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Casualties in the War.I

Judge Owen and Horse Dealing.

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Markets. NEWPORT, CORN, Wednesday.—At to-day's market the demand for wheat was quiet, and the price was about 3d per quarter lower. Maize was in fair demand, and firm. There was no change in oats aud bailey. Beans firmly held at last week's prices. Flour was quoted at 23s. for fines. Offals were quoted rather easier. NEWPORT, CATTLE, Wednesday. To-day's prices were :-Best beef, 61-d per lb seconds, 6d :1 to 6jd cows, Ôd to fid best wether mutton, 7 d to 8d; ewe, 6d to 7d; lamb, 9d veal, 7-?fd to 8 id. NEWPORT, CHEESE, Wednesday.—There was a big supply to-day, and a general clearance. Quotations: Caerphilly makes, 35s to -40s per cwt; fancy dairies, 42s to 44s Derbys, 50s to 54s truckles, 54s to 56s. MOHMOTJTH, CATTLE, Monday.—There was a good supply of sheep, with a fair demand, good wether mutton selling better. Lambs were scarce aud sold quickly. The supply of beef was small, mostly of prime quality. Calves in fair supply, and trade for rearing calves dragging. Veal trade fairly brisk. Stores were not numerous but chanced hands at satisfactory prices. Cows and calves were scarce but good ones realised £18 15s. The supply of pigs was, as usual, small, owing to restrictions stores of good quality sold well, but smaller pigs were neglected sows and pigs made up to is les. The following prices were realized under the hammer: Cattle, heifers frornX13 to jE16 10s bullocks EIG to £19; calves 30s to -07; wether sheep, up to 53s ewes about 50s couples 35s to 65s; fat lambs 21s to 32s 6d; and store lambs 17s 6d to 24s 6d. The quotations were as follow :—Best beef made up to 7d per lb coarser qualities 5d to 6d; bulls 5d to 5id; veal 8d to 9d wether mutton about 8d ewe ditto 6^d to 7 £ d: larnb 9d to lOd and porker pigs 9s 6d to iUs per score.

Doctor's Sad find.- -1

A Wrecked Liner. I

Course of the Blue Nile.|

Convict Escape: Recapture.

Russian Cruiser oil Fire.…

Terrible Scalding Accident.…

Explosion at Cartouche Manufactory.

A Philanthropist Dead. -1

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The Senghenydd Disaster.

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