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PONTYPOOL. Agents-Jfr. J. Harding, Market Bookstall, and Messrs Jones and Edwards FANCY DRESS CYCLISTS' CARNIVAL. On Thursday in last week, a faucy dress carnival was held at Pontypool, in aid of the Band Funds of the 3rd Y.B.S.W.B., and was a great success as well from a spectacular as a fiuaucial point of view. Unfortunately, the weather was not 88 favourable as could have been wished however, a wet morning was succeeded by a more propitious afternoon, and the programme proposed was able to be carried out. The judging for the various prizes offered took place in the Cattle Market, with the following result Class 1 (the moat effective cycle lady rider) ], Miss G. V. Roberts, Newport (who was decorated with advertisements of all descriptions). The award of the 2nd prize gave the judges con- siderable trouble, and they eventually gave an extra 2ud prize. The winners of these were-,Iliss Pullen, Pontypool (representing Britannia "> and Mrs. Edwards (The Globe, Pontypool), who wore an exceptionally pretty fancy costume. Class 2 (gentlemen cyclists) 1, Furlow Brothers 2, Mr. W. Grunn. Class 3 (the most effective car): 1, Miss B. Pettifor; 2, Mrs. E. W. Hill. Class 4 (most effective tradesmen s turnout): I, Mr. Purchase: 2, Mr. J. E. Woolley-cycles and niggers h.c., Mr. W. Arthur, Pontypool. Class 5 (most effective mount): 1, Mr. Newman* Mamhilad; 2, Mr. Edwards (Clarence Hotelr Pontypool), who wore a Yeomanry uniform. A special prize, given by Dr. Essex, was awarded Mr. McKintay. A special prize for the most comical feature in the procession was adjudged after the concert in the Gardens, and was awarded, amid applause, to Weary Willie" and "Tired Tim" (Mr. D. Jones, secretary, and Mr. Flint, Pontypool;. The procession, which perambulated the town, started from the Cattle Market at about the time advertised, six o'clock, and a very large crowd of people were out to witness the event. A portion of the Band (under Mr. S. T. Roderick) came first, and the order afterwards was aa follows:— Marshals, Band, Council, Fire Brigades, Horsemen, Comic Pedestrians, Italian Organ, Queen of Summer, Lady Cyclists, Gentlemen Cyclists, Red Cross Car, Gun Boat, Ambulance Car, Oom Paul's State Band, Tradesmen's Turnouts, Comic Cars, Band, Friendly Societies. The Carnival gave much scope for the con- ception and execution of original ideas, and to the credit of the town it must be said that its inhabitants displayed at once originality and ingenuity in the matter, with the result that tile well organised and arranged procei qioll not only aroused the patriotic cheers of all who looked ou by the capital representation of our military leaders in South Africa, their interest m local trades bv the industrial cars, wagons, &c., but their keen amusement and appreciation by the comical characters portrayed. In the evening a grand concert was given by the Band in the Italian Gardens, at which the prizes won were presented by Miss Mason, to whom, with the organising officerii and committee, a hearty vote of thanks was given. The street. collOctiOu amounted to £ 23 13s. IOJ., and the concert receipts were over f 13.

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