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A Mr Book of the People and the Life of the World's Greatest Capital. In FortniChtly Parts. price 7d. net. Living London: Its Work and its Play, its Humour and its Pathos, its Sights and its Scenes. Edited by GEORGE R. SIMS. Profusely Illustrated from Photographs expressly taken for this Work, and Drawings by leading Artists. With Part 1 Is given a large Rembrandt Photogravure (size 17in. by 14in.).entitled "A HALT IN PICCA- DILLY." from a Picture specially executed by GORDON BROWNE, R.I., R.B.A. The purpose of LIVING LONDON" is to present to the Eng- lish-speaking public a complete and comprehensive survey of the myriad human atoms which make up this ever-changing kaleidoscope, the mightiest Capital the world has ever seen— London ill the reign ot King Edward the Seventh. CASSELL & COMPANY, LIMITED; and all Booksellers. THE FINEST ART PUBLICATION OF THE CENTURY. In Forlightly Parts, The price 7d. net. :t 0 Nation's Pictures, A Se!ection from the Finest Modern Paintings in the Public Picture Galleries of Great Britain. Reproduced in Colour. Each Part contains Four Mounted Coloured Plates, with Descriptive Text, printed on separate tissues, several Large Editions of Part 1 have already been called for. CASSELL & COMPANY, LIMTTKD and all Booksellers. An Entirely New Edition, In Monthly Parts, price 6d., OF The Child's Bible. With 100 New Full-page Plates, In Suding 12 in Co'^ur, by W. H. MARGETSON. This Edition has been re-set in clear, handsome type, and will be completed in 12 Monthly Parts. CASSELL & COMPANY, LIMITED; and all Booksellers. In (Vlcmithiy Volumes, price Is. net. Cassell's Standard Library. Beautifully Printed and handsomely Bound in Cloth. LIST OF VOLUMES. Adam Bede. By GEOUGE ELIOT, Westward Ho I By CHARLES K! 1-:CSI.EV. The Old Curiosity Shop. By CHARLES DICKONS. Ivanhoe. By SIR WALTKR SCOTT. The Last Days of Pom- peii. Bv LORD LYTTON. Pride and Prejudice. By JANE AUSTEN. The Last of the Mohi<sS £ x Hy FENIMORE COOPRR. American Humour. Se- lected. Jane Eyre. By CHARLOTTB ii. Handy Audy. By SAMUEL LOVLR. Uncle Tom's Cabin. By HARKIRT BEKCHERSTOWE. The v nie of the House of Dav id. By the Rev. J. H. INGKAHAM. Be sure to see that you get CASSELL8. New Edition, brought up to date, with Many New Illustrations. In Monthly Parts, price 6d. Electricity in the Service of Man. Completely Revised and Re-written BY R. MULLINEUX WALMSLEY. D.Sc. (Lond.), F.R.S.E. With about 1,000 ILLUSTRATIONS. Each Part contains 64 Pages. (To be completed in iS Monthly Parts.) CASSELL & COMPANY, LIMITED and all Booksellers. A Magnificent Large Rembrandt Photogravure of Mr. B. F. GRIBBLE'S Picture, "The Pirate's Prize," which attracted so much attention at this yeaA Royal Academy, will be presented with The Great Christmas Double Number of Cassell's Magazine Ready Nov. 25th, price Is. In addition, this Number will contain Four Rem- brandt Photogravures of Celebrated Pictures the opening chapters of a thrilling Serial Story by William le Queux, entitled "The Unnamed"; Complete Stories by S. Levett Yeats, Tighe Hopkins, Robert Barr, A. T. Quiller-Couch, S. R. Crockett, A. Muriel Hine; and numerous topical and interesting articles. CASSELL & COMPANY, LIMITED and all Booksellers. MIL BARING-GOULD'S GREAT STORY, U NEBO THE NAILER," COMMENCES IN The Quiver For NOVEMBER, price 6d., which begins a NEW VOLUME. The Opening Chapters of an enthralling Love Story by DAVID LYALL, entitled" ANOTHER MAN'S MONEY," will also be found in this Number. NOTICE.