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FOOTBALL. USK BUTTERFLIES V. PONTYPOOL JUNIORS.—Played on the Island, Usk, on Saturday, and resulted in a <win for the homesters by 1 try to nil. !Win for the homesters by 1 try to nil. USK V. MONMOUTH GRAMMAR SCHOOL. This match was played on Saturday, at Usk, before a fairly large crowd of spectators. The Xeams lined out as follows :— Usk—Back, A. Jones; f-backe, R- Roberts, T. 4 Weare, F. J. Edmunds, and A. Weare; J-backa, H. C. Davies (captain), and F. M.Davies forwards, .A. Bowyer, F. Williams, F. Pratt, D. Murray, J. Morgan, F. Morgan, Rev. E. W. W. Pugh, and J. Williams. Monmouth Grammar School-Back, W. T. Maddock; f-backs, F. P. Osborne, H. Herd, G. F. Bond, and R. B. Griffiths J-backs, S. Box and Matthews forwards, Mr. Finlinson, Mr. Jones, Eu. Dudley, J. Daniel, J. Dunn, W. Davies, F. Thomas, and W. Dibb. Referee—Mr. Worthington. The visitors won the toss and elected to play rfrom the wood end. The Usk captain kicked off and play was in the centre until a School half got .away. He was ''grassed," however, and A. Weare got the ball into touch at the old spot, whence it was taken into the visitors' 2b. T. Weare stopped a rush near the Usk quarter flag, and Fred Edmunds, getting possession, gained some ,ground, but a pretty bit of passing on the part of the School backs put the wing man (Griffiths) in with a capital try. No goal resulted. From the .kick out the oval was taken to the School 25. Edmunds stopped a rush, and several times got the leather, but was unable to get away. The -School worked up to half-way, but the play of F. Morgan and T. Weare sent them back, and A. Bowyer dribbled up to the full back, who put the ball safely into touch at the 25 flag. For a time Usk successfully kept the School to their half of the ground, and then a score nearly resulted from tthe School quartette being set going. T. Weare brought his man down, however, and saved the .situation. A scrum took place on the Usk line, where, from an Usk kick, the School got a free "in a very favourable position, but failed to kick the goal. The pressure was temporarily removed by .Pratt getting to touch at half-way, but the School passing would have resulted in a score had not F. Morgan tackled successfully. The centre saw play again and Edmunds got the ball at his ,feet and worked it over the School line where it was thought A. Weare registered a notch, but the ball was brought back to a scrum five yards out. A minor was conceded by the visitors. Usk continued to call upon the School's defence, and were in their 25 when the whistle blew, the score standing School, 1 try Uek, nil. From the kick-out Edmunds got hold and put in a good kick. Pralt got away from a line-out and nearly scored. Then the visitors' backs had a bout of passing and a good chance was lost by a knock on. Good footwork resulted in their getting to the Usk 25, but in the scrums the homesters were getting the better of matters, and from a line-out the School were put on their anettle. Replying to a free kick Pratt put the leather safely into touch, and a neat bit of passing on the homesters' part followed. The captain got possession, and the ball was passed along the line to Edmunds, Weare and Roberts, who was collared on the line. From the scrum F. Davies dashed over and scored. F. Pratt successfully converted. Then through T. Weare failing to gather up from the kick-out, Usk had to concede a minor. Edmunds got a free, and inter-kicking resulted in favour of the visitors. Then the Rev. Pugh got away but was overhauled near the line. Monmouth failed to get their opponents out of their quarters, and at length the ball was sent over their line, and T. Weare and F. J. Edmunds touched it down successively. F. Pratt landed a capital goal. In the subsequent play Pratt, A. Weare, and F. Williams were prominent for Usk, but there was no addition to the score, and the game resulted as I follows:— Usk 2 goals Monmouth Grammar School 1 try.













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