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Cricket. I


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ILANGIBBY CASTLE v. USK WEDNESDAY XI. This match was played at Llangibby Castle on I Wednesday, and resulted in a decisive victory for the visitors. The weather was threatening, and, rain having fallen, the wicket was somewhat heavy. During the progress of the game Mrs JRutherfoord Harris was an interested spectator, and in keeping with the traditions of the Castle, the teams were entertained at tea subsequently. .Scorc, LLANGIBBY. F. Price, c and b Jones 1 T. Williams, c Rees, b Jones 2 T. Williams, c Rees, b Jones 2 Mayes, b Jones 5 G. Price, c Baines, b Crease 0 W. Davies, b Crease 0 W. Lewis, c Rees, b Jones 1 T. Lewis, c Gibbon, b Jones I L. Bevan, b Creese 2 A. West, c Gibbon, b Creese 11 C. James, c Creese, b Jones 7 A, Hanner, not out 0 Extras. 2 32 USK. S. A. Hiley, c Mayes, b Williams 2 W. H. Creese, ruu out 10 A. Baines, c Mayes, b Williams 74 J. Jones, run out 11 F. J. Edmunds, b G. Price 6 G. Edmunds, c T. Lewis, b G. Price.. 4 H. G. Powell, c Price, b Davies 12 T. Rees, not out 0 W. W. Gibbon. b Williams. 5 E. Waters, b Mayes 0 W. Billingbam, b G. Price 0 Extras. 6 130


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