—A Magnificent Large Rembrandt Photogravure of the exquisite and touch- ing Picture by WILLIAM SMALL, R.I., entitled "The Good Samaritan," will be given with the Christmas Number of The Quiver pubJishd Nov. 25, t Pnce 15. There will be in addition Two Splendid Rem- brandt Photogravures and two Coloured Plates, and a fine collection of Original Illustra- tions, with contributions hy Baring;=GouId, The Bishop of Derry, Sir Frederick Bridge, Mus D., Frank T. Bullen, The Rev. Alex- ander Harrison, Canon Hay Aitken, Joseph Hocking, David Lyall, The Rev. Mark Guy Pearse, Katharine Tynan, and other well-known writers. V Orders should be given at cnce, as the immense edition of last year's Christmas Issue of THE QUIVER was exhausted a few days after publication. CASSELL & COMPANY, LIMITED and all Booksellers. "The best and cheapest pennyworth of e 8 e popular literature ever prOduced." The Ximes. Weekly, 1cj. Cassell's Saturday journal, Also Monthly, 6d. Cunll'i Saturday Journal" provides Fr«« Za« ■wane* for XI,OOO in case of DEATH, or £ 2SO for DIS« ABLEMENT; &180 Free Cycling Insurance. Weekly, Id. Chums. Th, Bst Boye P&pM Also Monthly, fid. ij CASSELL & COMPANY, LIMITKP and all Bootoamgj G E dp FURNITURE SALE, AT REDUCED PRICES. PE. GANE, House Furnisher, Newport, having purchased at enormous cost the approach to the Drill (late Albert 1 Hail, adjoiniug his premises at 161 and 162, Commercial Street, is now making great Alterations and Enlargements. This step has been rendered necessary by the large and constantly increasing business transacted. Iu order to compensate customers for any slight inconvenience during the progress of n the work, the entire stock will be subjected to Reductions in Price during the mouths of October and November. This will afford a favourable opportunity of the purchase of the ARTISTIC RELIABLE FURNITURE, With which the name of P. E. Gane (late Trapnell and Gane), has ever been associated At Reduced. Prices. The usual cash Prices (marked in plain figures) will remain, the Reduced Prices will be shown on a supplementary coloured label. The Actual Reductions may thus be seen at a glance. P. E. GANE, GREAT ALTERATION AND EXTENSION SALE OF FURNITURE NOW proceeding. 161 & 16, Commercial St. IXTewport, AND AT CARDIFF AND BRISTOL. A.A 1. JOHN H. RENNIE, BY tlI. For many years with Mr. Thomas Parry AGRICULTURAL and GENERAL AUCTIONEER, & VALUER, AND LAND AGENT, &c., G, SKINNER-STREET, NEWPORT. Newport Cattle Market Every Wednesday, and Usk Cattle Market 1st and 3rd Monday in Each Month. W Sale Fixtures. 1901. Nov. 4—Fat and Store Stock, Usk Market. 6—Fat and Store Stock, Newport Market 13-Fat and Store Stock, Newport Market. 18—Fat and Store Stock, Usk Market. Sales by Itgction. By MESSRS. MARFELL & POOLE. Usk. Unreserved Sale of Live Stock. V/I E3SRS MARFELL & POOLE are instructed I by Messrs W. & A. HOBBS to SELL BY AUCTION, in a FIELD NEAR THE GKEYHOUND HOTEL, USK, On MONDAY, NOVEMBER 4th, 1901 (Usk Market Day), the following :— OA HEAD of HEREFORD & CROSS-BRED OU CATTLE, viz.: I fat cow, 12 two-year-old heifers, 8 two-year-old bullocks; 8 yearling steers; 1 fat calf Q1 SHEEP, viz.: 23 cross-bred ewes, 7 lambs, 1 01 rum; 4 CART HORSES, including cart horse, 5 years old, 16 hands 3 inches, good worker; cart mare, aged; two-year-old cart filly, yearling ditto. Sale at 1.30 prompt. gr No other Lots will be included in this Sale. Auctioneers' Offioes-Trostrey Court, Usk. By MESSRS. DRIVER, JONAS & CO. Sale of the North-West Section of the Duke of Beaufort's Monmouthshire Estates MESSRS. DRIVER, JONAS, & Co. are honored with instructions to SELL BY AUCTION, at the TowN HALL, USK, on WEDNESDAY, the 20th day of NOV., 1901, At 10.30 o'clock precisely, in 78 Lots, the following Freehold Farms, Small Holdings, Cottage Occupations, and Detached Holdings, lying between RAGLAN, MONMOUTH, & TINTERN, and comprising In Raglan, Trepare, and Peurhos Parishes, "COED-Y-FELIN," being a useful Sheep Farm, let to Madley: the DUKE'S GORSE," in hand, and detached fields; In LlantiHo-Crossennv, Tregare, and Dingestow Parishes, are "PORTHGWYN," "LITTLE