reason of their great victory over Scotland in the previous week, and with the more representative team they pulled through by two goals to none, a record that equalled that of the Glasgow match, and secured under conditions, so far as the ground was con- cerned, not dissimilar. The Irishmen not only developed a splendid attack, but were very sound in defence, and the half-back work, as might be as- sumed, was good. The Welshmen did well enough up to the interval, but the halves were subsequently often at fault. Boyle, of the Sheffield United, captained Ireland, and winning the toss, he decided that his side should play with the wind at their backs. Ireland forced the game at starting, and their individual rushes were quick and clever. Meredith was dangerous to the Irish defence once or twice; but the run of the game was for the home side, and the Welsh goalkeeper had all his work cut out to save severaljhard shots. One of the best things was seen when Mercer put in a shot that Evans just punched away, and Ireland, in spite of their pressure, had not scored when -Is were changed. Then came the delay by the storm, and when the game was renewed it was nearly five o'clock. Against the wind Ireland were hard pressed at first; but when the teams had settled down again the game of the .home players was much more successful. The wing forwards were too quick for the Welsh halves, and after many attacks Goodall got a beautiful shot past Evans. Wales werefnearly equalising once or twice, but in the closing moments of the match Ireland scored again, and won the game as above stated by two goals to nil. THE LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP. Sheffield Wednesday and Sunderland, holding the first and second places in the League Cham- pionship, both won their matches on Saturday, the former beating Stoke and the latter West Brom- wich Albion. As Sunderland have played three matches less than their most dangerous rivals, their chances of the championship look very bright. Bolton Wanderers are in great form at present, and they scored another victory by defeating Bury by one goal to none. Middles- brough beat Notts Forest by two goals to none, and they are now safe to avoid relegation to the second division. Derby County were not at full strength, Bloomer, A. Goodall, and Morris being away, but they made a good fight against Everton and were only beaten by one goal to none, after an exciting match. The results of the matches were: Wolverhampton Wanderers beat Grimsby Town, at Wolverhampton, by three goals to none; Newcastle United beat Aston Villa, at Newcastle, by two goals to one; Middlesbrough beat Notts Forest, at Middlesbrough, by two goals to none; Sheffield United beat Liverpool, at Liver- pool, I by four to two; Notts County beat Black- burn Rovers, at Nottingham, by four goals to none Sunderland beat West Bromwich Albion, at West Bromwich, by three goals to none; Bolton Wanderers beat Bury, at Bolton, by one goal to none; Everton beat Derby County, at Derby, by one goal to none; Sheffield Wednesday beat Stoke, at Sheffield, by one goal to none. THE SOUTHERN LEAGUE. The most important match in the Southern League last Saturday was that between Tottenham Hotspur and Reading. Reading were beaten by two goals to none; and, as, no)v four points behind Southampton, who beat Watford by three goals to one, there seems but little hope of their heading the list at the end of the season. The results of the matches were Tottenham Hotspur beat Reading, at Tottenham, by two goals to none; Bristol Rovers beat Millwall, at BrIstol, by one goal to none; Southampton beat Watford, at Watford, by three goals to one; Queen s Park Rangers beat Brentford, at Brentford, by two. foals to none, Portsmouth beat Kettering, at 'ortsmouth, by four goals to two; Northampton beat Wellingborough, at Northampton, by one goal to none; West Ham United beat Luton, at Canning Town, by four goals to one. The match between New Brompton and Swindon, at Swin- don, ended in a draw, both sides having scored one goal. OTHER "SOCCER" GAMES. The final tie of the Amateur Cup between Oxford City and Stockton, at Reading, ended in a pointless draw. In the South-Eastern Counties Championship, Middlesex beat Surrey, at Guildford, by two goals to one. For the Arthur Dunn Memorial Cup final Old Salopians and Old Carthusians met on the Crystal Palace ground and played a draw of two goals each on Saturday. It was an interesting and well- contested tussle, though necessitating another meeting for the decision of the holdership of the trophy. RUGGER GAMES. Newport fully maintained their great "rugger" reputation at the Rectory-field, Blackheath, on Saturday, and after a fine display of football beat Blackheath for the second time this season by three goals and two tries to nothing. Unfortunately the wind rose to half a gale, and heavy rain began to fall an hour before the start. These were the con- ditions all through the first half, during which the visitors had to face both wind and rain. If it had not been for this, judging from the course of the game in the second half, during which the weather improved greatly, Newport would have won by a bigger margin. Against the wind and rain the Newport forwards kept the game close, and there were very few passing bouts. One fine movement, however, yielded a score. It was started by Lloyd, who ran clear, and gave Llewellyn a fine opening, of which he made the fullest use. Lloyd failed at goal. Blackheath made some good forward rushes, and were fre- quently dangerous, Whetham and Skrimshire both having drops at goal. On crossing over, however, the issue was never in doubt. Thanks to the fine play of Lloyd at half-back and the excellent com- bination of the whole side, tries were scored by Gould (two), E. Thomas, and Jenkins. Lloyd con- verted three of the four tries. The outstanding feature of the match, apart from the unison with which the Newport backs and forwards worked together, was the play of Lloyd at half-back. In the semi-final round of the Midland Counties Cup Leicester beat Nuneaton by six goals and seven tries to one goal and two tries, and Rugby beat Handsworth by five tries to nil. Among other Rugger results were: Cardiff beat Swansea, Devonport Albion beat Exeter, North- ampton beat Richmond, London Welsh beat Rosslyn Park, Lennox beat Old Merchant Taylors 1; Cheltenham and Gloucester drew. MONDAY'S MATCHES. There was a big crowd to see the game at Liverpool on Monday evening between Sunder- land and the locals in the First Division of the League Championship. The heavy wind was against good football. Sunderland were a goal ahead at the interval, but in the second period Liverpool got level, and the end was a draw at one goal all. Derby County had their full Cup team at Bramall-lane, Sheffield, to play against the United on Monday evening, but there were only a couple of thousand people at the match. The United led by two goals at half-time. Derby played a great game in the second period, but were beaten by three goals to two. On Monday, at Birmingham, Aston Villa led against Notts County by one goal into the second half, and then, owing to a great storm coming on, the referee decided that the match should be abandoned. In the Second Division of the League on Monday Preston North End beat Manchester United by one goal to none at Manchester, Burslem Port Vale beat Burnley by three goals to one at Burslem. Lincoln City beat Bristol City by two goals to none at Bristol. In the semi-final tie for the Lincolnshire Cup at Gainsborough, on Monday, Grimsby beat Gainsborough Trinity by two goals to one. At Tottenham, on Monday, Tottenham Hotspur beat Queen's Park Rangers by three goals to none. TUESDAY'S SOCCER." In the Southern League Competition on Tuesday at Northampton there was a drawn match between Northampton and Queen's Park Rangers, the score being one goal each. Reading on their own ground beat Southampton in the Western League by two goals to one.



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