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Casualties in the War.I

Judge Owen and Horse Dealing.

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Convict Escape: Recapture.

Russian Cruiser oil Fire.…

Terrible Scalding Accident.…

Explosion at Cartouche Manufactory.

A Philanthropist Dead. -1

Cricket. - - - I


The Senghenydd Disaster.

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The Gleaner. SHARK8 IN THE CHANNEL.—The warm weather is apparently again attracting sharks into the Bristol Channel. Last week the steam trawler Siea Hawk landed a large ground shark'at Swansea, which had been caught in the Channel. It weighed about 9cwt., and measured over 9ft. in length and about 4ft. lOin. in girth. CADBURY'S (JOCOA is absolutely pure, and is there- fore the best Cocoa. It is a refreshing, stimalating drink, and a nutritious food, containing no foreign substances, such as kola, malt hops, &e. The fact cannot be too strongly impressed that Cocoa must be unadulterated to ensure its fullest beneticial effects. Always insist on having CADBURY'S—Sold only in Packets and Tins-as attior Cocoas are often substituted or the sake of extra profit. CHOKED BY A POTATO.-Evan Jones, aged 50, boatswain ou board the steamship SurbitoD," lying in the Bute Docks, Cardiff, was eating a potato on Monday, when a portion of it stuck in his throat. He ran to the water eask, ostensibly to get a drink, when he fell on the deck, and died almost immediately. ;¡;y Bafe llll Buita U .11 Is a wonderful water proofer for BOOTS and HARNESS. Softens and preserves the leather. Pleasant odour. Allows polish- ing. Hightest Awards at 22 Exhibitions. This 2d., 6d., Is. 2s. (jd. OJ all Boot- makers, Saddlers, Ironmongers,$fc. Manufactory- Dulwich, London, S.E. A TRAGIC STREET SCENE. A foreign sailor, believed to be Thomas Comiskey, cut his throat in Bute Street, Cardiff, on Monday evening, and fell dead on the pavement. Passerm-by were powerless to prevent the deed, as the suicide brandished his knife and threatened them. MILLIONS OF BOXES VINOLIA EEEE. On receipt of Id. stamp we will send free a Sample Box of Vinolia. Editor of Baby reports 11 For acne jpots on the face, and particularly for eczema, it is undoubtedly efficacious, healing eruptions, and removing pimples in a few days." IT RELIEVES ITCHING AT ONCE VimiA CO., Ltd., IjO Df), M.W. KILLBD ON THE LINE. — At an inquest held at Abertillery, on Monday, on the body of a lad named Price, who was run over on the Great Western Railway, on Friday of last week, a verdict was returned to the effect that death was due to misadventure. The Coroner recommended that the railway company should be written to, asking them to close the level crossing, and suggesting that the bridge over the line should be removed to the spot where the level crossing now is. lABing '&ar, SELFRTM A GUARANTEE WITH EVERY PAIR. SEE THE NAME AND TRADE MARK ON EACH SHIELD. If unable to obtain from the leading drapery store in the town, write to KLEINERT RUBBER CO 63 BasinghallSt. London, E.G. THE DEATH has just occurred at Folkestone, of Colonel Alfred Ollivant, formerly Inspector-general of Police in the north-west Provinces of India, and second son of the late Bishop Ollivant, of Llaudaff. COLUMBUS COMPANY v. MR. LABOUCHEIVB. In the King's Bench Division, OH Wednesday, applica- tion was made on behalf of the Columbus Com- pany to commit Mr. Labouchere, proprietor, and Mr. H. Yowles, editor, of Truth, for contempt in publishing iu Truth of January 31st, an article commenting on the case of the Columbus Company v. Birnbaum, which at the time was pending before the courts. Mr. Labouchere was fined X,50, and ordered to pay the