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PONTYPOOL RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL. COUNCIL. The monthly meeting of the Pontypool Rural District Council was held at the Sessions House, Usk, on Monday afternoon, when there were present :-Messrs. Rees W. Spencer, J.P. (chairman), Stephen T. Griffin, W. H. Charles, James Bevan, Job Thomas, W. Newman, T. Watkins (clerk), and R. Derrett (surveyor and inspector). FINANCE. Favourable balances of £ 112 !9s. 2d., and £ 545 18s. lid. were reported ou the Loan and Current accounts respectively. Current accounts respectively. PONTHIR AND WAIN WATER SUPPLY. I The Clerk read a communication from the Clerk to the Llanfrechfa Lower Parish Council, referring to a resolution passed by that body suggesting that the RD.C. should communicate with the Chairman of the Llangattock Parish Meeting (Mr. Percy Lay bourne) with a view to getting financial assistance towards the cleaning out and making of the well at Lower Ponthir, and erecting a pump there, 16 houses in Llangattock parish being supplied therefrom and only 8 from the parish of Llanfrechfa Lower. Mr. Griffin remarked that there seemed to be no end to the suggestions from the Llanfrechfa Lower Parish Council as to the water supply at Pouthir and the Wain. The Clerk remarked that Llangattock was in the district of the Magor R.D.C. Mr. Griffin thought they might have heard of this matter before now. It was an entirely fresh idea. The Clerk said lie did not before know that people outside the Pontypool district used the well. He then read the last letter he wrote to the Parish Council on the subject of the water supply, in which he suggested that the Local Government Board might not approve of the Parish Council's suggestion as to the well and pump meeting the the requirements of the district, and referred to former communications (in November 1898) objecting to the well as being liable to con- tamination from surrounding cesspools. After further discussion, it was decided to adopt the Parish Council's suggestion and write to Mr. Percy Laybourne. I HIGHWAY REPORT. The Surveyor, in his highway report, stated that, as requested, he met the Committee appointed, with the Engineer (Mr. D. J. Lougher), and the contractor (Mr. R. A- Rogers), at the Cwtn-road, Llangibby. It was decided that Mr. Rogers should proceed with the rough metalling at once, he saying that he would be able to get it done in the course of a week or nine days. The weather, however, had been very much against him, and there was about 25 yards still to be done on his last inspection on Friday morning.—The bridge over the Candawr Brook, near Pantyrheos, was erested on the Saturday prior to the last meeting of the Council. The span being one of 23ft., he had had three planks bolted together to prevent vibration, and hoop iron straps put to handrails, painted.-Daring the past seven weeks the delivery of broken limestone to Nantyderry Station, from the Llanelly Lime and Stone Co., Limited, had been very slow, and he presented a letter of explanation,—As to the proposed widening of Pontnewydd-road, Mr. F. J. Mitchell wrote and asked him to meet him and Mr. G. ^\rilliams ou the spot, and he competed on the 2(Jth No vember. The plan was approved of, but Mr, Mitehel 1 wished to have a plan showing the quantity of ]a,id required of Mr. Lawrence in the Llantarnarin district, which he (the Surveyor) forwarded ou the 21st November.—Mr. T. Ral-linger had completed the work in connection with' the bridges in Lia, ngeview parish, and he (the Surveyor) asked for e. xtras to be allowed for work done which he foan d to be necessary at No. 3 bridge. f THE CWYJ ROAD The Chairman reported that Mr. Griffin anc^ he had met Mr. Lougher on the Cwm-road. itfnd found the road in a very unsatisfactory conditilt-n. After a little conversation^ Mr. Lougher tbongi it that under the circumstances the best thing to d*1 was to ask Mr. Rogers to get out the r»ugh • metalling at once. The contractor consented ta this course, but that work was titfit unSnisbe^i according to the Surveyor's report. The Contractor had applied for a payment on account, but it was reported that the r- would not give a certificate u-util Ynore work w" done. The Chairman thought that they could not take,- the matter out of the Engineer's hands who must; know very much better than they did, the- value of the work done. Mr. Job Thomas said they had' appointed an engineer for the purpose of getting his. advice. Mr. Griffin corroborated the Cbairmanrø statement, and pointed out that the Clerk bad found that they could not indefinitely stop the traffic on the Cwm-road for the work. Since the time the Committee were there, he had viaitad the road several times, and Mr. Rogers had been a little more energetic, but as much woik had not been done as ought to have been. He came to the conclusion