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MR. STODDART'S TEAMS IN AUSTRALIA. Mr. Stoddart has issued the following state- ment to the Press: Having regard to the recent discussion which has appeared in the Press, I feel that it is desirable that I should make a short statement of the circumstances under which I took out my two teams to Australia. The diffi- culty is that there is so little to tell. Both my teams went out to Australia purely as the guests of the Melbourne Cricket Club and the trustees of the Sydney ground. The invitation coming in this way, there was no question of making terms, but it was understood by me that this meant that the two clubs would pay all travelling ex- penses and hotel bills exclusive of wines, cigars, tips, &c., as in the case of former teams. I was, however, left a discretion in the matter of order- ing champagne for the teams at the expense of the promoters when I considered it necessary, and with the weather we experienced there this was almost a necessity, and the discretion was exer- cised by me freely but wisely in the best interests of our health and cricket. We were also shown tinbounded hospitality both by the clubs and private individuals but, to make it more clear, to imagine us the guests of any private gentle- man, or playing country house cricket in England, and to remember our incidental expenses were heavy would be the best light from which to judge us. No payments or allowances of any kind, direct or indirect, were made to any members of the teams except to the professionals, who were paid accord- ing to their written agreements sums by no means disproportionate to their services. Each amateur member of the team had to pay a considerable sum out of his own pocket, varying no doubt with the means and tastes of the individual, but in no case, I believe, less than £ 100. I hope this plain statement of the exact facts will dispel the absurd and absolutely unfounded rumours which have grown up by degrees out of a curiosity which is perhaps not unnatural, but which has fed on the somewhat unnecessary reticence of those princi- pally concerned in the matter. The accounts of my two tours I have never seen, and had no right to see, but the whole of the very large profits which were made were received by the two clubs who were our hosts, and no part of them reached the hands of any member of the teams."