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CORONATION CELEBRATION COMMITTEE. The eighth meeting of the Usk Committee for organising the local festivities at the King's Coronation was held at the Town Hall, Usk. on Tuesday evening, when there were present:- Mr H. A. Addis, J.P. (chairman), Revs. P. L. C. Nash, H. B. Robinson, G. M. Williams, Mrs Bowen, Messrs. E. W. Waters. G. Edmunds, C. J. Francis, W. Workman, J. Billingham, R. Morgan, G. Mundy, J. Haggett, T. J. Smith, T. Rees, jr., H. Ault, A. W. Trotman, A. G. Graham, R. A. Rogers, E. Williams, and A. F. Lucas (hon. sec.) The Chairman, as Treasurer, stated that he had received £ 90 16s Id. Correspondence with Mr Joseph Lawrence, M.P., was read, from which it appeared that the hon. member had decided to present the children with medals, the same as at Monmouth. On the proposition of the Chairman, it was decided to accept the kind offer, and to tender Mr Lawrence the best thanks of the Committee for his handsome contribution. The majority of the members of the Committee nominated ladies to preside at the tea tables, and it was decided to ask each to provide a tea pot, milk jugs, a sugar basin, and three large plates. Various sub-committees were then formed s follows:- The stib-committee appointed to deal with the tenders for provisions, &c., recommended the following orders being given:- Bread. Mr Cozens, 30 loaves; Mr Hobbe, 20 Mr Price, 20; and Mr Jones, 20; cake, loOlbs each, Messrs Hobbs, Herbert, Stibbs, and Cozens. Tea, Mr Hobbs, 81bs: Mr Jones, 31b; Mr Cozens, 'Gibs Mrs Roberts, 3Ibs sugar, Mr Jones, 501bs, and Mr Hobbs Mlbs butter. Mrs Roberts, Mr Hobbs, and Mr Herbert, 201bs each two cases of oranges and 200 coooanuts, Mr Doubleday 40lbs nuts, Mr Rowen; sweets, in 2oz packets, Messrs. Noblett, Liverpool; milk, Mr Morgan, 15 gals., and Mr Hobbs, 10 gals. The report was adopted. The dinner and tea tickets were distributed amongst the collectors for the various distticts, the dinner tickets being allocated to the houses catering.


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