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I PONTYPOOL. Agents — Ifr. J. Harding, Market Bookstall, Mr Fiddliouse J The Market, and Men*»• Jones and Edwards. I SEVERE THUNDERSTORM.—On Sunday afternoon a severe thunderstorm broke over Pontypool and district, and for about 20 minutes rain descended with great violence. Several houses in the town were flooded. COLLIERY Accir)ENT.-A collier named William Birrell, a married man, of Plasycoed, Pantnewynydd, met with a serious accident at the Tirpentwys Col- liery, through a fall of stone. His thigh was crushed, and his head was seriously injured. He was immediately attended to by Dr Mulligan. ACCIDENT.-William Batt, 34, a mason, living at Old Japan, Pontypool, met with a serious accident on Thursday in last week. He was engaged on some new houses near the Viaduct, Pontymoile, and was working upon one end of a scaffold, 17 feet from the ground, when he fell. He was badly cut about the head, and one leg was severely bruised, but 110 bones were broken. He suffered severely from shock. TREVETHIN SCHOOL BOARD.-AIaerman J. Daniel (chairman) presided over the monthly meeting of Trevethin School Board on Tuesday, and, on the motion of Mr B. Nicholas, it was agreed not to send an address to the King on the occasion of his Coronation, on the ground that the King would never see it if it were seut. Miss Dobell, principal of the Girls College, Pontypool, reported that 26 pupil-teachers sat at the recent examination held in connection with the Oxford extension lectures, all of whom had passed, Miss Prothero. teacher of this Board, taking the prize,for distinction.—The Board decided to support the manifesto of the Federation of School Boards (Wales and Monmouthshire) with with regard to the Education Bill. "BADTRADE AND ILLNESS."—At Newport Bank. ruptey Court, on Thursday, before the Registrar, Mr L. H. Hornby, the adjourned examination of Elizabeth Pocock, who had traded separately from her husband as Pocock and Co., furniture dealers, Osborne Road, Pontypool, took place. There was a deficiency of L219 13s Id on total liabilities amount- ing to JE336 2s. — Mr T. Baker Jones appeared for debtor, who has only recently recovered from illness, and was accommodated with a seat at the solicitors' table. Her failure was attributed to bad trade in 1898 and 1899 (following coal strike) and to the illness of her husband for three months. The busi- ness was carried on by her husband prior to her trading as Pocock and Co.—The examination was closed. SAD SUDDEN DEATH.—Mr M. R. Jones held an inquest at the Town Hall, Pontypool, on Monday afternoon, on Catherine Willoughby, E9, widow of Frank Willoughby, nailmaker, 20, Mill Road, Pontypool. It appears that the deceased was on Sunday afternoon going to visit her son at Ponty- moile, when she was taken ill. She was conveyed to her son's house in a fainting condition. A doctor was at once sent for, but she died before his arrival.—John Willoughby, School House, Ponty- moile, son of the deceased, said that his mother bad suffered from shortness of breath for some years.— P.S. Bladon said that on the 24th May the deceased had had a similar a'tack and had to be carried into the Hanbury Hotel, where she was inven some brandy and recovered.—Dr Mason having stated that he considered death to be due to fatty degeneration of the heart, a verdict of "Deathfrom natural causes was returned. DEATH OF MRS. J. E. DUNN. A very painful sensatiou was caused in the district on Saturday, when it became known that Mrs. J. E. Dunn, wife of the Rev. J. E. Dunn, Vicar of St. Hilda's Griffithstown, had died, at the early age of 33. Mrs. Dunn. who was the daughter of the Rev A. Wilkins, Newport, first became connected with the pariah upon her marriage some twelve months ago, but since then her geniality and the devotion with which she fulfilled parochial duties, as well as her compassion for the poorer classes and the help which she afforded them, had very much endeared her to the people, and her early death is greatly deplored. She was first taken ill on Monday, and despite the efforts of a specialist from London and the devotion of all by whom she was surrounded, she succumbed on Saturday. The greatest sympathy is felt for the bereaved husband. At the morning and evening Pervices at St Hilda's Church the Rev J. R. Phillips, Holy Trinity, Abergavenny, who officiated, made touching references to the death of Mrs. Dann. At the Sebastopol Sunday-school in the afternoon, Supt. Roberts referred to the valuable work which Mrs. Dunn tad earned out as a Teacher of the Sunday-school and Principal of the Young Women's Friendly Society. A vote of condolence with Mr Dunn was then moved by Mrs Roberts, seconded by Mr Rogers, and carried in silence.


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