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PONTYPOOL. POLICE COURT, FRIDAY. Before E. PROSSEE, Esq. REFRACTORY TItAMPS.-WilliaM Proctor, 34, and William Jackson, 30, tramps, were charged with refractory conduct at the Workhouse.—Mr T. Watkins, clerk to the Pontypool Board of Guardians, prosecuted, and said that the two men were admitted into the casual wards on Wednesday night. On Thursday morninor Jackson refused to do his task, stating that the vision of one of his eyes was defective. Proctor tore up his clothing, and had to be provided with new at the expense of the Guardians. The Guardians were determined to take these prosecutions, as the average number of tramps had increased 50 per cent. lately. Evidence having been given by the labour master, the prisoners were each sentenced to seven days' hard labour. POLICE COURT, SATURDAY. Before A. A. WILLIAMS, Esq. (in the chair), W. L. PRATT, Esq W. P. JAMES, Esq., and W, B. WITCHELL, Esq. OBJECTED TO BLACK MEN.—William Jones and Maria Jones, of Poutypool, were summoned for assaulting Thomas Smith, a coloured man, at Pontypool, on May 21st, and Mrs Jones charged Smith with assaulting her.—Thomas Smith, a Jamaican, but resident in England 18 years, said defendants had several times annoyed him. William Jones, on one occasion said to him, You are doing very well in this country?" He asked him why he said that. Defendant replied, "I see you have got a watch and chain. We ought not to allow you blacks to be in this country." On another occasion defendant hit him with a poker, and at another time the two defendants and their 6011 assaulted him. The man hit him on the jaw.- Thomas Polcher, another black, corroborated as to defendant striking Smith with a poker in the Bull Iun on Wbit Tuesday. -William Jones(defendant) went into the box and blamed Smith for all that had occurred.—Henry Macdonald, tinwoiker, and Arthur Walker, hawker, also said that Smith was to blame.—Maria Jones then gave evidence in support of the cross-summons. She said that Smith struck her and nearly knocked her into the fire.-In the result Jones was fined 5s, and the cases against Maria Jones and Smith were dismissed. MARITAL INFELICITY.- William Radford, of Garndiffaith, was charged with persistent cruelty to Harriet Radford, his wife, and also with assault- ing her at Garndiffaith, on May 22nd.— An effort, was made to settle the matter amicably, but it failed. Complainant stated that she had been married just over twelve months, and had one child. On one occasion defendant threw her on the fire. and on another prohibited her from entering the house. On May 22nd her husband struck her several times and abused her.-Crogs- examined She received from her husband and four brothers lodging with her about £ 4 10s per week, but she still said that defendant, had neglected to reasonably maintain her.—Defendant denied striking his wife.—The Bench said the case was a trivial one, and on the husband promising to give up the drink if his wife wont hack, the case was adjourned for a week to allow the parties to settle it. A BRUTAL ASSALILT.-William Thomas, collier, Caerphilly, was summoned for assaulting Joseph Rogers, at Pontnewydd, on March 17th.—Mr W. J. Everett prosecuted; defendant did not appear.—Prosecutor, who lives at 12, Grange- road, Pontypool, said that on March 17th, he went into the Cwmbran Gardens Hotel. Shortly afterwards Thomas went in and spoke to him. Later Thomas struck him on the jaw three times, breaking it. He had been in Newport Infirmary for nine weeks, and he was still in the doctor's handp.-Thomas Fry, labourer, of Pontnewydd, slated that he saw Thomas strike Rogers, on the jaw and back.—Mr Trehearne, of the Cwmbran Gardens Hotel, corroborated.—A fine of JE5 was imposed, 40, of which was o go to the prosecutor. In default of payment, Thomas will go to prison for a month; EMBBZZLBMENT.—Philip John Dendy. a Cardiff labourer, was brought up on remand, charged with embezzling the sum of 11 Os 8d, the property of Messrs R. T. Smith and Co., carriers to the Great Western Railway Company, at Pontypool, on Saturday, the 24th Mav.—Mr Reuben John Meadows, manager to the firm named, repeated the evidence given on the first occasion, to the effect that prisoner was engaged upon producing four years' good character from the Tyneside Engineer- ing Company, Cardiff, and commenced work on the following day (Saturday). He received the amount embezzled from Mrs Ellen Minor, whose husband keeps a grocery business in Trosnant- street, Pontyoool, for which he gave a receipt.— P C. Walter Jones, Pontnewydd, received prisoner into custody at the Central Police-station, Cardiff, on Tuesday.—Prisoner said there was no one in the goods yard to give the money to, and a fellow- carman advised him to take what money he required to pay his own wage. Prisoner had been given a lot of drink by several publicans in the town upon delivering beer to them. He went to Cardiff, and because the matter preyed upoij his mind he surrendered to the police. It was the first time he had been in trouble.—The Magistrates' Clerk informed the Bench that the Chief Constable of Cardiff had five convictions against the prisoner, one being for embezzlement in 1897.-Prisoner i said he did not remember thie.—He was sentenced to one month, with hard labour. OB TRUCTING.-John McCarthy, tailor, Ponty- pool, was summoned for obstructing the footpath in Commercial-street, Pontypool, on the 22nd May.—Evidence was given that defendant and several other young men obstructed the footpath by standing thereon. It appeared that the defendant refused to leave when asked to, and told the constable to mind his own business.—Fined 10s, the Chairman saying that this practice must be put a stop to. REFUSING TO QUIT.-WilliaM Watkins was summoned for being drunk and refusing to quit the Castle Hotel.—Mr D. Reid stated that the defendant was drunk and quarrelling with the customers. He refused to leave, aud witness had to -end for the police.—Fined 20s. MAINTENANCE.—John Thomas Griffiths, res- taurant keeper, Ross, was summoned by Mary Ann Smith, widow, George-street, Pontypool, to show cause, e*,C.-Mr W. J. Everett, solicitor, Pontypool, prosecuted.—Defendant did not appear.—An order for 43 per week and 40s costs was made. NEGLECTING TO SPKAG.—Thomas Matthews, collier, was summoned for neglecting to sprag his working place at Blaeuserchan Colliery, on May 9th, and was fined 20s. THEFT.-For stealing coal, Mary Bryant, a widow, was bound over to come up for judgment when called upon. ASSAULT.—Mary Ann Evans wag Isummoned for assaulting Elizabeth Harvey, at Abersychan, on May 22nd.—There was a cross-summons.—A fine of 10s in each case was imposed.




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