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CURRENT SPORT. Although there was not a single case in which the visiting side was able to win, no less than five out of the nine matches in the Association Foot- ball League Championship Competition on Satur- day resulted in drawn games. Sunderland, by their decisive victory over Notts Forest, strength- ened their position at the head of the League, and took a lead of two points over Derby County and Wolverhampton Wanderers, who, with an equal number of matches, tied for second place. Derby County, however, possess the better goal average. The game which excited the most local interest was that between Everton and Bury, at Goodison-park. After a keen struggle it resulted in a draw. The following were the results: Derby County beat Aston Villa, at Derby, by a goal to none; Sunderland beat Notts Forest, at Sunder- land, by four goals to none; Liverpool and Notts County drew, at Nottingham, two goals each; Small Heath beat Sheffield United, at Small Heath, by five goals to one; Newcastle United drew with Sheffield Wednesday, at Sheffield, no score; Manchester City beat Grimsby, at Man- chester, by three goals to none; Everton and Bury drew, at Everton, one goal each; Stoke drew with Blackburn Rovers, at Stoke, two goals each and Bolton Wanderers aud Wolverhampton Wan- derers played a drawn game, at Bolton, two goals aach. The chief feature in the Southern League was the defeat of Tottenham'Hotspur by Northampton, at Northampton, by three goals to one. West Ham United, the leaders, were only able to play a point- less draw against Watford, on the latter's ground; while Portsmouth and Bristol Rovers drew at Bristol, one ]goal each. Reading improved their prospects by beating Brentford, at Reading, by two goals to none, and now take second place in the competition. Southampton, who were assisted by C. B. Fry and G. P. Wilson, beat Swindon, at Southampton, by six goals to one. The Cambridge Eleven visited London and met the Caledonians at Tufnell-park. The University outplayed their opponents at every point, and scored no fewer than eight goals to none. There seems every prospect that Cambridge will have a very good side this year, but on Saturday they were never extended by the poor football of the Caledonians. Richmond beat Liverpool under Rugby Union rules on the Athletic Ground, Richmond, or* Saturday, by three goals and three tries to two goals. It was a fast game from start to finish, and the superiority of the home side was even more pronounced than the score would indicate. The Richmond forwards, splendidly led by J. Daniell and Frank Stout, were much the stronger; but the good work done by the forwards was frequently spoiled by the erratic passing of the backs. Their halves nearly always got the ball, but H. W. Pavitt was often at fault with his passes, and the three quarters, n addition to a similar weakness, ran too much across the ground before getting rid of the ball. The result was that their wing men were forced too near the touch line. The Liverpool forwards, among whom R. Pierce and C. E. Allen did good work, were fast and availed themselves of the mistakes of their opponents. In this way, the game was made to look more even than it other- wise would have done. Another point in which Liverpool excelled was in the play of their back, L. Hammill, who saved on several occasions when a try seemed almost certain. Immediately from the start G. Glover made his mark and dropped a goal for Liverpool. Reynolds kicked a penalty goal and gained a try, which soon put Richmond ahead. Then L. F. Hanbury and Frank Stout scored tries for Richmond, from the first of which Reynolds kicked a goal, while R. Pierce, after a run half the length of the field, gained a try for Liverpool, from which he kicked a goal, and Richmond led at half-time by 14 points to nine. Afterwards Daniell and Hanbury gained further tries for Richmond, and Reynolds kicked a goal from the first. This season Richmond possess a splendid pack of forwards, and when once the backs settle down to their proper game they will indeed be a difficult side to beat. Though it is early in the season to discuss the prospects of the University match, Oxford, on their play against the London Scottish, show every sign (the Times considers) of again having a very strong side. It was only the first match of the term but they are already well together. Raphael, who has been doing so well for the Old Merchant Taylors, played nervously, and seemed hardly at home with a back team quite new to him. Eberle, who has been playing with Bristol, should be of use to his University. The forwards, of whom Dobson and Osborne should attract the attention of the Rugby Union committee, are a, strong, heavy set of men. The Scotsmen had a very good for- ward team, but their backs were outplayed. Swanston, last year's captain at Oxford, dropped a capitul goal from a penalty kick; but this was all the scoring done by the London club. Oxford, on the other hand, scored a goal and five tries- Eberle crossing the line twice, and Crabbie, Raphael, Osborne, and Grellit once each. It was a good, fast, and vigorous game. Oxfo-m-d, won by a goal and five tries to a goal. Cambridge University are not so fortunate as Oxford either in the retention of old Blues or in acquisition of promising Freshmen. Still it was reasonably expected that they would be able to defeat the Harlequins; but as the match went, they were just able to draw the game. The Harle- quins scored two tries by Curtis-Hayward and Stamp; and the Cambridge captain, D. R. Bedell- Sivright, and Talbot (the latter just before no- side ") enabled the Light Blues to draw the match. The score was two tries all. A ma-ich in the Rugby county championship was won at Sunderland on Saturday by Durham, who beat Cumberland by three goals and three tries to a try. An ordinary fixture between Yorkshire and Glamorganshire, at Castleford, was won by York- shire by two goals to two tries. Among Rugby club fixtures on Saturday Blackheath drew with Moseley at one try all, Old Merchant Taylors beat Old Leysians by three tries to a goal, Rosslyn Park beat Marlborough Nomads by two goals and four tries to two goals and one try, Lennox beat Kensington by one goal to nothing, Coopers Hill beat Croydon by a goal to nothing, Cardiff beat Newport by a goal and a try to a try, Northampton beat Coventry by two goals and three tries to nothing, Leicester beat Llanelly by a goal and a try to a goal, Bristol beat Gloucester by a goal and a try to a try, Exeter beat Bath by three goals and two tries to one try. The remarkable rise of hockey during the last few years has naturally resulted (says the Daily Chronicle) in a rapid improvement in play, and for fee first time there are some nine or ten southern clubs on something like an equality in their superiority over other organisations. An -excellent performance on Saturday was that of Finchley, who effected a draw of one goal all witt Teddington, the southern champions. Wimbledon and Molseley, who between them held the championship for so many years, both suffered defeat, their respective conquerors being Hamp- stead and Staines. Bromley, another ex-champion club, lost to East Sheen. There was some very close lacrosse in the South on Saturday, and the matches played then, and in the previous week, appear to place Catford, Sur- biton, West London, and Blackheath pretty well on the same level. The first meeting of one of these four with the present champions, Woodford, will be looked forward to with much interest. On Saturday Woodford had an easy win over Hamp- stead, who are, so far, below form. Another team which will have to be reckoned with is Highgate, who easily beat the weak Claphamites. The feature of the minor matches was that, in addition to their first team success, Catford won their second and third team matches as well. Two cycling records were lowered on Saturday. At Headingley, Leeds, A. A. Chase successfully attacked the half-hour reoord for a cinder track, covering 16 miles, 1073 yards, which is about two miles in advance of the previous best. At the Putney Velodrome Miss M. Harwood in the hour « rode 24 miles 780 yards, which beats the previous best by 840 yards. Flanagan has (according to a New York message) established a new world's record by putting a 561b. 1 2 weight 36ft. 9Mn. A fortnight ago Flanagan lowered the world's records for throwing the hammer and throwing the discus. In a Western League Association football match at Tottenham on Monday, the Hotspur beat the Bristol Rovers by four goals to one, and West Ham beat Woolwich Arsenal by one goal to none in the London League. There were several ties for the Lancashire Cup, and both Blackburn Rovers and Soathport Central won their matches. In the Birmingham Charity Cup Aston Villa scored six goals to two against the Wolverhampton W anderers.






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