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Here's a Health unto His Majesty." £ £ 19 ALL LOYAL SUBJECTS §ALt. LOYAL SUBJECTS JmMik will drink this Toast in a Bumper of ■ 0 *lwGS ALE Ilk BUCHAN'S RHYMNEY l|||r W T BUCHAN'S RHYMNEY l|||r I KI '5 ALE. II III A Pure Ale Brewed only from the Finest English Malt and Hops. 19 ||| ANALYST'S REPORT. | 1 111 THE LABORATORY, DOCK STREET, NEWPORT, MON., § III March 11th, 1902. § II MESSRS. A. BUCHAN & Co., § fl| Dear Sirs-I hereby certify that I have analysed a sample of your BUCI-IAN's RHYMNEY KING's ALE," 8 1 and beg to report to you as under:- II It is a very delicate Pale Ale of sound constitution and good body, possessing a clear bright colour, and 11 of excellent aroma. The results of my analysis are such that I am in a position to speak most highly of its || purity and general wholesomeness; I am of opinion that it is a pure product of Malt and Hops. I a It is free from acidity, and being clean and containing a good proportion of alcohol, its keeping 8 | properties are undoubtedly good. II In flavour, appearance and general quality it will, in my opinion, bear favourable comparison with all 11 first-class Pale Ales. 11 II I am, dear Sirs, yours faithfully, i 11 ||] (Signfid) GEORGE R. THOMPSON, F.I.C., F.C.S., llf III Public Analyst for the County of Monmouth. 11 § SUPPLIED IN CASK OR BOTTLE. TERMS ON APPLICATION TO THE BREWERY. 41 .11 "Here's a Health unto His Majesty." HYARCHER |G0« Wilis 1 »Jjj I tac-simun of One-Ouricc Packet. ÁGberr6 Golden Returns The Perfection of Pipe Tobacco. COOL, SWEET, AND FKAGRAXT.


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Mr. Lynch, M.P. (?)