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Locomotives in Monmouthshire.

IA Satisfactory Ending.





URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. 1 The monthly meeting was held at the Town Hall, Usk, on Thursday evening, when there were present:—Messrs. H. A. Addis, J.P. (chairman), J. Hennessey, F. Jennings, T. J. Smith, Reubea Morgan, J. Haggett, W. Workman, E. W. Waters, H. Ault, A. F. Lucas (clerk), and T. Rges, jr. (surveyor, &c.) J SURVEYOR'S REPORT. The Surveyor reported that the bar of the weighing machine in the Cattle Market was broken in two at the Trinity Monday Fair.- Messrs. Coggan and Son required Id per cubic yard more for limestone this year than la-t year. Last year's price was 3s 3d, delivered in the Prison. He had had wire placed along the railings of the Town Hall steps, as requested at the last meeting.—He required a supply of weed killer for use in the Cattle Market and on the streets. It was stated that the weighbridge was broken by a man turning an animal into the weighing pen. 0 ° The Surveyor, was instructed to get an estimate of the cost of the repair of the bar, the question of the liability of the man using the pen to be considered at the next meeting. It was decided to pay Messrs. Coggan the extra penny per yard for stone. The Surveyor was instructed to obtain a drum of weed-killer-in the town if possible. THE RATE REDUCED. The Finance Committee, who considered the year's estimates at a special meeting on the 27th ult., recommended that a rate of Is lOd in the £ be levied for the ensuing year-a reduction. of 2d. The Chairman, in moving the adoption of the report, said he thought it was a very satisfactory one. (Hear, hear.) The Committee had gone carefully into the figures, allowed an ample margin of receipts over expenditure, and calculated that, unles3 something unforeseen and uiitisual- happened, at the end of the year they would have rather more in hand than they had at the end of last year. The motion, which included instructions to the Collector and Clerk to carry out the necessary preliminaries to the signing of the rate at the next meeting, was seconded by Mr Jennings, and agreed to. The rate includes Jd in the £ for technical instruction. I CURRENT FINANCE. The following bill?, &c., were ordered to h»» pa,d = Coltector l,»lf.Tear's ,„l„" £ |0 Purveyor, ditto, £3 158; ditto, incidentals, 58 9d; 0 Jenkins, poor rates on Town Hall. sewage field and Cattle Market, £ 1 lfis IOd; L. R. Lucas repairs at the market, 7s Governor, H.M. Prison* 20 yards of gravel, j64 G Mundy, one year's rent of tipping ground, ;Cl Surveyor, on account of manual and team labour, X12 15s. The following payments to Treasurer were reported:—Collector on accouut of tolls &c. £ 3 lis 2d. £ 2 5s 3d, £ 6 17s 6d, aud £ 2 10s Id"; • T. Russell, lure of Twyu, 2s 6d; J. Studt, ditto, A u from Twyn-square* £ 4 15s 6d; Walford Family, hire of Hull, £ 1 Is. OVERLOADING OF VEHICLES. A communication was read from the Clerk to the Monmouthshire County Council relative to the overloading of vehicles, and the advisability of enforcing registration. J The Chairman said he thought this was a matter the Council ought to attend to, as they frequently saw cases of overloading, which involved cruelty to animals, passing through the town. As it was a niatter which required some consideration, he moved that it be referred to the Street Committee. Other members concurred with the Chairman's remarks, and his suggestion was adopted with a view to the framing of a bye-law to put a stop to the practice. PERMISSION GIVEN WITH: THANKS. The Chairmau, on behalf of the Coronation Celebration Committee, asked that permission be given to the Gas Compauy to fix a star on the Town Hall. Formal permission was -accorded-with thanks. one in am bar added. The Gas Company are carrying out the illumination free of cost. THE RAILWAY STATION APPROACH. The Chairman brought up the suggestion which had been made by Mr Green that the Great Western Railway Company should be asked to build steps at the railway station approach in order to cut off a bend in the road. Some discussion followed, Messrs. Smith, Ault. Waters and others, pointing out that the present approach was awkward and dangerous, a couple of accidents having occurred there, and ultimately The Chairman proposed, Mr Waters seconded, and it was unanimously resolved that the Clerk be instructed to write to the Secretary of the Great- Western Railway Company, pointing out that the sharp bend at the bottom of the steep road was a danger to passengers, and asking for the favour of an interview with the Company's engineer with a view to its being remedied, or steps being erected for the use of foot passengers nearer the town. LEGAL LIGHT. The Clerk reported that the Auditor at the last audit wishing to refer to a legal point had the use of the Council's legal text book, which he found so old us not to contain the information he required, and he (the auditor) suggested that another should be obtained. It was resolved that the latest work on the subject be obtained, and a cheque for £2 19s 5d was drawn for its purchase, the Chairman observing that it might save the Council a lawyer's fee, aud would certainly be found very useful.

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