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The King on Peace.I

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-i Indian Coronation Contingent.

Commander of the Circe.




Riiridecanal Conference.

1,GWEHELOG. -_.-


iv—-— NEWPORT.











I CHEPSTOW. I PETTY SESSIONS, TUESDAY. I Before C. W. WHALLEY, Esq., and J. T. I HORNIBLOW, Ejq. DRUNK.—Joseph Wyatt, an old man admitted being drunk at the Queen's Head Hotel, Chepstow, on May 20th, but said a young soldier from the front bad treated him.—Fined Is, and coats 5s. LICENSING OFFENCE. Edith M. Phillips, temporary landlady of the Queen's Head Hotel, Chepstow, was charged with permitting drunken. ness on May 20th.-P.S. Groves said he was called to the houre by defendant and found six men there under the influence of drink. When he entered the back bar parlour he found two men standing up quarrelling, and he induced them to leave. Wyatt, who was convicted of drunkenness, was sitting in a chair, and he offered the Sergeant a drink. In doing so he fell to the ground, although a young man tried to hold him up. He drew defendant's attention to the man's condition, and also referred to a man sitting on the table, who was under the influence of drink. There were also two men lying on the sofa, who were described as lodgers. The only drinking utensil on the table was a quart, although there were evidences of beer having been spilt. Witness added that he had been called to the house four times in a fortnight. —Defendant was called, and declared that Wyatt came in and called for a pint, which she refused to serve him with, saying he had had sufficient. He said he was going to wait for his son, and sat down in a chair. She was busy that evening, and shortly after six men came in and called for a quart. Afterwards they started wrangling. Wyatt joined in the squabble, and she was obliged to fetch the police-sergeant.—Mr H. W. Berthon, who appeared for defendant, said there was no evidence of Wyatt having been served with drink, and if defendant was guilty it was only of the technical offence of allowing Wyatt to wait in the house for his soii.-The Magistrates fined defendant 5s and costs, the license not to be endorsed. WITHOUT LIGHTs.-Henry Rees was summoned for causing a timber wagou to be driven without proper lights, at Chepstow, on May 20th.—Fined 2s 6d and 511 costs. RIDING WITHOUT REiNs.-William Cross was fined 6d and 7s costs, for riding without reins at Newchurch, on May 26th. STEALING A BRUSH HAND rE.-Cliarles Pearce, a youth of 15, living at Sudbrook, was charged with stealing a brmh handle, the property of the Monmouthshire County Council, which was left with other tools in a field on the Leachpool-road, on May 20th. According to the evidence, the brush handle was thrown over into the road by one of a number of boys, and was picked up by defendant, who took it home. He w IS ordered to pay the cesta which amounted to 18s.


I Parliamentary.

I Sale of Langstone Court…