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Family Notices

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ABERGAVENNY. I Agents,—Messrs Oavies A Co. Booksellers. GENEROUS GIFT PROM THE HON. lURS. HERBERT.— With her usual generosity, the Hon. Mrs. Herbert of LIAnover, has given her property of Pen-y. pound, Abergavenny, to his lordship, Bishop Hedley, for the use of the nuns teachirig in the Catholic Schools of that town. The bishop has accepted the gift. and has arranged with Mrs. Her- bert the terms of the trust under which the pro- perty will be held for the benefit of the schools. Pen-y-pound is valuable property comprising a substantial house, with productive garden and orchard, near the Catholic church. EVANS V. STRAKER.—The case of Evans v. Straker, particulars of which were given in our last issue, was concluded before Mr. Justice Buckley in the Chancery Division of the High Court ou a Saturday. His Lordship, in giving jlrment, said his duty was to scan the trinsactirii, with scrupulous care to see whether the trustee had taken any midne advantage of his position and knowledge or whether the plaintiff had plsteed herself at arm's length with the defendant, trad agreed that they should stand in the ordinary position of vendor and purchaser. The plaintiff' had not come into court to support her claim. but based her ease on the correspondence. It appeared to him the first suggestion that Straker should buy the shares came from Mr. James Barry, of Cardiff, his co-trustee and he did not find any trace of any evidence that Mr. Straker endeavoured to coerce the plaintiff. He seemed to have acted quite fairly. He held there was no fraud, no con- cealment, and no advantage taken by the trustee of his position. Under these circumstances, he held that plaintiff had failed to prove her case, and the action must, therefore, be dismissed, with costs.—Judgment accordingly.




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