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I CURRENT SPORT. A five miles invitation cycle race was the principt item on the programme at the RavensbourüfJi sporti on Saturday. It resulted thus: A. E. Wills, Putney A.C., 1; F. Burnand, Catford C.C., 2; S. Scott, Silverdale C.C., 3. G. W. Bishop, Thames Iron- works C.C., won the lap prize. Time, 14min. 32 4-5sec. In the final heat of a half-mile open bicycle handicap, H. E. Price, Silverdale C.C., fell and broke his collar-bone. It was by seven events to four that a team of Irish athletes beat a Scottish team at Belfast on Saturdav. J. McKenzie (Ireland) won the half-mile, in 2min. 4-5sec., by 3yds., from J. E. Finnegan (Ireland). Finnegan beat Paterson (Scotland) in the mile; time, 4min. 36 4-5sec.; W. H. Welsh won the 220 yards race for Scotland, in 22 3-5sec., and the quarter, in 51 2-5sec.; bnt suffered a two yards' defeat in the 100 yards, which his fellow-countryman, J. McLean (who is also a member of the Blackheath Harriers), won in 10sec. D. Carey (Ireland) beat R. T. Stronach (Scotland) by an inch or so in the 120 yards hurdles. Times, 16 4-5sec. T. F. Kiely (Ireland) won at throwing the hammer, with a distance of 143ft. 6in. D. Horgan (Ireland) put the shot 44ft., and won. A. R. Gibb (Scotland) won the four miles in 21min. 2 2-5sec. P. Leahy (Ireland) and P. O'Connor (Ireland) tied at 5ft. lOin. in the high jump and P. O'Connor (Ireland) won the long jump, at 23ft. 5in., P. Leahy (Ireland) being second, at 22ft. 8in., and Hugh Barr (Scotland) 21ft. lOin. third. P. W. Wells, ot the Dover Road Club, won the Catford Cycling Club's hill-climbing competition at Westerham on Saturday. He reached the summit in 4min. 14sec., and with 40sec. start also won the handicap. A. Simpson (Kettering A.C.) was second in 4min. 29sec.; A. C. Gray (London Central), third, in 4min. 30sec. Seventeen of the 19 starters reached the summit. Stanley Rowley, the Australian sprint champion, beat R. W. Wardsley, theEngiish champion sprinter, by 2yds. in the 100 Yards Level Race at Wolverhampton Sports on Saturday. Wadsley, how- ever, got away badly from the mark. Time, 10 2-5sec. F. E. Bacon beat Leonard Hurst by two yards in a 10 miles running match for F-50 a side at South- ampton on Saturday. Five miles were covered by the winner in 26min. osec., and the full distance in 54min. lOsec. In spite of the cold weather which obtained some excellent performances were accomplished at the summer meeting of the London Athletic Club at Stamford-bridge on Saturday. America and India accounted for no fewer than five of the 14 events. Norman G. Pritchard, the champion of India, who is a member of the L.A.C., won the 100 Yards Flat and 120 Hurdles Challenge Cups, the former against a very strong wind in 10 l-5sec. The Princeton University athletes won three events-W. Carroll did oft. 10in. in the high jump, D. S. Horton and 2 A. Coleman each did 10ft. 6in. in the pole jump, and R. Garrett put the weight 37ft. 6in. H. E. Graham, the old Cantab, ran a fine race in the Half-mile. The weather was rather unsettled on Saturday when the lawn tennis championship meeting was resumed at Wimbledon. An interesting day's play was wit- nessed, the final ties of all the three championship events being decided. Results: Gentlemen's Singles Championship: Final Tie: S. H. Smith (Stroud) heat A. W. Gore (All England) by three sets to one 6-4, 4-6, 6-2, 6-1). The winner will now have to meet the holder of the title, R.F. Doherty. Ladies' Singles Championship: Final Tie: Miss C. Cooper beat Miss Martin by two sets to one (8—6,5—7,6—1). Miss Cooper will now have to meet Mrs. G. W. Hillyard, the holder of the cup. Doubles Championship: Final Tie J. Verne and H. A. Nisbet beat F. L. Riseley and S. H. Smith (6-2, 2-6, 6-8, 8-6, 6-2). The winners will have to play R. F. Doherty and H. L. Dohertv. the holders, for possession of the cup and t.itle. All-England Plate: Semi-Final Ties: E. D. Black beat J. M. Flavelle (6-0, 6—2) G. Greville beat H. 8. Mahony (6-0, 6-3). Final Tie: G. Greville beat E. D. Black (6--2, 4-6,6-3). Ladies' Doubles: Semi-Finals (concluded): Mrs. Hillyard and Miss Martin beat Miss D. K. Douglass and Miss Bremfield (4-6, 6—4, 7-5). The Peel Memorial Croquet Handicaps were brought to a close at Sheen House, on Saturday, under the auspices of the United All England Asso- ciation. the results being as follaws: