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I PONTYPOOL. I I POLICE COURT, SATURDAY. I Before E. FOWLER, E*q. (chairman), and B. I NICHOLAS, E-Q. I YOTING DEPREDATORS.—Charles Hacker, Simeon Robinson, Robert Watts, and William Woodhouse, boys, were summoned by J. Randle, for malicious damage to the extent of 8s. to growing fruit at Lower Mill, oa the 27th J uoe.-Defendants pleaded guilty.—Prosecutor said that he had a very ehoice lot of fruit in his orchard, and he was obliged to take these steps to protect himself as a large amount of depredation was going on. He thought £3 or £4 would not cover the injury done to his strawberries, &c.— William Meakim gave evidence.—A fine of 4s. 6d. costs each, and 6d. each damage was imposed. CLAIM OF IMPROVEMENTS.—The owner of 30, George-street, Pontypool, was summoned by Evan Jones, on behalf of the Pontypool District Council for private improvement expenses, amounting to £3 6s. 5d.—Mr. Cable, the occupier, was present, and said that Mrs. Leacher was the mortagee, but he had not heard anything of her for a considerable period.—Mr. Haden, cletk to the Pontypool D.C., said that notices were served upon the owners to provide certain sanitary improvements. As the work was nut done, the improvements were carried out by the Couucil. These proceedings were taken to recover the amount expended.—Mr. J. Powell, inspector of nuisances and surveyor to the Pontypool District Council, have evidence as to the notices served, and the carrying out of the work by himself.—Mr. Evan Jones said that he had made application for the money to Mr. Cable, as the reputed owner, but he disclaimed liability.— An order for the amount claimed and costs was made against the owner. THEFT OF Ilo-Ey.- Reginald Ingram. 13. was summoned for stealing half-a-crown, the property of Annie Augusta Cooper, Griffithstown, on the 27th Juue.—Mrs. Cooper said that she left her purse containing half-a-crown, sixpence, and a penny oii tab^ jg kfj house and she afterwards ilSafu itiat iier little child, age* 18 iuolitHs, nad picked it up. On going outside, she saw the defendant with her purse in his hand. She said that it was hers and took if from him, but on opening it found that half-a-crown and a penny were missing. The boy said that he had not opened it.—Charles Emmett, Oxford-street, GriSithstown, said that he saw the defendant in Oxford-street, where he gave witness 2d. and told him not to say anything. He afterwards picked up a purse from the gutter opposite Mrs. Cooper's house. He opened it and held up sixpence which was in it-P.C. Maxfield said that he went to the defendant's house and charged him with stealing the money. He at first denied it, but afterwards said that he would confess it, and pulled the money out of his pocket. When he denied it the mother toldim to tell the truth, and said that he had said nothing to her about it.—Defendant now said thaS be found the purse on the side of the field. -Defeiiclaiib was bound over to come up for judgment when UI)2!A, The parents were ordered to pay the costs, 8e. TRESPASS BY «OY$.RI?H0TH&8 Whitney (9), and David Morgan (It), Were summoned by E. J. Williams, for malicious damage to growing gralls and turf-, damage 6d. at Llauhilleth, on the 21st June.—Defendants were represented by their parents.—Mr. L. E. Webb prosecuted.—The defendants were fined 4s. 9J. each.—Mr. Morgan said that grown-up people were allowed to cross the field, and the children therefore took advantage of it. —————







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IFatality at ttrytuitawr.I


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