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PONTYPOOL. Agents-Mr. J. Harding, Market Bookstall, and hessrs Jones and Edwards BOARD OF GUARDIANS.—Mr W. L. Pratt presided at the fortnightly meeting on Thursday, and at the commencement of the meeting expressed the pleasure it gave him to meet the members once more, and to wish them a happy new year. During the past year the business of the Board had been carried on very smoothly without the slightest friction, and without the loss of any of their mem- bers. The Board had done all they eould in pro- viding the inmates with extra comforts to make their lives more happy during this joyous season, but whilst the board had provided for the body, they were indebted to the Ladies' Committee for providing pleasure for the mind. The relief lists were then proceeded with, and some correspondence read, but there was no business of public interest. A PATHETIC STORY.—An inquest was held at Cardiff on Monday, on the body of John Evans, a one-legged miner, 70 years of age. The deceased and his aged wife came to Cardiff from Pontypool a fortnight ago, and were in pooi^circumstattces. The old man was too ill to work. The widow, who seemed very much distressed, and whose story excited the keen sympathy of the Court, said that on Thursday night her husband and she were walking ;down Bute-street, when the old man's crutches gave way and he fell on the roadway. They were both taken to the Union and the old man died there next day. Two months ago he had a similar fall at Pontypool, when he hurt his head. He had lost his leg in a colliery accident some years ago, before the Compensation Act came into force. Dr. Campbell McCall said that when admitted to the Union the deceased was unconscious. A post-mortem examination revealed the fact that the skull was fractured. The immediate cause of death was hemorrhage on the brain. The body was well nourished. A verdict of Accidental death was returned. PANTEG URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. The usual monthly meeting of the above Council was held at the Board Room, Panteg, on Tuesday evening, Mr/ A. A. Williams, J.P., presiding. Present: Major W. E. Williams, Messrs. E. Francis, J. Rosser, F. Parker, J. Williams, S. Winsor, H. A. Launders, J. Brown, and the Officers. A BAD ROAD AT NEW INN. The Surveyor reported that Mr. Burgoyne's road at New Inn was in a very bad condition, and in rainy weather it was flooded with water. In all his deeds Mr. Bnrgoyne had reserved this road entirely to himself, so if the Council were desirous of having the road repaired they would have to force the hands of Mr. Burgoyne. It was resolved that that gentleman be written to and asked to repair the road. CLOSURE OF CLARENCE GOODS STATION. The Surveyor intimated that the Great Western Railway Company had closed the Goods Station at the Clarence-street Station. Pontypool, and in consequence the cost of hauling metalling would be increased, as it had now to be fetched from Crane- street Station. The Clerk was instructed to write the Great Western Railway Company requesting them to re-open the Goods Station at Clarence-street. METALLING. The Surveyor reported that he had ordered 100 tons of slag from Messrs. Baldwin and Co., Panteg, at 2s. 6d. per ton. BIRTHS AND DEATHS. The report of the Medical Officer of Health showed the deaths during the past month to have been 10, making a death-rate of 16 6 and births, 20; making a birth-rate of 33-3. The district was free from all zymotic disease. WELLS TO BE CLOSED. The Public Analyst having certified the water from certain wells at Sebastopol to be unfit for drinking purposes, it was resolved that proceedings be taken for the closure of the wells. WITHOUT A WATER SUPPLY. The Inspector reported that there were 22 houses at the New Row, Upper Race, without a water supply, and it was resolved that the suggestion of Major Williams that the Water Company be asked to supply the houses with water be adopted. I A CLOSED FOOTPATH. Jn accordance with notice, Mr. J. Williams moved that action be taken to compel the owner of the Cwrdy footpath to re-open it to the public. He had known and used it for 30 years past, and called a witness who stated that he bad known ifc as a public thoroughfare for 40 years, and used it himself as such for 27 years. It was ultimately decided to let the motion stand in abeyance until next meeting, when it was hoped more witnesses would be forth- coming.



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