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Markets. !

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Markets. USK, CATTLE, Monday.—The ordinary fort- nightly market held to-day was very well attended, and fat stock found a ready sale. There were a lot of small piga on offer. The following were the quotation* :—Prime beef, 6td to 7d per lb; second quality, fid; wether mu!ton, 7d to 8d owe, 6d to 6|d lamb, 8d to 8d per lb cows and calves, £12 to £ 15; yearling cattle S6 to JE9; tvro.year-olds. EIO to -013 sows and pigs, £7 to 110 strong stores, 35a to 458 each: three months old, £1 to £ 1 3s weauers, 16s to 20s porkers-I)eavy weight, 9a lid to 10s per score; light weight, 1011 6d per score. NswroRT, COBS, Wednesay.—At to-day's market there was a better trade in wheat, which was 6d to 9d dearer on the week. Maize and barley were firm, and 6d dearer; offals were also dearer, and oats were firm. Flour was quoted at 22. per sack for fines. NBWPOKT, CATTLE, Wednesday.—There was a "big supply, and business was fairly brisk. Quotations -.—Best beef, 6|d to 64d; second secand quality, 5Jd to 6d; cows, 5|d to 6d; best wether muttou, 7td to 7d: ewes, 6d to 6td; lamb, 71d to 8d veal, 61d to 7d; porker pigs, 11a 6d to 12s per score. NBWPOKT, CHEKSB, Wednesday.—The supply was good, and a fair business was done. Prices :— Caerpliiliyo, 54s to 60s fancy dairies, 62a to fl3s; Chedd-irs, 60s to 65s; truckles. tios to 68s Derbies, 589 to 62s; doubles, 50s to 52s.

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