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TECHNICAL INSTRUCTION. DISTRIBUTION OF PIUZES AND. CaifJIFICATES- At the Usk Higher Grade Elementary School,, on Tuesday evening, the distribution of certificates and prizes won at the classes held under the Usk Technical Instruction Committee during last Winter's Session, took place. Mr. H. litimphreys, J.P. (chairman of the Committee) presided, and was supported by Mr. H. A, Addis, J.P., and bir- T. J. Smith. Mr. J. C. Lowe, and Mr- W. F. Roberts (teacher of Phonography) were also present, with the successful students. The reports on the work of the various classes have already appeared, and it is only necessary now to give the list of those students to whom presentations were made. They wereMisses- Agnes F. Thomas and J. Slade W. Sales, James Stead, Stanley C. Smith, A. James, Herbert Stockham, Herbert Lake, Harry Wise, Frank F. Lucas, Arthur C. Hiley, and Harry Gibson. The Chairman said he was sorry that in one examination the candidate presented himself eight minutes after time, and although be had regularly attended every class before the examination, the Science and Art Department had declined to consider his paper because he was not punctual to the time appointed. He (the Chairman) had been in communication with the Secretary of the Department, and had laid the facts before him. He had received a reply, sympathising very much with the young fellow, and promising to get the case taken into consideration, but holding out no hope that the authorities would alter the decision arrived at. This was a lesson to them all. It showed how a lapse of memory or a bit of carelessness might, under certain circumstances, mean the ruin of a man or woman. For instance if a person had arrived at an age limit for ao. examination, and had been, as in the present case. disqualified through unpunctuality, there would be no chance to ait again, and the whole course of life would be altered, and life would, perhaps, be ruined by that little bit of forgetfulneas. He (the Chairman) was very sorry for the lad concerned, but he was afraid he would have to suffer for hier little lapse. The results of the drawing examination had not yet been received from the Department, and the certiticates, &c., could not, therefore, be given that evening. The Chairman, having distributed the prizes, &c., said they might congratulate themselves on one thing, viz., the greater number of attendances at the classes than was the case last year, and, on the whole, the more regular attendance of the students. He would, however, like to see a little more esprit de carps, in the town with tegard to the classes, They were not a large number of people, but he would like to see a greater number of young men and young women, boys and girls, coming to them for technical instruction than in any other town in Monmouthshire, and they had only to advance a little more to occupy that position. At a meeting of the County Technical Instruction Committee at Newport, to which the chairmen of the district committees were invited, he brought forward the question of the grants from the Couutjr Council, and urged that they should be in proportion to the proportion ot tne innaoicauts attending the classes in the respective districts. He thought that suggestion was bearing some fruit. The students ought to help and encourage each other. to attend the classes, and to try and get others to attend, for the instruction imparted would be of great benefit to them and improve them all. Mr. Smith said he had been connected with the classes since they were formed and he was glad to see that the work of technical instruction was being so well and faithfully performed. They were. getting on better and better every year, and be, trusted they would continue to advance, and that the students would enter into the work with a. spirit of emulation, and gain prizes aud earn grants. The Chairman had taken a great deal of trouble in selecting the prizes. Mr. Addis proposed a vote of thanks to the teachers for the very great pains they had taken with their work. The pupils ought to be yerjp




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