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PONTYPOOL RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL. The monthly meeting (,f the Pontypool Rural District Council was held at the Sessions House, Usk, on Friday evening in last week, when there were present:—Vlr. S. T. Griffin, J.P. (chairman), Mr. W. Marfell (vicp-chairman), Rev. W. W. Jones, Messrs. Rees W. Spencer, W. H. Charles, J. T. Turner, W. Newman, H. C. Knipe, James Bevan, James James, T. Watkins (clerk), R. Derrett. (surveyor and inspector). The balance in favour of the Council at the bank was reported to be iJ359 15s. 7d. SANITARY BUSINESS. The Inspector, in his report, stated that he had on the previous day met Mr. Harris, of Caerleon, agent for the property at Ponthir-row, Llaufrechfa Lower, aiici found that he had had the tank cleaned out and the drain stopped so as to prevent, any- thing running into the small stream. Mr. Harris said that the tank should be emptied whenever it, was full. Should this be carried out, and the tenant discontinue throwing slops, &c., into the diich, a more satisfactory state of attairs would exist there. He inspected the well at Glascoed School on the 1st June, and found about 2ft. 4in. of water in it. With difficulty he pumped some up. As it was anything but clear, he should certainly say that it was not fit for diiiikiug. He had received a complaint to the effect that the stream of water dividing the parishes of Goytre and Mamhilad was being contaminated by sheep washing. There was no epidemic in the district. WATER SUPPLIES. I The Hev. (J. lame Willams wrote under date May 8th, seating that the well complained of on his property- at Llandegveth, should be cleaned out and the pollution diverted so as to be made to cease to exist. The Inspector said nothing had yet been done there. The Clerk was instructed to ask for the early fulfilment of the promise made, a month having elapsed since its being penned. As to a well at Llantrissent supplying the School there, The Rev. W. W. Jones said the County Surveyor was going to visit the place soon for the purpose of seeing if the road surface water could not be diverted. As to Glascoed School water supply the Clerk was directed to carry out his instructions of the previous meeting, and lay the facts of the case before the Education Department. The Llanfrechfa Lower Parish Council wrote urging the Council to proceed at once with the Wain and Ponthir water supply question. The Clerk said they were waiting for the best time to engage an engineer to gauge the spring of water from which it was proposed to get the supply. HIGHWAY. The Surveyor reported that with reference to the footbridge in connection with the path leading from the Great House, Llangeview, to Llangeview Church, he had seen the late Surveyor to the Highway Board (Mr. Joseph Williams), who informed him tbac that Board had never repaired it. He had had a new footbridge put over the stream of water near the Farmers' Arms, LlanLhewy Vach. He had also adjusted the footbridge over the 01 way Brook on the path leading to Graigolway, and put in new posts for the handrails. A new handrail was required there, however, and that he would put up in the early part of the next week. With regard to a letter received from the Llanfrechfa Lower Parish Council, calling attention to the necessity of a f otbridge over the ditch, near Pantile-row, Pontrhydyrun, he had visited the place and found that it was the same bridge he reported on at last October meeting, when the Council denied any responsibility in the matter. It was decided not to do anything with regard to the footbridge at Ponthir-row. 0 A DANGEROUS DITCH. The County Surveyor (Mr. W. Tanner), writing 0 with reference to the dangerous ditch alongside the road at Croesyceilog, stated that his Committee would be shortly inspecting the spot, and would then decide upon their action in the matter. He pointed out that the question was a very com- plicated one, and required very careful con- sideration. LLANFRECHFA'S RYE LAWS. The Llaofrechfa Lower Parish Council wrote urging the necessity of the bye-laws being framed for their district. The Clerk quoted from a letter received from the Local Goverumeut Boarc1, for whose model bye- laws they were waiting, iu order to frame their own therefrom, from which it appeared that they were not yet ready, but that they would be sent as soon as they were. A committee was appointed to deal with the matter when the occasion arose. ROADS OVER G.W.R. BRIDGES. The Great Western Railway Company, having accepted the Council's terms for the repair of the road surface of thtee bridges in the parish of Goytre, forwarded a draft agreement for the consideration of the Council. The Clerk was instructed thereaneat. TENDERS. I Tenders for the supply of stone, hauling, &c., were then considered and dealt with. The Clerk was instructed to get a new cupboard to store the Council's growing stored of correspondence, &c.





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