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CORONATION CELEBRATION COMMITTEE. The seventh meeting of the Usk Committee for organising the local festivities at the King's Coronation was held at the Town Hall, Usk. on Tuesday evening, when there were present:- Mr H. A. Addis, J.P. (chairman), Revs. P. L. C. Nash, H. B. Robinson, J. G. Williams, 1. Heneka, Deaconess Eleanor, Mrs Bowen, Messrs. C. J. Fraucis, A. J. Green, W. Workman, J. Billingham, R. Morgan, G. Mundy, J. Haggett, T. J. Smith, T. Rees, jr., H. Ault, A. W. Trotman. and A. F. Lucas (hon. sec.) The Usk Water Works Company (Limited), have been thanked for giving the Committee permission to tap their water supply for free use on the Island on Coronation Day, Mr Joseph Lawrence, M.P., having been written to for a subscription, a promise to comply and a request for a list of subsciibers had been received from his Secretary. Mr Lucas reported that he had sent the list. Colonel the Hon. F. C. Morgan, M.P., wrote regretting that he could not comply with the request as be had no property in or near Usk, and it was quite as much as he could do to help the parishes immediately around him. The Chairman, as hon treasurer, reported that he had up to date received X86 13s lOd. The probable number of children who would be entertained at tea was the question next gone into, and it was thought that there would be about 650. At the Diamond Jubilee celebration, besides those given tea there were about 300 who paid for it, and 1,200 were provided for altogether. As to dinners, 200 was the number estimated to be provided for. Mrs Mayberry had offered to provide for 30, and Mr Russell for 50. Now it was stated that fifty would go to "The Castle," and Mr Green, "Three Salmon's," would take any number from 80 to 150. It was decided to order 900 free tea tickets, 300 visitors' tea tickets at 6d each, and dinner tickets according to the numbers mentioned for three of the houses, and 120 for the Three Salmon'?, so as to have enough. The dinner will be at noon, the children's free tea at four o'clock, and the visitors at five o'clock. The mugs will be distributed on the Island at 6 p.m., a march past" to be organized for the purpoee, and the tickets to be then given up. The Chairman said Miss Nixon, mistress of the Usk Girls' School, had kindly offered to get up a, Maypole dance, and he had accepted the offer on behalf of the Committee.—This action was con- firmed and 10a allowed him for expenses- ribbon, &c. Messrs John Haggett, G. Edmunds, R. A. Rogers, J. Billingham, and T. Rees. jr., were appointed a Sports Committee, with power to add to their number, and with a grant of £ 5. Messrs. T. J. Smith, H. Ault, 1. Heneka, S. A. Hiley, J. G. Williams, and A. J. Green were similarly constituted to see to the erection of the 20 tea tables, &c., Mrs Bowen to assist advigorily. Each member of the Committee was requested to nominate at the next meeting a lady to preside at the tea tables, each of whom would provide two assistants. Tenders for groceries, &c., were then opened from Mrs Roberts, Messrs. Hobbs, Herbert, Rowen, Price, and Stibbs, in addition to Messrs. Jones, Cozens, and Doubleday, who sent in tenders the previous week. On the proposition of the Rev. H. B. Robinson, seconded by Mr Francis, it was resolved that the tenders be dealt with by the Chairman, Mrs Bowen, Messrs. Haggett, Smith, and Rees, after the Hon Secretary had prepared a draft order, based, as to the quantities, on the amounts required on the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee Celebration* The meeting then adjourned for a week.


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