that Mr. Rogers had received all that he was entitled to, considering that there had been as yet no swall metalling put down, aud there was still the fencing—which amounted to about £ 4,0— to do. He did not think they should vote any more money until they got a certificate from the Engineer. The Chairman said that, undoubtedly, there waa a lot more money to be spent there yet. Mr. Griffin pointed out that £ 120 had already been given to Mr. Rogers, who had only about £ 100 coming to complete the work. Mr. Charles thought that as the matter had been referred to a Committee, it should be left to- them. Mr. Bevan said there was something radically wrong about the job. He was in favour of the contractor being helped along. Mr. Rogers had had difficulties with regard to labour. The Chairman said they could only sympathise with him as to that. The legal difficulty in the way of granting the contractor's application without the Engineer's; certificate, having been referred to, it was decided to await the receipt of that document. THE STONE CONTRACTS. Considerable discussion took place as to the way in which the contracts for the supply of stone were carried out-or, rather, were not carried out. Mr. Griffin thought the Council should stand upon their dignity in the matter. If a contract was entered into by a person for the supply of stones at a certain time they should see that the terms were observed, or if the material were not forthcoming they should obtain it elsewhere and charge the contractors with any extra cost which might be incurred. Other members similarly expressed themselves. It was reported that a large quantity contracted for by Messrs. Coggan and Son, for the various roads in the district, could not be got out. It was ultimately decided to give Messrs. Coggan a fortnight in which to complete their contracts and if it were not completed then, that further delivery should be stopped. The contract stipulated that the stoue should be out in October. In the case of the Llanelly Company, it was decided to inform them that if the stone were not delivered in a fortnight it would be obtained from another quarry, and they would be charged with any extra cost which may be eutailed. The Surveyor's report was adopted. SANITARY REPORT. The Inspector reported that a well had been sunk in the meadow at the Granary Farm. Llauddewy Vach, 21ft. deep, with about 18ft. of water, the drain had also been continued under- neath the cowsheds and through the rickyard into the meadow, which was satisfactory.—The well at the Glebe, Llaudegveth, was not completed last Monday. It should be bricked at least a foot higher and it should be clayed or concreted three feet from the top. so as to prevent the drainage of the garden percolating into it.—He had received a letter on behalf of Mrs. Morgan, of the White Hall Farm, near Coedypaen, calling his attention to the water running off the road through her premises and contaminating the well. He inspected the premises, and as the barn and buildings were at least 4ft. below the level of the rond, with a gradient of from 10ft. to 12ft., the natural course of the water was that way. If a surface gutter were put there it would interfere with the approach to the cart shed. As requested, he called upon Mr. Harris, of Caerleon, for the address of Mr. Hawkins, the owner of the top seven houses at Ponthir Row, but he refused to give it, saying that he had done what was necessary there. That, however, was not so. Not only were the slops going into the ditch com- plained of, but the closets at the houses were in a very bad state. A case of scarlatina in the Row was reported last week, and one case of diphtheria had broken out at the cottage on the Old Tram- road, Ponthir. These cases were believed to be very slight. He had visited the c:at*es twice, and the Medical Officer of Health (Dr. Jenkins) once.—Two houses were being re-built by Messrs. Ponsford Bros.-one at Gwehelog and one at Glascoed. There was no proper water supply at either place. He had every reason to believe that the work in connection with the Pentrewain well had been completed satisfactorily. The Inspector was requested to call upon the Rev. W. A. W. Evans with reference to the Glebe Farm well. As to Ponthir-row, Llanfrechfa Lower, it was decided to ask the Medical Officer (Dr. G. Harrison Jenkins) for a report with a view to obtaining an order for the compulsory closing of the houses, under the Housing of the Working Classes Act, as the insanitary condition of the ditch continued, and there seemed no other means of getting the. nuisance abated, which was injurious to health* it being stated that three times previously diphtheria had broken out there. It was decided to serve notices on Messrs. Ponsford with regard to the water supply at the houses referred to in the report.



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