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PONTNEWYDD. I Agent:-ilfr. Z. Lloyd, Butcher. I A RUNAWAY TRUCK.—One of the heavy iron ladle. mounted on an iron truck, and used for conveying the molten cinder from the blast furnace to the slag tip, at Messrs. Guest, Keen and Company's works, by some means ran wild down the steep incline near the back of the works, on Monday evening, and dashed along at a terrible rate for over half a mile—the sidings fortunately 'bing clear—until near the village, where a truck of sand barred its progress, and both wagons were completely wrecked by the impact. Fortunately the accident happened about half an hour after the men had left work, or there would have been some hundreds passing along the line over which the wagon dashed. LLANTARNAM SCHOOL BOARD-The monthly meeting of the Llantarnam School Board was held at the St. Dial's Schools, Cwmbran, on Tuesday evening, the Rev. W. E. Robinson (chairman) presiding.—It was intimated that after payment of the accounts there would be a balance due to the treasurer amounting to 241 10s.—Mr. W. T. Phillips moved that the resolution of the Board passed on the 23rd April last accepting Mr. Jenkins' (Newport) tender for the extension of the boys' and girls' schools, and all prior resolutions of the Board dealing with the proposed extension of the St. Dial's Schools, be rescinded."—Mr. E' A. Pryer seconded.—Mr. Powell (school attendance officer) presented a long list of statistics showing the number of children attending the schools in the out-lying districts: a total of 686. The total number attending school in the Cwmbraii (or Halfway) district was shown to be 361.—Mr. J. Mumford asked Mr. J. Lawrence, the architect, what would be the approximate cost of erecting a school to accommodate (say) 30U children.—Mr. Lawrence replied that aa near as he could say the cost would be at least £7 10s. per child, exclusive of the cost of the site.—Mr. Pryer remarked that when the new Forge Hammer-road was completed, there would doubtless be a large increase in the population, and a school erected in that neighbour- hood would necessarily have to be constructed to accommodate at least 300 children, there being at present over 200 attending school from that meigbbourhood. Mr. Phillips calculated that, •exclusive of the cost of the sites, the cost of erecting the proposed two neW schools (one in the Forge Hammer district sand one at Llautarnaml would be about £ 4,500. The Cierk added that the cost of educating each child was at the rate of £ 2 10s. per year.—Mr, M. Laughton contended that the proposed expenditure was altogether unnecessary.—The Rev. P. A. Degen said he was inclined t(. think that if fresh tenders were invited they would have to pay very much more than the amount of Mr. Jenkins' tender.—Mr. Pryer said he supported the motion because he had promised the rateptlyers that he would do so, atid because he knew what inconvenience the inhabitants of the outlying districts were put to in having to send their children such a great distance to school.-The resolution, on being put to the meeting, was lost, five voting against, and four in favour. The original resolution of the Board to extend the accommodation of the St. Dial's Schools therefore stands, and the Clerk walll instructed to request Mr. Jenkins to proceed with the work as early as possible.



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