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Casualties in the War.I

Judge Owen and Horse Dealing.

The War Office Re organisation.…


The War Office Re organisation. A business-like report, covering all the points included in the terms of reference, has been presented by the Committee which was appointed to consider how order might be evolved out of chaos at the War Office. The document fills nine columns of the Times, but the recommendations contained in it could be summed ia a few words, to apply to the work of the department the principles of common sense, and the business-like methods adopted by every firm, which is not on the high road to bankruptcy. So simple is some of the advice contained in the report, that the Committee must surely have smiled when they resolved to tender it. Take for example, the first three recommendations— to abolish the present system of ruling the Army by minute regulations, and elaborate reports, to simplify all such regulations as cannot be dispensed with. and to create a system of supervision which would subject the value received for public expenditure to a practical test. Again, the Committee consider that the Director of Contracts should be a man OF PROVED BUSINESS CAPACITY;" I that frequent and purposeless moving of regiments at home should be avoided, that pay lists should be made simple and intelli- gible, and so on. It may be thought that some of the many well-paid officials might have discovered these things before, and that it could scarcely be necessary for a committee to sit for the purpose of considering such elementary matters. But, however self-evident may be the sugges- tions of the Committee it is clear that there was the most ample need of them. They find the Army governed by a mass of minute and complex regulations," and as regards "central control and direction the present methods of the War Office are conspicuously out of harmony with the best business practice:" "it is impossible to trace any systematic co-ordination in the work of the great departments, and so many other things are described as unsatisfactory that it would be impossible even to enumerate them within the limits of this article. The Committee have mercifully refrained from illustrating their remarks by examples, but they tell us of one practice which obtains, and from that it would probably not be very unfair to judge of all. Questions respecting the allowance of small sums which might easily have been settled locally have led to "enormous correspon- dence," involving an outlay of time, stationery, and postage, often exceeding the amount recovered. One of the instructions of the Committee was to report any amendments which would bring the work of the War Office more into harmony with that of large business undertakings. The Committee have considered this aspect and point out that there are certain well- defined principles of management in all well-conducted business corporations." I- SEVEN OF THESE PRINCIPLES, particularly applicable to the War Office, are detailed, and we are informed that they are all conspicuously absent. We need not refer to these seven points, but speaking generally, we should think that the War Office officials ought to feel thankful that they are managing the military affairs of a 0 n great Empire, and not a small general shop, conducted at their own expense. The most important of all the recommendations of the Committee is the last, wherein they draw attention to the importance of selecting for posts at the War Office, officers who have shown administrative, as well as military capacity, and thoroughly qualified Civil officials. That is pretty well the root of the whole matter. Able men might make something out of a bad system, but the best system that the wit of man can devise must be ineffectual when administered by men who are deficient in intelligence and capacity. —-


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Explosion at Cartouche Manufactory.

A Philanthropist Dead. -1

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The Senghenydd Disaster.

Distribution of War .Medals.…

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