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MARKET NEWS. MARK-LANE.—The spring corn and root errps are still very deficient for want of rain. English wheat 6d easier, being quite nominal thereat, as the supply available is becoming more nud more reduced on the country exchanges, while next to nothing offers here. White; 29s to 31s; red, 28s to 30s 6d, delivered np. American descriptions are not freely offered, but tend generally 6d lower on the week, while a large number of the cargoes still arriving are ordered off to the Continent. No. 1 Northern Spring, old, _about 31s 6d, landed, and new, 31s No. 1 hard Mani- toba, old, 33s. Hard Duluth. 33s 6d, landed. Hard Kansas, 29s 6d ex-ship, 30s to 30s 6d landed. Australian continues in ample supply, at 29s 6d to 30s ex-ship, and 30s to 30s 6d ex-store, 4961b. New Zealand remains scarce. Hunter's 28s 6d to 29s Tuscan, 29s 6d to 30s, ex-store, 4961b. Russian above buyers' ideas as before, and crop reports continue satisfactory. Ship- ments of flour are on a liberal scale, and granaries are full, while consumers anticipate concessions in the near future, prices being 3d to 6d easier since last Monday. American first patents quoted at 24s to 25s second ditto, about 23s to 24s. cL First bakers. 19s. to 20s; and second, 17s to 18s. Cascadias, 22s 3d ex-store; Hungarian, 28s for best; seconds, 27s 6d. French patents, 21s 3d. English firm. Roller whites, 19s 9d to 20s. Town household, 24s 6d and whites, 27s 6d per sack. Australian patents, 20s to 203 6d ex-ship; 20s 6d to 21s ex-store, 2801b. Grinding barley quite neglected, and against buyers. Persian, 17s to 17s 3d ex-quay: f.a.q. Odessa, 18s 3d ex-ship; 18s 6d ex-quay. Malting not named at present, trade being now over for the season. Shipments of American oats are limited,and a check has been given to the heavy supplies of St. Petersburg, but late ex- cessive arrivals of latter weigh heavily. American mixed clipped quoted at 15s ex-ship. 15s 6d ex-quay; white clipped, 15s 7d ex-ship; 16s 3d ex-quay 401b.; common Rica, 14s 9d to 15s ex-quay 381b. Russian (extra line), 19s 6d and useful, 17s 6d. Black Libau nominal. New Zealand ordinary bluff and sparrowbills, 24s 6d to 25s 6d ex-store 3841b. Maize 6d lower for fiat on the week, and in fair supply. Mixed American, new. 19s 6d ex- ship, 20s 6d landed. Odessa out of supply on landed terms, and nothing is expected temporarily. The market for beans and peas was again abso- lutely featureless, but firm. Egyptian splits, 20s 9d ex-mill. Mazagans, 21s landed. New Zealand, 33s 6d to 34s 6d 5041b. ex-store. Of peas, Maples, 40s to 42s 5041b. ex-store. Victorian duns nominal. Canadian, white, held for 30s 6d ex-granary. Maize germ meal remains scarce for American on spot, being upheld at £ 4 17s 6d per ton. English, £ 4 12s 6d to £ 4 15s ex-mill. LONDON METROPOLITAN CATTLE.- Quotations: Scotch, 4s 6d; Devons, 4s 6d; Norfolks, 4s 4d to 4s 6d; Lincoln shorthorns, 4s 2d to 4s 4d; and fat cows, 3s 8d to 3s lOd per 81b. Irish stores, yearlings, ;E7 10s to ICS per head. Sheep entries were of fair extent, and included 3400 Eastern Counties. With no improvement in the demand, business at late prices ruled quiet for both wethers and ewes; 7 to 8-st.onc Down wethers, 2 5s 4d; 9-stone ditto, 5s to 5s 2d; 10-stone half- breds, 4s 8d to 4s lOd; 9-stone Yorkshires, 4s 8d to 4s lOd; 8-stone Scotch,5s 4d 10-stone Down ewes, 4s to 4s 2d; extreme. 4s 4d; ll-stone half-bred ditto, 3s 8d to 3s lOd. Lambs met with slow support. 5-stone fat Downs, 6s 8d to 6s lOd. No calves were offered. Pig trade slow but steady. Neat small, 4s 2d to 4s 4d per 81b. sinking offal. Milch cows, £ 16 to E22 per head. Coarse and inferior beasts quoted 2s 4d to 2s 10d; second quality ditto, 3s 2d to 3s lOd; prime large oxen. 4s to 4s 2d; ditto Scots, &c., 4s 4d to 4s 6d; coarse and inferior sheep, 3s 2d to 3s lOd second quality ditto, 4s 2d to 4s lOd first, 5s to 5s 4d inferior lambs, 5s 4d to 5s 8d second quality ditto, 5s lOd to 6s 4d and firsts, 6s 6d to 6s IOd per 81b. SMITHFIFLD MEAT.