Gentlemen- Mr. C. E. Willis (owes 2) beat Mr. H. S. Barlow (3) by 2 points. Ladies-Miss Spartali (8) beat Miss Gower (scratch) by 24 points. Miss Gower, it will be remembered, won the All-England Gold Medal on the previous day, when her opponent, Miss Berens, was defeated by 22 and 24 points. Lancashire had the best of the drawn match in the County Cricket competition with Middlesex at Manchester, as, when rain caused the game to be abandoned, with seven wickets to fall, they required 113 runs to win. The Essex and Derbyshire match at Leyton ended in a drawn game, the home team, with eight wickets to fall, then requiring 106 runs to win. Warwickshire gained an exciting win over Hampshire at Portsmouth, there remain- ing only three minutes to play when the last Hampshire wicket fell, this giving them a victory by 143 runs. The Kent and Notts match also ended in a drawn game, it being impossible to play on Satur- day, owing to the condition of the ground after the rain. Cambridge University defeated M.C.C. at Lord's, after a capital match, by only 34 runs. Gloucester beat the West Indians with ease by an innings and 216 runs- Mr. J. B. Gribble beat Mr. V. W. Yorke at Lord's Ground on Monday in the semi-final round of the preliminary tennis competition for the Marylebone Prizes by three sets to none, 6—5, 6—2, and 6—2. Mr. Gribble will now have to meet Mr. A. W. Beau- clerk in the final. Sir Edward Grey is the holder of the second challenge prize. Thanks to fine batting by Baker and Mason Kent had tionn the worse of the day's play in their match with Yorkshire at Leeds on Monday, as after scoring a first innings of 230, they captured two home wickets for 59 runs. Warwickshire took first innings against Surrey at Birmingham, and during the time play was possible on Monday, scored 143 runs for the loss of two wickets. Only 90 minutes play was possible at Lord's ground on Monday owing to rain. In this time Oxford Uni- versity, who opposed a good team of the M.C.C., lost six wickets for 98, H. C. Pilkington playing finely for 43 not out. In the limited day's play at Chesterfield on Monday in the Derbyshire and Wor- cestershire match, the former had scored 75 runs for the loss of a wicket when rain stopped play for the day. At Nottingham, on a bowlers' wicket, Sussex, who had first innings, fared badly on Monday against the home county, seven wickets going down for 94 ere rain stopped play. Somerset also experienced a bad time of it on Monday at the hands of the Lancashire bowlers, as they lost eight wickets in scoring 85. The West Indians were seen to considerable advantage at Leicester on Monday. In a little over three honra' batting they completely mastered the home county's bowling, scoring 307 for the loss of four wickets. P. F. Warner assisted his countrymen with a valuable 113, while Mr. Ollivierre made 159 not out. The rainy weather on Tuesday again interfered with play in most of the chief cricket matches. At Birmingham Warwickshire completed their first innings for 404, and Surrey, going in, made 46 for one wicket. At Liverpool Lancashire defeated Somerset by an innings and 132 runs. Lancashire declared their innings closed at 276, when five wickets had fallen. Mr. MacLaren scored 108. Somerset made 104 and 40. The Sussex first innings at Nottingham ended for 113. Notts were all out for 224, and in their second innings Sussex made ^8 runs for one wicket. At Chesterfield the Derbyshire innings closed for 150, and Worcestershire were all out for 137. Essex made 224 at Southampton in their first innings, and three Hampshire wickets fell for 35. At Lord's Oxford University were all out for 106, and after the M.C.C. had been in for a few minutes without scor- ing the match was abandoned owing to the state of the wicket. No play was possible on Tuesday in the match between Kent and Yorkshire at Leeds. The West Indians carried their score at Leicester to 386 and then, thanks to fine bowling by Woods and Burton, disposed of-the county team for 80. Doing better at the second attempt, Leicester scored 208 for five before Tueeday nightfall. -F At Wimbledon, on Tuesday, Mr. R. F. Doherty, holder of the Gentlemen's Championship at lawn tennis, defeated Mr. S. H. Smith, the challenger, and Mrs. Hillyard, the holder of the Ladies' Champion- ship, defeated Miss C. Cooper, the challenger.











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