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_.4' Marriage of tliis. John M. Curre and Mrs. Palmer Jenkins. At All Saints' Church, Ennismore Gardens, South Kensington, early on Tuesday afternoon, the quiet wedding took place cf Mr John M.Curre, younger son of the late Mr E. M. Curre, J.P., and D.L., of Itton Court, near Chepstow, and Mrs Palmer Jenkins, widow of Mr Richard Palmer Jenkins, formerly in the Bengal Civil Service, J.P. for the counties of Gloucester and Monmouthshire, of Beachley, near Chepstow, and daughter of Mr. T. W. Murray Allan J.P, Perthshire, D.S. and J.P., Argyleshire, and of Glenfeschan, Oban, N.B. The bridegroom was formerly Master of the North Hereford hounds, and very popular in those districts. The service was fully choral, and the ceremony was conducted by the Rev. Ravenscroft Steward, M.A., Yicar of All Saints'. The bride was accompanied by her nephew. Lord Savile, of Rufford Abbey, Notts., who during the singing of the hymn, Lead us, Heavenly Father, lead us," conducted her to the chancel entrance, and then gave b.r away. The bridegroom was supported by Mr J. P. Powell, of Dorstone, Hereford, as "best man." There were neither bridesmaids nor pages. Mrs Palmer Jenkins looked stately in a very handsome gown of whita cr6pe de Chine, trimmed with valuable old Brussels lace, and semi-train, edged with same lace, the bodice being arranged with large lace collarette, transparent sleeves and yoke. She also wore a mauve and white tulle toque, and white plume, and diamond spray, the gift of her nephew, Lord Savile, and a pearl and diamond pendant, the gift of her sister, Mrs Macfayden, and carried a neat bridal bouquet of white and mauve orchids, tied with mauve streamers. During the service the hymn Oh perfect love, all human thought transcending was sung with great effect. Amongst those present at the church and afterwards at the reception given by Mrs Macfayden at her town residence, 47, Harrington Gardens, South Kensington, were Mrs Shepard, Miss E. Shepard, Mrs and illi-S Savile Lumley, Mr Goldie, Mr and Mrs Masters, Mr. Douglas Macfayden, Mr and Mrs Curre, Mrs Blood, of Brickhill, County Clare, Mrs Goodfellow, of Round Hall, Notts, Mrs Wilkinson, Mr G. Helme, Mrs Lewis, Miss Agnes Blandy, Mrs Wiseman Clarke, Miss Shepard, Mr Stewart Robinson, Miss Kennedy, Mr Yiiliers Farmer, Mr Howe, Mr and Mrs Vaughan, Mr Bassett, Miss Bassett, Miss N. Pringle, Miss Dennis, Air Gwyn Holford, etc Early in the afternoon Mr and Mrs J. M. Curre. amid the hearty congratulations of their assembled, friends, left for a honeymoon tour in Devonshire, the going-aw^y gown being of grey voile, trimmed with Maltese luce, and black crinoline hat with roses and foliage. The presents, which were numerous and costly, included valuable articles of jewellery, plate, and vertu from a large circle of relatives and friends of both families.