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MONMOUTH. I PETTY SESSIONS, FRIDAY. COMMITTED TO THE ASSISES.—Fdward Davies (19), labourer, was committed to the next assizes fo; assaulting Mary Ann R)berts, wife of George Roberts, Old House, Penalt, on October ISth. BOROUGH POLICE, MONDAY. BEGGING.-J obn White, 48, a stranger, was sent to gaol for two months for begging at Grosmont on October 25th.-T>risouer went to the house of Mrs. Evaus about eight p.m., and asked for bread and cheese. On being refused and ordered to go away, he said lie muss have what he asked for. When a lodger named James ran to her assistance he saw the knite prod iced in prisoner's right hand. PETTY SESSIONS, THURSDAY. I Before the MAYOR (Mr Hamilton T. Baillie) [and Messrs KENSINGTON HALL and H. BAILEY. LICENSING OFFENCKS.— > hom-is Morgan, licensee of the Founders Arms, Red brook, was charged with selling beer dming prohibited hours on Sunday, October i3t'— Edgar I-Iow,, li, a baker, and W. Pearce, oilman, of Monmouth, were charged with being on licensed premies during illegal hours on this date.-M r Horace Lvne, of Newpovt, prose- cuted on behalf of the polici.-Both men pleaded guilty, but the landlady s til they cane there for tea and the table was laid —P.S. Pearce Jones, however, stated that he visited the house in com- pany with Inspector Griffin, of Cotet'ord, and P.C, 31iles at five o'clock, and found a qmrt jti,, aud two glaisses, which had contained beer, in iront of the men, but no signs of tea.—The men were each fined 5a and costs, and the landlady 10s and costs, the license not to be endorsed. I AFTER CLOSING Timg.Ilary Smedlev, licensee of the Viue Tree Inn, Monmouth, was charged with soiling intoxicating liquor at 10.45 on Sunday, October 13th.— Alfred Collins, insurance ageut, was summoned for being on the premises after closing time.—Mr Horace Lyne prosecuted on behalf of thepolion, and Mr Jeffrey Mawer (Bristol) defended.-P.C. Roberts deposed th<t he watched the premises through a back-kitchen window which was lighted up. He saw the two defendants kiss- ing each other. Afterwards the landlady asked Collins if he would have a drink. The latter said he didn't mind and intimated t preference for a drop of Scotch. The whiskey was brought to him and he drunk out of the glass and afterwards paid for it. The policeman then knocked at the door. Immediately the light went out. He shouted through the keyhole and the door was opened by the laud. lady. Collins had disappeared. lir- Smedley moved towards the table in the back kitchen and drank from the glass of whiskey —Witness asked her to produce Collins. She denied at first he was in the house, but afterwards went to the bottom of the stairs and called out to A I f." to come down. Collins, however, did not accede to the request and th" policeman and the landlady went upstairs. Witness tried the door of the room in which he thought Collins was concealed. Finding it im- possible to open the do!)r he went downstairs and ran over to tell Collins wife he WJiS there. When he returned to the public-house, Mrs Smedley said that Collins had gone. At his second appearance at the public-house, Serjeants Tucker and Jones were also at the door-Oross-examined by Mr Mawer, witness said the blind was not properly down, so he could see into the kitchen. Mrs Smedley did not tell him that Collins had left the house before closin;r time. He did not tell her he had heard them "slobbering and kissing." but he had seAn them. The Bench disms-el the case of selling liquor, but fined Collins 10s and costs, being of the opinion that he was on the premises.



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