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ABERGAVENNY. AOentg;-Messrs Davies.0 Co, Booksellers. DIED IR* THE ASYLUM.—MR J. B. Walford, coroner, held an inquest at the Asylum on Tuesday touching the death of Samuel Henry Goodwin, 56, formerly a farm bailiff. The deceased was found ,dead at 6 a.m. on the 26th. He had been attended by the medical officer since the 25th July. Death was attributed to heart failure, and a verdict to that .effect was returned. HENRY Vnf. SCHOOL ATHLETIC SPORTS. These sports, which had been postponed on account of the weather, came off on the Town Crioket Field in fine weather on Monday, and before a smaller company than usual, probably in •consequence of the short notice given. The offio,"rs ,-and committee, who are to be congratulated on the .■success of the meeting, were as follow President: T. Headland tiltton, J:1..isq. Judges: Messrs J. R. Jacob, J. G. Bishop, R. W. Powell, A. A. Hilton, T. A. Rogers, and Z. Wheatley. Starter: Mr L. J. Morgan, Committee Messrs A. Deverall, T. Palfriy, R. Palfrey, C. Webb, H. Edwards, and T. H. Williams. The following were the results:- Throwing the cricket ball: 1, R. Palfrey, 66 wards; 2, E. Straker. Ditto, boys under 13: 1, F. Morgan, 50 yard, s 2, C. Bowcott. 220 yards flat: 1, 1. Price, 18 yards: 2, E. straker, 10 yards 3, H. Eiwards, 9 yards. High jump: 1, T. Palfrey, 4ft 7in; 2, R. Palfrey. Ditto, boys under 13: D. Jenkins, 3ft 9in; 2, W. ,Gwatkin. 100 yards flat: 1, I. Price, 9 yards; 2, R. "Edwards, 11 vards; 3. E. Straker, 5 yards. Ditto, under 13: 1, O. Bowcott, 4 yards; 2, F. Morgan, l yards: 3, D. Jenkins, If yards. 440 yards flat: 1, T. Evans, 34 yards; 2, R. Newman, 20 yards; 3, H. Griffiths, 60 yards. Ditto, under 1, C. Bowcott, 18 yards; 2, W. Gwatkin, scratch 3, F. Morgan, 7 yards. Mile flat: 1, 1. Price, 75 yards; 2, T. Evans, 70 jyards; 3, W. Gwatkin, loo. Tug of war T. Palfrey's team beat J. Davies's steam in the final. Slow bicycle race 1, O. Stanley 2, A. Shackle- ion. Wheelbarrow race: 1, C. Ellis and R Palfrey 2, W. Gwatkin and T. Palfrey. Long jump: 1, H. Edwards, 15ft 2in; 2, T. ralfrey. Consolation Race 1; S. Pain; 2, Davies, —————





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