—Fair supplies for which a slow demand prevailed, and only small sales trans- pired. Quotations: Beef: Scotch, 3s lOd to 4s 4d; English, 4s; American, Deptford killed, 3s 7d to 3s 9d; Liverpool, 3s 6d to 3s 8d: Ameri- can refrigerated, hindquarters, 3s 8d to 3s lOd; forequarters, 2s 2d to 2s 4d. Mutton: Scotch, 4s 6d to 5s English wethers, 4s 2d to 4s 6d; ewes. 3s to 3s 4d; lamb, 5s 4d to 6s. Veal: English and Dutch, 4s to 4s 8d. Pork Dutch, 4s per 81b. POULTRY AND GAME. Quotations Fowls' Yorkshire, 2s 9d to 3s 3d; Essex, 3s to 3s 3d; Welsh, 2s 3d to 2s 6d; Boston, 2s 3d to 2s 9d; Surrey, 3s 6d to 4s 6d; Sussex, 3s 3d to 3s 9d; Irish, 2s to 2s 6d; Ameri- can, 2s to 2s 5d; cock turkeys, 5s to 6s hen, 4s to 4s 9d; goslings, 5s to 6s; Bordeaux pigeons, lOd to Is; feathered, 8d to lOd wild rabbits 6d to 8d; tame, lOd to Is each; Australian, 7s to 8s per dozen. Russian: Fowls, Is 2d to Is 6d; ptarmigan, Is Id to Is 4d; blackgame, Is 4d to Is 5d; Manchurian partridges, Is 2d each. BILLINGSGATE FISH.-Salmon, English, Is lOd; Scotch, 2s to 2s 2d; Irish, 2s; Norwegian, h 7d to Is 9d; trout, Is \1cl to 2s; soles, Is to Is 4d; slips, 6d to Is; red mullet. 2s to 2s 6d; dories, 2d to 3d per lb.; turbot, 7s to 9s; brill, 5s to 7s; halibut, 6s to 8s; lemon soles 5s to 7s; plaice, 5s to 8s per stone; large steamer plaice, 35s to 10s small, 4s to 6s per trunk; Aberdeen plaice, 35s; whiting, 7s to 12s; gurnet, 8s to 14s: hake, 10s to 12s; live cod, 10s to 16s; dead, 6s to 10s per box; English mackerel, 10s per 60; steamer haddocks, 4s to 8s per trunk live eels, 15s to 20s; dead, 10s to 14s per draft; lobsters, 20s to 35s per score; crabs, 25s per hamper. WOOL.—Though another week has passed, NO improvement can be reported in this market, and the same unsatisfactory condition of things con- tinues. Growers and buyers are still very much apart in their estimate of values, the former asking rates much above those ruling in the market. Buyers, of course, are guided by the prices offered by customers, and spinners have to refuse business owing to the low prices offered for yarn. Many growers talk of keeping their clip rather than accept these poor rates, but as certain classes of Colonial wool are exceedingly, low, their action will not have much influence on the market. One thing is certainly evident. that very great care will have to be exercised by buyers in order to avoid loss in taking up this season's clip. Downs, 7d to 9d; Kents, 5|d to 6d; half- breds, 6-|d to 7|d. WHITECHAPEL HAY AND STRAW.—Specially- picked hay, 92s to 96s; prime hay. 84s to 92s; inferior hay, 67s to 80s; prime clover, 97s to 102s; good clover, 80s to 95s; inferior, 60s to 75s; prime mixture, 82s 6d to 95s; straw, 26s to 368 per load. CAMBRIDGE CATTLE.—A good show of store beasts, and all cleared. Fat beast, very little alteration in the trade. A fair trade all round for fat sheep. Some good lots of stores to hand, which met a fair trade. Fat pigs a better trade, at more money than last week. Stores a good trade. Hay, straw, and roots short supplies. Prices: Beef, 6s 6d to 7s 6d; mutton, 4s 2d to 5s 4d; pork, 5s 9d to 6s 6d. READING CATTLE. — Beef was in moderate supply, and sold at 4s 4d to 4s 8d per stone for best, and 3s 6d to 4s 2d secondary. Slow trade. Mutton sold at 5s 2d to 5s 6d for best, 4s Sd to 5s for secondary. Lamb trade, best making 6s 4d to 6s 8d, secondary 5s ha to 6s 2d. Veal plentiful and fair trade, at 5s 8d to 6s 2d for best. 5s 2d to 5s 6d for secondary. GRIMSBY FISK-Quotations: Plaice, 5s 6d to 5s 9d; lemon soles, 6s to 6s 6d per stone; soles, Is to Is Id per lb.; live dabs, lis to 13s; dead ditto, 9s to 10s; live codlings, 9s; dead ditto, 7s to 9s; kit haddocks, 12s to 15s; gibbed ditto. 15s to 18s; live ditto, 14s to 16s per box; whitches, 5s; whitings, 2s per stone; gurnets, 7s per box; turbot, 7d to 8d brills, 5d per lb.; live ling, 2s 6d dead ditto, Is 6d; live cod, 4s to 5s 6d; dead ditto, 2s to 2s 6d live skate, 4s to 5s; dead ditto. 3s to 4s each; Findon haddocks, 4s to 5s live halibut. 6s to 8s dead ditto, 4s to 5s English shrimps, 3s 6d; foreign ditto, 3s prawns, 3s 6d per stone; kippers, 4s bloaters, 4s 6d: red herrings, 2s 6d per box; catfish, 15s to 25s live coal fish, 20s; dead ditto, 10s per score: salt cod, 8s per cwt; lobsters, lOd to Is; salmon, Is 8d to Is 9d; grilse, Is 7d per lb; to Is salmon, Is 8d to Is 9d; grilse, Is 7d per lb; conger eels, 2s 6d to 5s each hake, 80s to 100s roker, 15s to 20s; mackerel, 4s to 5s per score; sturgeon, about V.7 each; ice, Is 6d per cwt.

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