MILL," and "COMMON" FARMS, let respec- tively to Nettleton, Evans, and Hanner also several SMALL HOLDINGS; In Llangoven Parish is the compact and valuable TRFCKSTLE 11 FARM, let to Williams, and MEADOWS near: In Cwmcarvan, Trelleck, and Llanishen Parishes arc "CAE-GARW," a compact Sheep Karm, let to Lewis, and 27 COTTAGE HOLDINGS of from I to 6 Acres; In Mitchel Troy and Penallt Parishes are 30 Thriving SMALL FARMS and COTTAGE HOLDINGS, all let to old Tenants at inadequate I rents, and comprising in all about 1,094: Acres. Printed particulars of the Vendor's Solicitors, Mescrs. WILLIAMS and JAMES, Norfolk House, Thames Embankment, London, W.C.; of S. H. COWPKR (JOWLES. Esq., Estate Offiee, Troy, Mon- mouth and of Messrs. DRIVES, JONAS, and Co., Surveyors, Land Agents, and Auctioneers, 23, Pall Mall, London, S.W. HOWELL'S SCHOOL, LLAIDAFF.-Lord Tredegar on Tuesday distributed prizes and certificates to the students at Howell's School, Llandaff. FIRST in SMOKERS' ESTIMATION. THREE NUNS TOBACCO. Timber and Woods for Sale BY TENDER. WOLVESNEWTON ESTATE. LOT 1.—The Fallage of PEGGY'S WOOD, contain- ing 5a. 2r. 3<»p., in the Parish of KILGWKWG, with 7 Olik Timber Trees, 5 Oak Stores, 1 Cherry, and 1 Birch. On land adjoining-22 Oak, numbered with white paint. LOT 2.—The Fallage of LOWER LITTLE TREDEAN, in the Parish of WOLVESNEWTON. containing 6a. Or. 32p 7 Oak Timber Trees, 1 Ash, and 1 Elm, and I Abh Stores. LOT 3.—On CWRT-Y-GAER and HTLL FARMS, in the Parish of WOLVESNEWTON, 25 O.k Trees, num. bered with white paint. The Vendor does not bind himself to accept the highest or any Tender. For further particulars and Form of Tender apply to W. C. A. WILLIAMS & TWEEDY, Solicitors, Monmouth Tenders to be sent in before the 12th NOVEMBER next. Hunting Appointments. THE LLANGIBBY HOUNDS will meet on Tuesday, November 5th, Greyhound, Llantri8seut. At 10.30 a m. Friday, November 8th The Lodge Wood. At 10.30 a.m. MR. CURRE'S HOUNDS will meet on Monday, November 4th. Hays Gate. At 11 am. Taursday, November 7th Whitebrook. At 11 a.m. THE MONMOUTHSHIRE HOUNDS will meet on Monday, November 4th Llansaiutffread Court. At 11 a.m. Thursday, November 7th Raglan. At 11 a.m. ° APPOINTMENTS, &c., FOR VVKEK Ending November 9th, laOl. Nov. Sat. 2—Pontypool Petty Sessions, It a.m. Football- U sk v. Monmouth Grammar School, at Usk. Sun. 3—22nd Sunday after Trinity. Mon. 4-Usk Cattle Market. Pontypool R.I) C. meeting. Unreserved Sale of Live Stock, by Messrs. Marfell and Poole. (See Advt.) Tues. 5 -Abergavenny Market. Wed. 6—Newport Cattle, Cheese, & Corn Mkts. Abergavenny Petty Sessions. Thurs. 7-Usk Petty Session. Usk Urban District Council meeting. Sat. 9-Pontypool Petty Sessions. Footbitlt-Usk v Newport Extras, at Usk. Lord Mayor's Day. Cyclists, Light Up.! Sa'urday, Nov. 2nd 5.31 Sunday, 3rd 5.29 Monday, 4th. 5.27 Tuesday, „ 5th. 5 25 Wednesday, „ 6th. 5.24 Thursday, 7th 5.22 Friday. „ 8th. 5.20 Saturday, 9th. 5.19 Being One hour after Sunset.] ESTABLISHED 1851. BIRKBECK BANK Southampton Bldngs., Chancery Lane, London, W.C. CURRENT ACCOUNTS 2O on the minimum monthly balances, O » when not drawn below £ 100. fQ DEPOSIT ACCOUNTS 21 °/ oa Depodt^ repayable on demand. °/ 2/0 2/0 STOCKS AND SHARES Btocta and Shares purchased and sold for customers. The BIRKBBOK ALMANACK, with full particulars. posk free. FRANCIS RAVENSCROFT, Manager Telephone No. < HoVborn. TdegraphUAddrett: "BIBXBBCK, LONDON." EARL RUSSELL RE- MARR[ED.- Earl Russell was re-inairiel to the second countess—the lady he married in Nevada—at the Holboru Registry Offices, London, on Thursday morning. OLD FALSE TEETH BOUGHT. Full value in cash or offer per return of post. D. and R. J. B. Fraser, Ltd., Princes St., Ipswich, the largest and oldest buyers in the world.

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