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J ABERGAVENNY. POLICE COURT, WEDNESDAY. COUNTY BUSINESS, Before Captain R. POWELL REES (in the chair), J. O. MAReH. Esq., and Colonel MAKSEL. LICENSING.—The full transfer of the licence of the Old Mitre was granted to Edwin Lewis that of the Pantrhiewgoch Inn to George H. Hargreaves; nrid that of the Bridgend Inn, Abergavenny, to Narracott. Several school cases were dealt with, fines being inflicted. EXCITABLE.-Henry Miller was charged with being drunk on the licensed premises of the Carpen- ters' Arms, Llanvihangel Gobion, on the 8th inst.— P.C. Henry Thomas, stationed at Llanartb, proved the case, and called Charles Salt as a witness, who I »aid that when he went into the house defendant apparently ail rig/it, I hey conversed, and .s paid for a pint of beer for defendant, who J I seemed to get quite excited, said he had been c Army, and could show them how to do drill, >»< d pulled off his coat and waistcoat and went through a lot of drill. He threw his waistcoat in Salt's face. Then the police constable arrived and defendant was ordered off the premises.—Samuel Summers. landlord of the beerhouse, bad been sum- moned for permitting the drunkenness of Miller, but on the strength of the witness Salt the Bench decided to dismiss Summers with a very strong caution.- Miller was fiued 58., including costs. BOROUGH BUSINESS. I A YOUTHFUL OFFENDER.—Edith Watkins, 13, was charged with stealing money, amounting to £ 2, the property of Miss Margaret Blanche Rumsey, and Emma Watkins and Arthur Watkins, the mother and younger brother of the accused were charged with receiving a portion of the money, know- ing it to have been stolen.-Ilr Luther Davies appeared for the defence.—The prosecutrix (Miss Rumsey) said she had a confectionery business at 12. High Street, and her aunt, a Mrs Watkins, lived with her. This aunt, was a relative of the accused parties. The little girl, Edith, was in the habit of visiting the shop to buy sweets, but was not in any way encouraged to go there. On the 10th inst., witness and her aunt went out after closing the shop at 2.20 p.m. The aunt returned at 3.20 p.m., and re-opened the shop. Witness returned at about 8.30 p.m., when her aunt made a statement which caused her to communicate with the police.—P.S. Bullock proved the apprehension of the child, and was about to read a statement made by her when Mr Davies raised a very strong objection to its being admitted as evidence.—His objection was over-ruled.—The statement was as follows:- Yesterday afternoon I went to Mrs Watkins' shop in High Street to buy some sweets. The shop was closed, but the passage door was open, and I went in and found the door of the house open. I went in, but no one was there. I went into the shop and took the mnney out of the drawer. It was a little tin box. 1 gave my brother Arthur, who had waited for me outside, sixpence. I kept a few shillings for myself, and gave my mother the other. I dont know how much it was. There was a sovereign or half-a-sovereign amongst the silver. Most of it was silver. My mother didn't ask me where I got it from. I spent a few shillings, and bought the purse at Mrs Smith's, Tudor St., for 6|d."—After hearing the evidence, the Bench decided to dismiss the case against Arthur and Mrs Watkins, and dealt with the little girl under the First Offenders' Act, ordering her to come up for judgment when called upon.




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