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-------I The Hay Harvest.

War Telegrams. I




CWMBRAN. PETTY SESSIONS, SATURDAY. Before Sir A. MACKWORTH (in the chair), CLIFFORD (ORY, Esq., A. M. PILLINEK, Eq., B. PRATT, Esq., G. B. T. NICHOLL, Esq., ALFRED WILLIAMS, Esq., and J. H. TAYLOR, Esq. STOXE THROWING.—John Appleby, 14, and Philip Morgnu, 11, were summoned for throwing stones in Woodland-street, Cwmbran, on May 2oth, and ordered to pay 4s 6d each, the costs of the case.—Thomas Appleby, for throwing stones at some tin cans in Woodland-street, on May 21st, was fined 2s. 6d. GAMING WITH CARDS —Frederick Skinner, Stephen Skinner, and Bert Evans, youths, were summoned for gaming with clirds in Woodland- street, Cwmbran, on May 26th.—P.C. Tucker proved the case.—Frederick Skinner did not appear and was fined 7s. 6d. Stephen Skinner was fined 5s., and Evans 2s 6d. No LIGHTS.—William Drake was summoned for driving the Abergavenny mail cart without a light at Llantarnam, on the evening of May 14th. P.S. Norris stopped Drake, and requested him to light his lamps. He promised to do so. but drove away without complying with the request.—There was a previous conviction, and a fine of £ 1 was now imposed. To AVOID A T)ISTP.AINT.-Ilichard Thomas, a Cwmbran blacksmith, was charged with fraudulently removing his goods from a house at Woodside, Cwmbran, in order to avoid a distraint. —David Sutton, an engine driver, who owns the house, said it was let at 8s. per week. Thomas removed the goods without witness's knowledge, when. Cl 13:1 Gd was owing. All order was u for payment forthwith, A WIFE DESEE^ER.—Albert Lawrence Defriea, a cycle maker, was charged, ou a warrant, with neglecting to maintain his wife and two children.- Mr. H. S. Rees, assistant clerk to the Newport Guardians, stated that 30s was due to the Newport Union for the maintenance of Defries' wife, and it had cost 12 lis Id to bring him from London, where he was apprehended upon a warrant.—Superintendent James produced par- ticulars of previous convictions against Defries for wife desertion, and the Chairman remarked that he seemed to be in the habit of doing so.—Defries replied that his wife had told him she wanted no assistance, and did not wish to see him.-Lie was committed for a month, with hard labour. RAIDING A HEN-HOUSE.—Harry Reardon and Elijah Priest, dealers, of Newport, were brought up in custody, charged with stealing seven fowls, valued 21s., the property of William Thomas, at Caerleon, on the night of June 7th, and also receiving the said seven fowls knowing them to have been stolen on June th.-P.O. Jones traced prisoners by footmarks and feathers through grass towards Newport. The two men and the fowls were afterwards banded over to witness by the Newport police. -Charles Horton, keeper of a Newport lodging house, spoke of Priest wanting to sell him two of the fowls for 2s 6d, and said he had given a farmer 30s for the lot. He wanted witness to put one on one side for him for his Sunday dinner.—A married woman, named M'Carthy, of Merchant-street, Newport, said Priest came to her and said he had laid out S2 in fowls." She offered to buy two, but gave them up when she saw Priest being marched off to the Newport Police-station.—Evidence of arrest and identification of the fowls was given. When in custody prisoners tried to throw the blame on one another. Both were found guilty.—Reardon had been six times previously convicted, and was now sentenced to three months' hard labour. Priest was sentenced to ten weeks' hard lal)otir.-P.C. Jones was congratulated by the Bench.






The Late Captain Powell.

The Imperial Yeomanry.


South African Finances

The Stratford Election.