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I Depletion of the Usk.


I Depletion of the Usk. I CONFERENCE AT NEWPORT. A conference of the local authorities having jurisdiction over the River Usk was held on Tuesday at the Monmouthshire County Council Offices, Newport, when Lord Glanusk presided. An agitation has for the past few months been in progress to pI event the depletion of the Usk, so well known as a saimon and general fishery river, of its water, to the detriment of fishing aud its general appearance. Much of the water has for years past been diverted iuto the Aber- gavenny and Brecon Canal, owned by the Great Western Railway Company, and of late allega- tions of undue waste and other things have been made against that Company. When the views of the engineer to the rail- way Company were expressed, the members deliberated and decided upon the adjournment of the conference, so that the large staff of surveyors now employed in examining the course of the river, its tributaries and diversions, might make a report. The next meeting will probably be held at an early date, and the general feeling of the meeting was that the Great Western Railway Company would effect a great improvement. One of the plans suggested is that less water should be diverted in the upper reaches of the river, and that more should be taken in the lower reaches, in the vicinity of the industrial enterprises supplied from the river. Those present were Lord Glanusk, Captain F. Travers, aud Mr H. Hotchkiss (representing th Breconshire County Council), Mr A. D. Berrington, and Mr S. H. Cowper Colea (Usk Board of Conservators), Lord Tredegar. and Alderman E. Grove (Monmouthshire County Council), and Mr J. Inglis and Mr Sauuders (Great Western Railway Company).

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