costs of the motiou. C" J >?pitted n/ioei Aleittctu lnstrnaum. k »A-A* mi RS J i ww fej J| b 4 1j t 23 | I w ^#11 I b DE!CJOUS & REFP.EHH\1G. It C-KRICHES THE BLOOD arid t is THE Oret-'V COCOA containsrtje; W FERRUGINOUS ELEMENTS. S r-REE SAMPLES SENT TO ALL i Fcrru-Cocoa Manufact'g Co. Ltd I GOSWELL ROAD, LONDON EC* I !j): THE Rev. W. D. I. Mackintosh conducted evensong in the ruins of Tintern Abbey, on Sunday afternoon, when about 700 persons were present. A collection of over X7 was taken on behalf of the National Schools. I C55XKET BATS WICKETS JFJF! If S ogger 0,3 Ash (plain) JVf» II "Klynker" 7,(5 Ash Fenced 3 9 Km nni *■ MuR Ash Solid Tops,5'- Hill 1 1U/6, Ash Revolving 6 9 lil^ x> X>ce"a 12 Iron Shod, Vil.sctextra II "Klynker" 7,(5 Ash Fenced 3 9 Km nni *■ MuR Ash Solid Tops,5'- Hill 1 1U/6, Ash Revolving 6 9 lil^ x> X>ce"a 12 Iron Shod, Vil.sctextra |;lj Kanjt (pat.) 1.5, 17.G 1 ll|j| Lauo3- Wit(!h' 17 <! BALLS Ij «rsr sssr R /.J'-A Shi Klynker 4 0, r 1 BATTSMG GLOVES WUch 5U ,3' °- *6'5' '•6 «• 7> "• 8 6 LEG GUARDS OrdilJa.l'j Shape, 3:õ, tel WJCKET-KEEP5NG 4/H, 5 6, 6/6,8/6 per pair j J /?J§I ».. GLOVES 5/3.6 9 3, 6, 4/6, 5 6, 616, 8/6,10 6 7/0, 8,9, 10 6, per pair. i| JJ| p|p CRICKET SSIRTS Skeleton, 8,6per pair. 1 || 1/0. %9. 3,6, 4,6. j | FRXKFT RAFTS CRICKET BOOTS 1 l KiUKfcl BAGS Brown Leather. 8 8,7/6, 10/6. X £ > 4/6, 6/6, 7/6, 10/6, 12/6. White Bucfe, B/6 12/6, 15/6, 22/6, 27/6. DAMAGING- BEDWELT/TY PARK.—On Tuesday, James Connelly, a tramping labourer, was sent to prison for two months with hard labour f"r pluck- ing flowers in Bedwellty Park, the gift of Lord Tredegar to the inhabitants of Tredegar. Mr R. H. Spencer prosecuted on behalf of the District Council. hWrcTOT inrmr" j HYARCHErl&C. GOLOEMRIITURMS I I KT—.REGIgTERED jMl MI ¡¡'¡;r.¡ 'inil¡lltUiI:ftlllJl1hMlJlli facsimile of One-Ounce Packet. Archer's Golden Returns The Perfection of Pipe Tobacco, COOL, STVKET, AND FRAGRANT. LnJBL ACTION.-The hearing concluded in tbe- Kinjj's Bench, on VTedneaday,.of?thte action brought by Mr. Armenag Bailian. a bookmaker, against the- proprietors of The People, Reynolds, the London,, Echo, and the East-End News, far a libel, which stated plaintiff was well-known to the police. The jury found for plaintiff; damages £ 200, to be- divided equally between the four defondants- Judgment accordingly, with costs, an order also being made to pay the defendant 1100 paid into, court. THE hon. secrataries of the Prince of Wales'#" hospital fund have received a cheque for £2,65IJ" from Mr. Foxhall P. Keene, as a donation, bring one half of the Oaks Stakes atf Epsom won by Mr., Keene's horse Cap and Bells last week." OLD FALSE TEETH BOUGHT. Full value in cash or offer per return of pomt, R. D. and J. B. Fraser, Ltd. Priuces St., Ipswicb, The largest and oldest buyers in the world. I TRAGEDY IN THE CRANNEL.-iNIr J' T. Reynolds" insurance agent, of Caerphilly, either fell or jumped from the pleasure steamer Lady Margaret when -the steamer was in the vicinity of the Flat Holm Oft", Thursday. He was got on board again by means of a boat, but died before reaching Cardiff. A MABIUAGB is announced to take place ia* London, on Saturday next, between Miss Eleanor, Georgiana Nevill, niece of the Marquis of Aberga- venny, K.G., and Mr. R. T. Meyrick, son of Sir Thomas Meyrick, C.B., J.P., and D.L., foz-r Pembroke. EBBW VALE COMPANY (LUtITED).- The directors of the Ebbw Vale Steel, Iron, and Coal Company (Limited) recommend a dividend for the year ended March 31st, 1.9"1, at the rate of 6 per cent. per annum (absorbing £ 89,370), to place X50,000 to reserve, and to carry forward £ 18,(500.



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