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THE NETTING OF THE RIVER USK. The following extract appeared in the Field of the 1st inst. SIB,—I take the following from a letter from the Chairman of the Usk Fishery Association, which appeared in the Field on March 29th last Only one net exists in the fresh water, and that is of a description which can only be used in the lowest state of the river when it cannot interfere with anglers. It is only fished for the supply of the public on a few days in the year, &c. and it has been stated that this net does not take out "anglers' fish." Now, what has happened since that statement was made? "An Old Brinker," in the columns of the Field, brings to notice that "thirty-two lovely fish that would have come up next flood and given sport to a large number of fishermen were netted out by the association from the Rock Pool, only a few miles below Abergavenny. Is it claimed that these were not "anglers' fish," and that their uetting did not -1 interfere with anglers ?" Again, I am credibly informed that this net dragged that pool and other pools for ten miles below it, not "on a few days in the year only," but no less than fourteen times from July 9th to the end of August this season, and took out, together with a large number of other salmon, about 250 grilse, clean run from the sea, our future salmon that might have been, and this, too, on a river with its ill-fated record of so many bad seasons—and these too, I suppose, were not considered anglers' fish," I need say no more, and now that the necessity for the abolition of this serious evil has been accepted and endorsed by the Royal Commission, we may reasonably hope that ere long its recommendations will be enforced; but I cannot conclude without offering my best thanks to you, sir. for the invaluable assistance afforded in the ventilation of a subject which is of so much interest and importance to anglers, and which has been very gratefully accepted and appreciated. October 25th. M. P.S.—It is believed that the Chairman of the Association (who is, by the way, also chairman of the Board of Conservators) is about to issue his report on this netting, and it is to be hoped that that report will be published at an early date, that those who are interested in the welfare of the river Usk may have an opportunity of replying to it, in order that it may be seen that this agitation- has been necessary and justifiable.


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