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RAGLAN. I PETTY SESSIONS, SATURDAY. I Before S. C. BOSAXQUBT, E*Q (chairman), Sir J. Bart. TRANSFER.—The license of the Crown Inn, Raglan, was transferred to Mr. Edward Jones, Old Shop. No LICENCE.—Edward Williams, labourer, Tregare, was summoned for unlawfully carrying a gun without a licence, and trespassing on Ortha Farm, Tregare, on June 15th.—Defendant admitted the offence.—Mr. Owen, supervisor, Monmouth, gave the facts.—Fined JE1, and costs 6s. 6d. CRUELTY CAS E.-Henry Seaborne, 12, of Clytha, was charged with cruelty to a donkey by working it in an unfit state.—Defendant's mother appeared.-P.C. Thomas (Llanartb), said that he was with P.O. Preece (Raglan) going along the highway at Penrose about 8.15 a.m. on May 31st, when he met the defendant driving a donkey and cart. A cheese press, weighing about four or five cwt. was in the cart. After passing them, he noticed something fall from the donkey to the road. He found it was the pocket-handkerchief (produced) covered with blood. He followed the boy, who owned that the handkerchief was his. He said he could not help it, it was healed up when he left home. Witness examined the donkey and found that the near shoulder was much swollen and there was a wound, raw to the bone, about the size of a florin. There was also an old sore under the saddle. He asked the boy who ordered him to bring the donkey out, and he said his mother.— P.C. Preece corroborated.—Mrs, Seaborne said that she knew the donkey was sore at times, but she did not know it was in an unfit state for work when it was sent out.—Ordered to pay costs (7s).-Thoinas Seaborne, labourer, Clytha. and father of the last defendant, was similarly charged.—Mrs. Seaborne pleaded for lenity. Her husband was about to be removed to the Infirmary, and she had four children to support.—Ordered to pay costs (6s). STRAY HOUSES CAMP FIRE.-Ruth Davies, licensed hawker, who did not appear, was charged with allowing three horses to stray on the highway. —P.S. Keylock, Raglan, said that at 2 p.m. on the 13th Jane, he saw defendant with three waggons drawn up on side of the highway in the parish of Dingestow. The horses had been taken out of the waggons and were straying some distance away. Fined 10s. and 7s. 6d. costs, or 14 daytt'The same defendant was then charged with lighting a fire on the highway at the same time and place.- P.S. Keylock said defendant was frying meat over a fire, and pleaded that it was too hot in the van. Fined 10s. and costs 6s., or 14 days'. ANOTHER.—Matthew Stephens, licensed hawker, who did not appear, was charged with allowing three horses to stray on the highway, at Dingestow, on June 13th.-P.S. Keylock gave the facts. Fined 10s. and 7s. costs, or 14 days'. D. AND D.—Michael O'Connell, journeyman saddler, late ot Raglan, was charged with being drunk and disorderly.—Defendant did not appear. -P.C. Preece said he found defendant in the Village on June 4th. about 10 p.m. He was drunk and making use of obscene language. After some persuasion, defendant went on. About twenty minutes later, however, witness found him creating a disturbance in Caatle-street He told defendant to go home or he would be locked up. Ultimately he did as requested.—Fined 5s. and costs 6s. 6d. or 14 days'. PIGS STRAYING -H. J. Mezen, farmer, Bryngwyn, was charged with allowing pigs to stray on the highway.—Defendant did not appear.-P.C. Thomas said on June 27th, he found IS pigs belonging to defendant on the highway near the Red Lion, Bryngwyn. He went to see defendant, who refused to believe him, but went at last and drove the animals home. Three previous similar charges were proved against defendant.—Fined 10s., and costs 4s. 6d., or 14 days'. i,oAcTi -,Tames Seaborne, labourer, Clytha, was charged with trespassing in pursuit of game 0 on land belonging to Colonel I. Herbert, Llanarth.—Defendant pleaded not guilty." —Mr. H. Lyne, Newport, prosectited. -William Alsop Jones, farmer, Llewincelyn Farm, Penrose, said he was driving to Raglan, on June 9:h, between G and 7 p.m., when he picked up defendant by the Mill Brook, Bryngwyn. Later on defendant returned with him. and in the meantime he had imbibed enough in the village of Raglan to make him talkative and confidential. Defendant showed him a bird which he pulled out of his Docket. It was very much like a partridge. Defendant said he took it off a nest near a stile by the Argoed Farm, Llanarth. He said there were It eggs in the nest, and he broke one to see if it were good. He left the others in the nest.—In cross-examination witness said he would not swear, but in his opinion the bird was a partridge.-Defelldant here said it was not, and asked for the case to be adjourned to produce witnesses to support his contention.—The Bench, however, considered sufficient time had been given defendant to prepare his case.-Fraticis Marks, gamekeeper on the Llanarth Estate, stated that on hearing from the last witness he examined the place on the 14th June, and found a partridge's iiest. There were no eggs in it, but bits of shell were scattered about. The grass and bushes near had been trampled down. He saw defendant the same day, and asked him where the nest was he took the partridge from. Defendant I said he knew the nest by the stile and, if he had a partridge, that was where he got it from. He also said he saw the old birds there, but he did not believe he (defendant) killed either bird he was drunk on the 9th inst. He asked witness who had told him, and he refused to tell him, but defendant said It must be Jones, of Llewincelyu," and added that he would give it that In reply to Mr. Lyne, witness said it was getting a common occurrence for partridges and pheasants' nests to be interfered with.—Fined £1, costs 9s. 6d., or one month. NVIfICIi WBRE THE GEESB !'—Maria Jones, married woman, living on TheTwyn, Clytha Hill, appeared to answer a charge of threatening to kill and do bodily harm to a neighbour, Elizabeth Matthews, also a married woman.—Complainant said that on June 13th, at about 11 a.m., while cleaning boots in her house, she heard defendant's daughter call out Mother, Matthews' geese is out here." Complainant went out to see where the geese were, and found defendant slashing the geese with a whip. She had a basin in her hand also at the same time. She said to defendant Don't kill the gulls. I don't prevent you from keeping any." The geese were not on defendant's property bat on a piece of common land near. Defendant replied, I will kill you and the geese." Defendant pushed herself against complainant who thought she was about to strike her with the basin. She therefore held back as she had two little ones by her side. Complainant called out for a witness and defendant told her u to go to —— In reply to the Bench, complainant said she went in fear for herself aud children.-P Complainant denied that her gander had attacked defendant's children. Defendant strongly asserted it had, and said she would slay it the first opportunity, if it cost her X20. Then ensued a woray difare between the two ladies.—Jane Matthews, mother-in-law of complainant, cor- roborated complainant's story. Another battle royal began when defendant examined the witness, and again the Chairman had to stop the turmoil. The Bench decided that Mrs, Jones must keep the peace for six months, and she was bound over in the sum of XIO, after a good deal of persuasion from the Bench. SCHOOL CASES.—James Jenkins, labourer. Raglan, was fiued 5s. for disobeying an order of the Justices to send his son, Tom, regularly to school.- John Shepard, labourer, also of Raglan, was fined 2s. 6d. on account of the irregular attendance of his stepson, Arthur Moore. Defendant's wife said, in extenuation, that she understood the boy was at school.—W. E. Rausome, attendance officer, Monmouth Union, prosecuted in both cases. I






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