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URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. The monthly meeting of the Pontypool Urban District Council was held in the Town Hall, Ponty- pool, on Wednesday afternoon, when there were present: -Alessrs. D. Reid [chairman], L. E. Webb, E. B.Ford, W. H. Hughes, W. H. Griffiths, J. Walker, P. Ec ersley, F. Probyn, G. H. Newth, W. H. Pitten, W. H. Haskins. H. H. Haden [clerk], J. Powell [surveyor], E. Jones [collector]. FINANCE. Mr. Webb brought up the report of the Finance Committee, which shewed that after paying the cheques of the day [£750 14s. 3d. general and "6 -wanes], there were favourable balances of £47 6s. Od. [on the loan account], and X245 7B. 2d. [on the general]. At a special meeting of the Committee the application of Mr. Powell for an increase of salary was considered, and it was unani- mously resolved to recommend to the Council that as Surveyor the salary should be increased to IX45, and as inspector [with the sanction of the Local Government Board] to £ 70; total j6115. The committee were unanimous, said Mr. Webb, in recommending that they had taken into consideration the length of time Mr. Powell had served them, and the services he had rendered, especially with regard to sanitary matters. Mr. Hughes seconded the adoption of the report, and it was unanimously carried. Mr. Ford asked how much of the rate remained uncollected. Mr. Webb: £ 175 has been paid in out of a total of £ 1,100. Mr. Ford said he referred to the old rate. Mr. Webb said the amount of the old rate un- collected was under Y,10, and proceedings were being taken to recover that. HEALTH OF THE DISTRICT. Dr. Mason [M.O.H.] reported that during the month there had been 12 deaths and 19 births, giving rates of 22-5 and 35-6 per 1000 per annum respectively. Four of the deaths were due to enteric fever. There had been six cases of infectious diseases—enteric fever, 1; diphtheria, 1 scarlatina, 2; erysipelas, 2-all of which had been dealt with. An epidemic of measles was threatening the dis- trict. THE FIRB BRIGADE. Captain G. C. Hall, in his report, referred to the recent fire at Mr. Stock's, High-street, Pontypool, which was extinguished in an hour and a half after arrival by the Brigade. In another communication Mr. Hall referred to the need for an improved method of calling up the members. Some discussion took place upon the latter question, and it was ultimately referred to the Fire Brigade Committee for a report. Mr. Ford suggested that the police should be rewarded for energy displayed in calling fireman, .&c. Mr. Webb said the question of reward should be left to the discretion of the Captain. Mr. Haskins said each case should be dealt with on its merits as it arose. This matter was also left to the Committee. A COMMUNICATION. Miss Margaret Carrack wrote as follows :—In sending the enclosed receipt I have to ask you to be good enough to convey to the Urban District Council my grateful thanks for their kind appreciation of my services on behalf of the enteric patients. The time was one of great anxiety as well as of mental and physical strain, but I shall always look. back upon it as a very valuable experience. At the same time it must not be forgotton that it is only through the kindness of Mr. and Mrs. Hanbury that a nurse is provided for the district. I should like to say that I am glad of this opportunity of expressing my own thanks to the members and to the patients for the cheering and kindly manner in which they have always received my services and seconded my efforts." INCREASE OF WAGES. Messrs. Powell and Brown, two labourers employed by the Council, wrote asking for an increase of d. to 5d. per hour, and an alteration of hours in the Winter. In reply to questions, the Surveyor stated that foe regularly employed six men, and that the ,uniform rate of pay had been 4d. per hour. 2 Mr. Hughes pointed out that wages generally had gone up in the district, and the cost of living had also increased. Colliers were now earning more than they had done since 1874, and tin workers, iron workers, &c., were now getting increased remunera- tion. For the last four years the Council's men ,had been working at 4Jd. per hour. Mr Pitten Some are not worth 2d. Mr. Hughes: I heard that remark, and will deal with it just now. Mr. Pitten I will stick to it. Mr. Hughes: You will stick to anything. t(Laughter.) Subsequently Mr. Hughes said he had yet to tiearn that the Surveyor was dissatisfied with the work the men did. He proposed that the men's wages all round should be increased to 5d. per hour. The Chairman suggested that the matter should be referred to the Finance Committee for a report, so that they might take into consideration the number of hours worked, &c. Mr. Ford thought that they would get on the horns of a dilemma if they levelled everybody up- able-bodied men with men not able-bodied. It was ultimately decided to adopt the Chairman's suggestion. TRAIN SERVICE. A communication was read from the Caerleon U.D.C. asking for support in agitating for the -every-day running, instead of on Thursdays and Saturdays only, of the 10.45 p.m. train. Mr. Ford moved, Mr. Hughes seconded, and it was agreed to urge upon the G.W.R. superintendent the advantages which would accrue to the travelling public by the running of late trains every ,day, it being remarked that it would be of great advantage to people returning from town." THE GAS CONTRACT. The Pontypool Gas and Water Company gave motice to terminate the contract for the public lighting of the district, a riee in price being necessitated by the enhanced value of materials. 0 The Clerk said a notice of a rise of 5d. per 1,000 cubic feet had been notified by the Company. Mr. Hughes I give notice that in three months I shall re-introduce the question of purchasing the rights of the Electrio Lighting Company. (Laughter.) THE CLERK'S SALARY. A communication from the Clerk was read in which he asked for an increase of salary in consequence of the constantly growing work of the Council. Mr. Ford spoke in eulogistic terms of the excellent work done by Mr. Haden, and moved that the matter be referred to the Finance Committee. > This was duly seconded. Mr. Haskins remarked that they had been talking about pay in g their labourers -iM. per hour, but their Clerk did not get that for what he did for the Council. He thought they might as well deal with the application before them there and then. They all knew that Mr. Haden was getting underpaid. He therefore moved, as an amendment, that the -Clerk's salary be increased from £ 35 to £ 50. Even then he would not be getting too much. Mr. Pitten said he had very much pleasure in seconding the amendment. They all knew what an ,excellent Clerk they had. After some discussion during which it appeared that the only difference between members was the way in which the Clerk's services should be more adequately recognised from a monetary point of 'view. at the Clerk's own suggestion, the application -was dealt with in the tame way as the others had been, viz., by referring it to the Finance Committee. MISCELLANEOUS. It was decided to take steps to secure the removal of some barbed wire which was a nuisance alongside a highway of the district. It was Besolved to offer a reward for evidence which would lead to the identification of the owner .of a vehicle which, colliding with the urinal in Clarence-street, caused damage amounting to £ 2 10s. The Surveyor was instructed to proceed with the accessary repairs. The Surveyor waa instructed with reference to various matters mentioned iu his report, such as cases of oTercrowding, nuisances caused by defective -ishutin-, &c. c This was all the business of importance.







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